Valiant Consultants DFY Amazon Service – Is It Legit?

Are you tempted to set up an Amazon store and get a part of the enormous profits being made? Have you heard that there are services that offer you a Done-For-You (DFY) Amazon FBA store?

Steven Mayer, the owner of Valiant Consultants, offers this service and claims to be helping hundreds of clients to make a healthy monthly income, even if they have little knowledge of the ins and outs of Amazon dropshipping.


An introduction to Valiant Consultants

If you ask me – is it legit? I will say that nothing is quite that straightforward to answer. We need to investigate further, so I will get other people’s views, look at the pros and cons, and give you my verdict in my conclusion.

We all dream of a better life and having it all. It is human to want a bigger house, a luxury car, and security for our family.



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It seems a world away, doesn’t it?

What if I tell you it is all achievable? The right business is out there for you. It is just a case of choosing the right one and putting in enough time and effort.

Join me…while I analyze Valiant Consultants DFY Amazon Service and see if it is the way to make your dreams into reality.

The information you need is only a few scrolls away…


Valiant Consultants by Steven Mayer – Is It a Scam?

I am skeptical by nature, and I believe that it serves me well, so if you ask me – is it a scam? – it means you have similar instincts.


I will study this business opportunity in-depth and give you my honest opinion. It is for you to conclude if it is the right way forward in your situation.


What is Valiant Consultants Service?

Basically stated, Valiant Consultants offer automated Amazon stores for their clients so that they can focus on other parts of their lives.

You don’t need any specialist knowledge of how Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) works, or even business in general.

It is clear that Amazon FBA is an increasingly competitive market, and their expertise to help you overcome this is their big selling point.

Steven Mayer, the owner of Valiant Consultants, claims to have many years of experience with Amazon. He and his team can build you a successful Amazon store that can provide you with a six-figure monthly income within six months.

What does it cost?

The Valiant Consultants website does not give a definite figure for the cost, and they only provide a precise quotation after an initial phone call to assess your needs.

I have studied comments from many people online, and a typical cost for the Valiant Consultants DFY Amazon Service costs $30,000.

Pros and cons of the Valiant DFY Amazon Service

To provide you with enough information about Valiant Consultants to make a proper decision about its effectiveness, I want to look at the positives and negatives.


  • Valiant Consultants claim to do detailed product research to find the perfect products to sell in your Amazon shop.
    It can be a long process involving plenty of trial and error, so the fact that they handle this for you is a tempting offer for many people.
  • If you have no experience with dropshipping, finding reliable suppliers can be a daunting task that can make or break your business.
    Using the vast experience of Steven Mayer to do this can simplify the process and leave you with time to focus on other things in your life.
  • Valiant Consultants handle almost everything for you, so if everything works out as advertised, you can expect a high passive income.

Having looked at some of the positives, let’s look at some negatives that I have seen mentioned online.


  • There are various people online who claim that they have sent Valiant Consultants upwards of $30,000 and seen nothing in return.
    People start with the best of intentions after being promised a $100k/month income after six months and end up putting more and more money into their shop without seeing any real profit.
  • There are too many complaints of “glitches” in the system, which means that their Amazon FBA stores are suspended due to low ratings, or unfulfilled orders.
    They are then stuck with significant investment and no way to recoup their money.
  • There is no decent money-back guarantee. Many folks online have grown disillusioned with Valiant Consultants and have been told that they knew the risks, and no refund is available.
  • The support when things go wrong is said to be lacking. There are many complaints about unanswered phone calls and emails.
    People state that they feel cheated and ignored when they are receiving no income from a considerable investment, and they can’t even get anyone on the phone to discuss ways to put it right.
    Some people report a hostile or threatening reaction if they can speak to the Valiant Consultants customer service.
  • Reports exist online of Valiant Consultants paying people for good reviews. They also appear to offer reduced management fees for positive statements from their clients.
    It would explain how they get some positive claims online, even though many people have a terrible experience and make a loss.


A Quick Review of the Pros and Cons

It seems that if something is too good to be true, that is usually the case…

This investment in Valiant Consultants requires a massive amount of trust in their ability to carry out what they say.

They claim to have 400+active clients, and the amount of work to effectively manage those Amazon stores selling different sale-able products is immense.

I spent a lot of time reading about people’s experiences with this company, and there is a long list of complaints that I don’t have space to mention in this review.


Other Feedback about the Valiant DFY Amazon Service

It is a great thing that we can all have different opinions. I sought views on YouTube, Quota, Reddit, and others to get some informed judgments about the Valiant DFY Amazon Service.

I have to say that the majority of the feedback that I saw was negative, and the positives didn’t ring true.


I do hope that you have found my review helpful, and it assists you in finding the perfect business to change your life.

It is out there, trust me!

Please keep reading while I give my honest opinion on the Amazon Service offered by Valiant Consultants.


Valiant Consultants in Conclusion

The number of unhappy clients online suggests that this is not a wise investment.

Steven Mayer might well have started Valiant Consultants with the best intentions, but something seems to have gone wrong along the way. Perhaps they expanded too quickly as they have alluded to online.

There are too many people who feel ripped off and say they have been poorly treated. There is a Facebook page that is assembling members for a potential class-action lawsuit.

Bottom Line?

I cannot recommend the Valiant DFY Amazon Service. Too much is left to trust for a service at this high price.


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  1. We have formed a class action lawsuit against Steven Mayer for his scam. We have over 150 customers who have been financially damaged because of his actions. We have heard stories from people who have used their children’s college fund for this all the way to those who took out high interest loans or second mortgages on their homes and have been financially ruined because they bought a dream that was a lie with one purpose, to pad the pockets of Steven Mayer. Here are the links to submit your information to be added to the email list. If the form does not work, email your info (name and email address) to Lets put this scammer in prison.

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