Wholesale Ted: Amazon FBA Course Review – Is it a Scam?

Wholesale Ted is a Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) course that teaches how to best utilize Amazon to build your online business. There are two co-founders, Ted and Sarah.
Sarah is the online face of the business and handles the video content while Ted stays in the background and concentrated on writing the coursework and promotional material.

The business model they use differs from many similar courses as they offer an introductory week for just 1 dollar and then subsequently charge a monthly fee rather than a large fee for the program as a whole. This will appeal to potential clients who are on a limited budget or are wary of investing too much of their budget before knowing is it a scam?

There appear to be many attractive features for this Amazon FBA Course so I will look at the pros and cons and investigate the true worth of Wholesale Ted.


Introduction: Wholesale Ted

With any program such as Wholesale Ted, the reason for subscribing and taking the time to study it is to gain knowledge to build a profit-making business and gain financial freedom…

Is Wholesale Ted the program that will make you rich? Do you dream of a luxurious life with a nice house, plenty of money and fast cars?

Today that lifestyle seems far away doesn’t it? Or even impossible? Right?

The right business course to inspire you to become rich and successful is out there…

I will review this Amazon FBA Course and determine if this is the course for you!

Keep reading as the information you need is only a few scrolls away….


The Amazon FBA Course “Wholesale Ted”, is it Legit?

There are a lot of attractive features and a comprehensive selection of online video content so if you ask me, is it legit? I would have to say yes. The option to pay monthly is a major plus for Wholesale Ted and really makes the course feel legitimate. If you do not feel like you are learning enough getting value for money you can simply discontinue payments.

There is something else to consider though, are there better options? There are so many Amazon FBA Course choices available that we should consider other programs.

How much does Wholesale Ted cost?

On the Official Website and YouTube Channel of Wholesale Ted you already find a lot of information, tutorials and tips for free. You can also order their e-book for free, which I found pretty interesting and helpful for writing my review. However, if you want to join the Wholesale Ted Clubhouse, which gives you access to even more material and special features, then you have to pay a monthly membership fee of $67.


A Review of the Pros and Cons of the Amazon FBA Course Wholesale Ted

The Wholesale Ted program attracts a variety of opinions online, so I will review the pros and cons of this course.


  • Wholesale Ted has a good online presence. Their YouTube channel is presented well by Sarah and has over 250,000 subscribers. There is a considerable amount of free material which is informative and gives practical advice. Sarah is a likeable presenter and their YouTube channel content is one of the most impressive parts of their business.
  • They offer a monthly subscription instead of an overall upfront payment. This is an attractive option for many potential subscribers to Wholesale Ted, as there is a cheap initial one week trial and then quite reasonable monthly payments. This gives the subscriber the option to discontinue at the end of each month. This demonstrates that Ted and Sarah are confident in the quality of their program and that subscribers will be satisfied with the content and choose to continue to make monthly payments.
  • They offer “freebies”. One of the most enticing things when considering whether to subscribe to Wholesale Ted is their offer of a free e-Book called “How to make $10,000 per month by dropshipping” which is genuinely full of good advice and information. There is a large amount of practical and free information available from them.

As with any business, there are, of course, several negatives which we should consider.


  • There is an over-reliance on video content. There are hours of videos to go through and although they are well presented they are too general and lack depth. Their paid content videos should provide more information on subjects such how to target Facebook ads for particular products. Too often they give uninspiring advice which could be found elsewhere online for free.
  • There are some inherent weaknesses in the Amazon FBA Course business model itself. It has become an incredibly competitive field and it requires hard work and a knack for finding the right niche for the products you sell. In addition, only 30% of readers searching for Amazon products ever get to page 2, so there is a constant battle to be ranked in the top 10-15 in the search engine results.
  • There are many Amazon FBA Course options available. It may well be that an alternative to Wholesale Ted could be a more practical and inspiring choice for you. The lack of depth on certain topics here should lead you to investigate the various other choices. It is not straightforward to decide which is the most credible choice.
  • The Amazon FBA business model is clearly not for everybody. It requires dedication and dealing with a wide variety of people from overseas suppliers to irate customers. Your problem-solving skills will be put to the test, so you need to be sure that this is the right business for you before you commit your time to it. I would advise you to do plenty of research before you sign up.
  • The Wholesale Ted course is not particularly extensive. There are large parts of the dropshipping business which are not covered, such as negotiating tactics when dealing with a supplier, how to organize business licenses and long term planning for expanding or selling your business. There is a budget feel to the content provided, so it will cover the basics and offer good advice but don’t expect a full explanation of every facet of the business.


Wholesale Ted: Other People’s Thoughts

They say that variety is the spice of life and there are certainly a variety of opinions about business courses such as from Wholesale Ted.

A cursory look through Facebook Groups, message boards, and other review sites shows a wide selection of views. Most were valid, but there were some people.determined to make affiliate sales or push another product.

In my estimation, some of the best information is to be found on YouTube and Reddit. I liked that there were plenty of differing views and honest opinions expressed. With this in mind, I would like to share some with you here:

There are a couple of interesting videos on the Official YouTube Channel of Wholesale Ted, which may help you finding out if this Course is the right one for you or not.

Starting or expanding a business is a big step and it is important to choose the right course. The investment in time and money is such that it is vital to make the right choice the first time.

I hope you will spend a little time looking at these other opinions and that they prove useful to you.


In Conclusion

The Wholesale Ted Online course is very known in the internet and a lot of people claim to be successful with it. In my opinion a lot of these success stories are out there because these people already run a business. For a normal person it’s very hard to make money online with this course.

Anyway, yes the course has some points that are helpful. The Wholesale online presence is impressive and Sarah comes across as a likable and effective presenter. The reasonable payment method and extensive free content do inspire confidence that you will get value for money.

Unfortunately, when you dig a little deeper and analyze the content offered there is too little depth to the information for me to give this my wholehearted recommendation. This is an extremely competitive industry and I am not confident the information provided here will adequately prepare you for the challenges you will face. There are so many choices for a good Amazon FBA Course that I recommend you investigate other offers before committing to this course.


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