The Wealth Network by Jesse Singh [Honest Review]

Have you read about the tremendous profits being made through e-commerce? People making great fortunes by utilizing sites like Amazon and eBay? Ever wanted to get involved?


Jesse (also Jessie) Singh has set up an interesting platform called The Wealth Network. It is for people who wish to build an online business and sell products through Amazon.



You will be shown how to select the right niche of products and to sell them through your e-commerce site using the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) method. There is also some additional training for selling through eBay and also for search engine optimization (SEO).

Have you ever dreamed of having a life of luxury? The best of everything?

All you need is the correct business model and some first-class training…


As I analyzed various different so called “Get Rich” Courses, Systems and what so ever, I feel confident in delivering you this Review about Jesse’s Amazon Course The Wealth Network.


The Wealth Network

There are many people who have made themselves rich by using the Amazon FBA business model to set up a successful e-commerce business. You could be next. Perhaps Jessie Singh’s The Wealth Network is the course to provide the training and inspiration you need…

Join me while I take a look at Jessie Singh and The Wealth Network business program. I will analyze it in order to decide on its real value and usefulness.

It would be reasonable to ask – is it legit? I will provide you with enough information to make your own mind up about this.

The information you need is only a few scrolls away…


The Wealth Network by Jesse Singh – is it a Scam?

You might well be thinking, I have tried courses like this before, with disappointing results, what will be different about Jessie Singh’s course – is it a scam?

I will study the course in greater depth, but it appears to offer what it says it does and has some excellent reviews online, so I don’t think we can call it a scam.

Perhaps the more important question to consider is – can this program help me achieve my business objectives and is it worth my time and money?

I will consider this and give my opinion in my conclusion.


A Review of the Pros and Cons of The Wealth Network

With courses of this nature, there are always positives and negatives. I will run through some of the pros and cons in order to understand The Wealth Network better. First up, some of the pros. These include:


  • The support system for The Wealth Network was good in my opinion. There are a series of live “webinars” scheduled for enrollees and they have what they call a “Facebook Mastermind Group” where you can mix with like-minded people and get advice on issues that you may be facing. I thought this was one of the best parts of the course and it will be a great help when you need to solve problems and keep motivated during the trickier times. It is nice to know there are people who have been through it all before that you can reach out to.
  • I thought there were some good lessons here when it came to using Amazon and also the marketing training conducted by Jessie Singh when he teaches about SEO and blogging techniques. I found the section on setting up smart funnels to be very informative also.
  • I did like that there was a wide range of presenters for The Wealth Network which helped to keep the training feeling fresh. Aside from Jessie Singh, there were four other experts who presented different aspects of the program. I found the content varied and interesting to follow.

We have looked at some of the more positive aspects of Jessie Singh’s program, so now the cons. These include:


  • Their Profit Spy tool for finding good products to resell at a profit is not the best available on the market. I was unconvinced by some of the product choices that were presented and I could find other suppliers offering better prices using different tools. This is a major part of getting your e-commerce site right, so The Wealth Network would be well advised to give this some attention and make improvements.
  • There are some weaknesses with the dropshipping and Amazon FBA business model which are not addressed here. There can be issues with taking orders when your suppliers let you down and through no fault of your own you can’t supply, so what do you do? Also, how do you deal with having too much stock stored at Amazon which you are having a problem selling? In my opinion, issues like these require more attention by The Wealth Network.
  • The fact that they stress the affiliate marketing opportunity so strongly for this program bothers me. The fact that they offer a 40% commission for promoting their product is all well and good, but it seemed to me there were too many people making unrealistic claims online about how great the course is in the desperate hope of selling it. It seemed to me that some people were just interested in the affiliate opportunity without even being in the Amazon FBA business themselves. Being an affiliate can be a great thing if you have tried and believe in a product, but in this case, I am unconvinced.


  • There is no unlimited access free trial. While I accept that not every good course has to offer this, I do feel it is a bit of an indication that Jessie Singh realizes that the course alone might not be strong enough to attract enough people to actually sign up and pay for it after previewing the full content.
  • They downplay how much hard work is required to make a success of a dropshipping business. This is a criticism I have far too often for courses of this type, they always imply that just following their advice and using their tools will lead to near instant riches. I feel that they lack credibility with claims like this. The reality is far different, and this business model takes a great deal of study and a long time to build up the business to a level that you will be making a great income.


I can’t emphasize this enough…

If you are going to invest in a program that will teach you the Amazon FBA or related business model, do not be tricked into thinking it will be easy. These businesses require long-term hard work,  during the study phase and during and after you set up your business. It is not a get rich quick scheme and there are no shortcuts.

Please keep reading my conclusion for Jesse Singh’s The Wealth Network as I am ready to deliver my final verdict.


In Conclusion

There were some positives here, but The Wealth Network makes it sound too simple to make huge money. In reality, this business model takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become successful. There are no shortcuts.

There was too much emphasis on using affiliates. I did feel that this was the real reason for this course existing and it comes dangerously close to multi-level marketing (MLM) in my opinion.


It was refreshing to have a wide range of people presenting the course and not just Jesse Singh, and this did help to hold my interest. However, some of the material seemed to be hastily put together and disorganized.


Bottom line?


It may be possible to make some money through Jessie Singh’s affiliate program I guess, but I am unconvinced as to its quality. In my opinion, there are better options for an Amazon FBA course and the extra training they offer for eBay and SEO etc does not justify your investment in time or money.


Here’s the deal…


I cannot recommend Jessie Singh’s The Wealth Network. If you are determined to set up a successful Amazon FBA or similar business you would be well advised to look at some different training program options.


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  1. Jesse Singh is a former digital altitude. He sucks his customers for money and left them. He ignores his customers when they are in trouble.. Don’t follow him unless you are not being the victim.

    Find the right mentor that always cares about his customers.

    Don’t be blind to support him or you will be one of the victims a day… Thanks

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