Wealthy Affiliate Review: Worth the cost or just a Scam?

Does receiving a great income by simply promoting other people’s products or courses sound good?

Are you interested to learn the financial benefits of affiliate marketing?


The Wealthy Affiliate program began all the way back in 2005 (ancient history for most online businesses!) and still has a strong, supportive following. They must be doing something right!

Many new people just getting into affiliate marketing look at a business like Wealthy Affiliate and want to know – is it legit? I have studied the program in depth and have concluded that it is a legit business which offers pretty much what it says it does. It teaches you methods to enroll in affiliate programs and earn high commissions for promoting other people’s products. That sounds good, doesn’t it?

Have you ever fantasized about living a luxury lifestyle? With a big house and a couple of sports cars outside?

Many people have achieved this through affiliate marketing!

It sounds a long way off right now, doesn’t it? An impossible dream?

Keep reading while I analyze the pros and cons of Wealthy Affiliates and decide whether it is a course which will help inspire you to create a powerful business which can make your dreams come true…


Wealthy Affiliate – is it a Scam?

Kyle Loudon and Carson Kim founded Wealthy Affiliates in 2005 with the intention of teaching people the skills to make a high profit from affiliate marketing.

If you are wondering – is it a scam? The evidence would suggest that it is not. This has been a viable and popular training program for a long time in internet terms. The reason Wealthy Affiliate has thrived for so long is that is it offers high-quality training which is available in both paid and free versions. For people with the right dedication and commitment to following the course, this is an interesting option.

I cannot emphasize this enough!

There are great opportunities in affiliate marketing, but you need to be prepared to study the program in depth and be willing to work hard to build your business. Are you ready?

Join me while I investigate the opportunities Wealthy Affiliate provide and reach a conclusion and decide if this is the course for you…

The information you need is only a few scrolls away…

A Review of the Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

As with anything, there are both positives and negatives when I consider Wealthy Affiliates. I will considerthe pros and cons so that I can reach a proper conclusion as to the effectiveness of this program. Some of the pros include:

  • You are offered the opportunity to be an affiliate for the program itself. As a premium member, you are in a position to make a 50% commission on each sale you make when promoting Wealthy Affiliates. When you consider their good name and reputation, there does appear to be a great opportunity to make a big profit here for the right person.
  • There is a free version. Clearly, the most detailed information is saved for the paid version, but one of the main critici of this type is – how will I know if this is for me? With Wealthy Affiliate, you can start studying the program and get a feel for the teaching style before you pay a dime!This does demonstrate major confidence in the quality of the product by the owners.
  • They help you build your website. Your website is like your “storefront” and is the first impression people see of your business. It is important to get it right! Wealthy Affiliate includes some excellent web page templates which means even those people with zero technical skills can build a beautiful website in minutes. 
  • The course teaches you the best ways to attract traffic to your web page. In order for affiliate marketing to succeed you need to generate an abundance of traffic. Wealthy Affiliate is particularly strong in this field and concentrates on teaching you the latest traffic strategies which will help you find good relevant customers. They are also strong on teaching you search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure a high ranking on Google searches.
  • The revenue you can earn is unlimited. There are literally hundreds of millions of products you have access to instantly sell. You will be guided to find the best and most profitable niches to promote on your website. This can all be done without you needing inventory or organizing shipping. The processes you will be taught are simple and straightforward.

Nothing in life is perfect, so I will consider the weaknesses in the Wealthy Affiliate program. Some of the cons are:

  • There is a lot of competition in affiliate marketing. You will need to pay close attention to the lessons taught in the Wealthy Affiliate course in order to develop the strategies to become successful. This is no “get rich quick” scheme. You need to be prepared to study the lessons in depth and then work hard to implement them in your business. There are no shortcuts!
  •  It is true that some of the information the course contained in the course can be found online for free. This is a frequent criticism for courses of this type and is a valid point. However, Wealthy Affiliate gathers all of the possible information in one place and you also have the teaching and guidance of Kyle and Carson to assist you, plus an excellent 24/7 live chat backup team to answer your questions.
  • Wealthy Affiliate mostly concentrates on beginner to intermediate level affiliate marketers. While there is useful content aimed at the more experienced online marketer there is certainly room to expand this content. I would enjoy seeing them add to this.

As we have seen there are various pros and cons to this program. I am ready to make my recommendation in the conclusion…


Conclusion of Wealthy Affiliate by Kyle and Carson

I have enjoyed studying the Wealthy Affiliate course and feel it has a lot to offer. There is comprehensive training and Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim have put together a good package.

Of course, you need to be prepared to put the work in to make affiliate marketing work. This is no simple process and you simply can not cut corners.

There were many factors I liked about this program, particularly the fact that they have a free element which will allow you to judge for yourself whether this is the course for you. The free state of the art web hosting is a real plus also. If you have a few separate websites the free web hosting alone would be worth the subscription price…

The opportunity to be an affiliate marketer for Wealthy Affiliate is a major plus in my opinion. They offer good commission rates and I believe it is right to promote products you believe in. If this program has helped you, it feels right to promote it to it to others…

Bottom line?

Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive course that will give you all of the information you need to get started and then thrive in affiliate marketing. I fully recommend this program.


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