Kevin David’s Zon Ninja Masterclass course review: Is it legit or a scam?

You probably must have heard about making money by reselling items on Amazon as a side hustle. It’s been a life changing journey for some people, Many have been successfully able to turn it into their full-time income stream. But is there really a magical secret behind being successful selling on Amazon?

Kevin David has a popular course in which he claims to teach a ‘proven’ system to build an Automated Amazon FBA business for you

It’s called Zon Ninja Masterclass and uses the Amazon FBA model as a way to sell your chosen products.

Join me as we dive deeper to discover the truth behind the curtains…


What is promised to be delivered to you in Kevin David’s Zon Ninja Masterclass?

Kevin David’s Zon Ninja Masterclass course claims to help you build a ‘proven’ system to win on Amazon FBA and teach clear step by step action items to build a successful Amazon business in the shortest possible time. As an Amazon FBA seller, you will have to: pick the products, find suppliers, keep inventory, promote, and advertise, and this course teaches you how you will be learning how to dominate every aspect of Amazon business from A – Z!

This course basically appeals to anyone who is sick of the conventional full-time corporate lifestyle and wants to build an online business of their own. If you long to become an entrepreneur and want to achieve the financial freedom, this course claims to get you closer to achieving your dreams. Overall, it’s a very lucrative offer.


Who is Kevin David?

Kevin David presents himself as an Internationally Renowned Speaker on eCommerce, Entrepreneurship, and Business who has Been Viewed More than 1B+ times on Social Media. He says he’s a Mentor to Millions of Entrepreneurs for his Expertise in eCommerce and Online Business.



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He also has a YouTube channel with 1.05 million subscribers where he guides people on how to make money online using Amazon and other side hustles. However we still can’t be sure about how much of it is true.


Is Zon Ninja Masterclass a scam?

  • ​I have done a lot of research in the past week and what I got to know was that there’s something fishy going behind the scenes. A few of his past customers told that they lost a lot of money because of Kevin David. The information available inside the course is very basic and can be found anywhere on the internet. The hefty ‘$997’ price tag is unjustifiable for the low amount and quality of information that is delivered to it’s buyers and is nowhere around the big claims that has been made on the sales page of the course.
  • There was a post from the Federal Trade Commission mentioning about how Fake Amazon gurus use attractive pitches for their large get-rich scheme and lure people into a bogus business opportunity. And when you scroll through the comments you’d find Kevin David’s name multiple times. One user wrote, “Several friends signed up (for) the Kevin David course and never got a single product launched and ended up losing several thousands of dollars on products he stated would sell but didn’t”. Another comment read, “where can we report this Kevin David still scamming people all over the place pretending he made his first money on Amazon when in fact he just scammed people for Amazon courses and now Shopify and other topics

  • In a recent post on his Instagram where he faced backlash for showing off his watch as studded with diamonds whereas it was just worth $169. This may not have anything in relation to his course scam but shows how he’s faking things to sell people his course. When few people started pointing it out, he disabled the comments on that post.
  • ​Kevin was also caught using fake testimonials and sales screenshots on his social media. In one of his posts, he missed adding a comma to his ‘Edited’ sales receipt and was caught red-handed. He has also asked many FBA sellers to give secondary access to their Seller account so he can record their sales data and use is by labeling it as his own to sell his course.
  • ​In recent past, He has accepted the fact that he’s made more money by selling courses about Amazon automation rather than actually making money as an Amazon reseller. He has sold more than $10 million worth of courses and is still selling more of those everyday. Some people have tried to justify his acts by arguing that there’s nothing wrong with making money by selling courses. But is it really fair enough to take innocent peoples’ hard earned money by promising them big results but not delivering anything worth even a single penny. He had asked people to use their credit cards to buy his course and many are still suffering as they lost so much money and have to work day and night to repay their Credit card bills. It’s a scam that has been destroying lives of some people.
  • ​He claims to give personal access and assistance to himself to everyone who enrolls in his course but in reality it’s completely different. After taking thousands of bucks from people, he stops responding, ghosts them and whenever someone tries to call him out in public on social media he/she is threatened and blocked.


How much does the product cost and what’s inside his suspicious refund policy?

The Zon Ninja course is priced at the typical $997 tag which is same for almost all of the gurus and their ‘Money-making’ courses. Kevin doesn’t even have a sales script of his own and has been caught copying Dan lok and Tai Lopez.

Talking about his refund policy, many people were fuming because the conditions didn’t make any sense. It says that you’re only qualified for a refund if you have gone through less than 40% of the course material. Also you need to show that you’ve put in real efforts and tried everything taught in the course and that it didn’t work. You’re eligible for a refund within 14 days of purchase. The contrary demands make it next to impossible to claim a refund.

Another person on reddit shared his incident when he was denied a refund as the Refund Management Team told him that he had completed watching 51% of the course. Many of his other students have also pointed out at the poor customer service provided to them after they got into the course. He offers no refund on courses bought at a discount.


What makes his course so popular despite these many complaints?

Kevin David is a cunning marketer and spends a lot of money to maintain his image on the internet and among the public. He runs a lot of paid ads with his fake testimonials, pays several blogs to write only good things about him and promoting his course. He also gives 25% to his affiliates for each course sold, who in return promote him with full force to get a piece from the stolen bread.



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He has taken down multiple YouTube videos down that exposed him and his dirty tricks. He threatens people who write against him to sue them for defamation and has already done it multiple times claiming it as an attempt spoil his reputation. One of Coffeezilla’s videos was taken down for the same reason and many comments on Reddit and also on his Social media pages have been deleted forcefully.


My Conclusion

Kevin David‘s course is a big scam that robs people from top to bottom. He’s a con artist who is a master of deceiving people in the online world and I would definitely not recommend you spending a single penny on his coaching programs. By talking to several legitimate Online Sellers, it got it cleared that he has no experience and knowledge about selling online and all his materials are copied from another source.

This certainly isn’t gonna teach you how to make profit by selling products on Amazon and I’d recommend you to research more about the better FBA courses out there. But as always, in the end the choice is yours.


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