Technology Profits Confidential: Newsletter by Agora Financial Review

Have you heard about the incredible profits being made by investing in technology companies? Would you be interested in getting some excellent investment advice on some of the most promising tech companies and ideas?


Technology Profits Confidential is an investment advisory newsletter from Agora Financial and Seven Figure Publishing. They claim to be able to show you the way to make significant profits through some straightforward investments.

Join me while I investigate this info product further…


What Exactly is Technology Profits Confidential?

Technology Profits Confidential has a simple goal, which is to advise you of the perfect time to invest in some of technology’s up-and-coming ideas and companies.

There are fortunes to be made in the field of tech and biotechnology, and it can be considered as an ongoing opportunity for wealth and growth.

We continuously require upgrades in our tech and need advancements in our well-being and health. Tech will always be necessary.

This video from the author Ray Blanco is a good resource to find out what the Technology is:

The people behind the newsletter aim to get all of the inside information by interviewing company insiders, attending conferences, visiting labs, etc. This is the best way to learn about a company’s potential.

With the right research and timing, the newsletter narrows down the tech opportunities. It will inform you of the best time to invest.

Agora Financial claims to provide you with enough information to make some incredible gains through purchases of penny stocks.


What or who is Agora Financial?

Ray Blanco is the editor of Technology Profits Confidential and a part of Agora Financial. He is credible and has appeared on the Fox Business channel, amongst others.

Agora Financial is a privately owned, USA based publishing company that produces email and printed publications that focus on giving marketing predictions, commentary, and financial advice.

In addition to Technology Profits Confidential, they publish other newsletters including, Breakthrough Technology Alert, Capital and Crisis, Penny Sleuth, Outstanding Investments, and numerous others.


Is Technology Profits Confidential a Scam?

There are always risks associated with taking investment advice from anyone, and Agora Financial is no different.

I can find no evidence that Technology Profits Confidential is a scam, as they do advise of the risks involved in investing. Still, I think it is fair to say that some people are unsatisfied with the advice that they have received.


A Quick review of the Pros and Cons of Agora Financial’s Technology Profits Confidential

I have followed the Technology Profits Confidential newsletter for several months, so I have come across several pros and cons. I will share some of the more useful ones with you here.

Firstly, let’s look at some of the positives of this product. These include:

  • The subscription price is low and works out at just a few dollars per week for the regular newsletter. As long as you manage your expectations and have no dreams of making millions, this newsletter has some positives. At the very worst, it will teach you to become familiar with trading in stocks. It can make for an exciting hobby, or you could be fortunate and make some good profits.
  • As we have seen, Ray Blanco is very experienced in the world of tech investments. If you are determined to get involved in the stock market, he provides an interesting guide at a reasonable price. There is plenty of interesting advice included in this newsletter.
  • There are regular special reports regarding new biotech companies, which are added to the website. As a new subscriber, you will have access to their existing library of articles and informed of any updates.

These are some quite impressive positives in favor of the newsletter. Now let’s look at some of the negatives. These include:

  • There are numerous complaints on the Better Business Bureau website regarding Agora Financial. It is to the company’s credit that they do attempt to make a financial settlement with unhappy clients. Still, it does demonstrate that there are problems with their investment advice. There is no denying from them that the advice was bad. It makes me concerned that other investors who are not aware of the Better Business Bureau may have lost money.
  • I have read various complaints about “lifetime” newsletters being canceled after a year or two and no replacement or refund being offered.
  • It seems that Agora Financial uses hard-sales tactics to promote their other newsletters. If you subscribe to one of their newsletters, it seems that you can expect a long line of upsells promoting other investment opportunities.
  • Penny stocks don’t usually make rapid changes in price, so the advertisements, saying that you will get rich from this newsletter, are overstated. At best, you are likely to make a modest profit.
  • Investing in the stock market is complex. Unless you have spent considerable time studying it, you will blindly trust the authors of the newsletter for advice. If this is the case, it would be wise to be cautious.

We have looked at the pros and cons of Technology Profits Confidential, so please follow me while I look at some other important factors about this newsletter…


How much does this Info Product Cost?

The standard subscription to the Technology Profits Newsletter is $199 per year.

I believe this represents significantly good value if you are realistic in your expectations. There is a lot of interesting information included. Still, you are unlikely to make a fortune using this method of investing.


Other Opinions about Technology Profits Confidential

When I started this review, I decided to take a look at some other opinions online. I had mixed results on Facebook Groups, other review pages, and some online message boards.

The feedback on Reddit, YouTube, and particularly the Better Business Bureau website proved to be more useful and honest.

While it is accepted that there is some good advice in this newsletter, the prevailing opinion is that the claims of making vast profits are overstated. There is a generally negative opinion of this info product.


My Personal Experience with Angora Financial

I have been aware of Ray Blanco for a while since I saw him interviewed on TV. I have been meaning to subscribe to his newsletter for some time.

Unfortunately, I, too, have mixed opinions about this info product. In my opinion, it is okay if you are looking for a hobby and hope to make some modest profits in penny stocks. Still, it is not realistic to make a substantial income.


In Conclusion: Technology Profits Confidential

There is nothing wrong with the Technology Profits Confidential newsletter, per se. The quality is okay, it is certainly not a scam, and you will learn about some exciting new businesses.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe that you can expect to earn a lot of profit through this type of investing.

Bottom line:

The key is to manage your expectations. If you expect to use this newsletter to learn about stock trading, or as a hobby, it is okay.

However, I cannot recommend this for someone who is expecting to make a life-changing income.


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