Tai Lopez’s Real Estate Program Review – Legit or Scam?

Have you heard about the great profits being made by flipping houses? Do you like the idea of a real estate business?


Tai Lopez is a well-known entrepreneur who has successfully launched many different training programs. His latest venture is Tai Lopez’s Real Estate which teaches the many facets of making a profit through real estate. He has brought in many industry experts to teach the fine details and he focuses on motivating you to succeed.


Perhaps you are not familiar with Tai Lopez and have some questions about his course? You may want to ask me – is this legit?

Well, my answer would be that he must be popular for a reason. He offers a lot of free training on his YouTube channel and yet so many people still sign up for his paid courses. He certainly has something special to offer. In my opinion, this product is legit.


Have you ever wanted a life of luxury? A business you can run from anywhere while you travel the world?

I think you will agree with me when I say that sounds good, wouldn’t you?

It probably sounds like a distant dream right now, doesn’t it? An impossible fantasy?

Well… you can achieve this with a good real estate business. Many people have!



What’s the deal?

You will need a good training program and plenty of hard work, but you can succeed and make your dreams come true!

Join me while I do an in-depth review of Tai Lopez’s Real Estate course and consider it’s real value and how much it can help your business. It could be the key to inspiring you to success.

The information you need is only a few scrolls away…


Real Estate by Tai Lopez – is it a Scam?

Maybe you are thinking, “ I have heard all of this before!” And, “What will be different about a course from Tai Lopez?”

There are so many training courses available with varying quality (some are better than others!) that, perhaps u are thinking – is this a scam?

Well, I will let you make your own mind up, but I will consider the pros and cons of the program and provide you with as much information as I can.

For what it’s worth, I believe Tai Lopez’s Real Estate course provides what it says it does, so it can’t be considered a scam.

Keep reading while I investigate further…


Real Estate Program: Pro’s and Con’s

In order to give you a clearer picture of the positives and negatives of the course, let me run through some of the pros and cons. First up, the pros:

  • Tai Lopez is a great motivator! There is a considerable amount of free video content on his YouTube channel which will allow you to see his style. I personally thought the material included on Tai Lopez’s Real Estate was inspirational and well worth watching. So much of building a successful business is to do with your mindset and attitude that I appreciated this video content. Tai Lopez is one of the best around at getting subscribers to believe in themselves.
  • The program has a really informative section on how to invest in real estate even if you don’t have any capital. It shows methods to persuade people to invest with you and how to get ahead without a credit rating. I had no previous knowledge about any of this and found it really interesting.
  • Tai is one of the few online mentors that I have seen who acknowledges that he doesn’t know everything! In this instance, he brought in industry insider Cole Hatter and others to explain the more technical points of the business. In my opinion, this gives him more credibility than the typical online guru, who seems to have already attained enlightenment and knows everything!
  • The program is very thorough and has some great notices online. Tai Lopez does attract his share of haters, but the majority of reviews I found had good things to say about the course and Tai as a motivator.
  • The curriculum for Tai Lopez’s Real Estate is very interesting and well put together. One of the issues with longer courses like this is people tend to lose focus and “drift away”. It is a shame when that happens as the money they invested in the course goes to waste. Tai clearly put a lot of effort into this as he certainly keeps you interested all of the way through.

We have seen that there are some powerful good points to this program. Now, let’s consider some of the cons. These include:

  • There are people online who claim all of Tai Lopez’s Real Estate course can be found online for free. This may be partly true, and it is the nature of this type of program that some of the content will just be gathered together information. In my opinion, this course needs to be viewed as a whole, and when you consider the motivational video material and sales tips included here, there is a lot here that you won’t be able to find for free.
  • Some people online have complained that they had issues getting a refund from the money back guarantee. It is a fact that many courses of this nature do not make it straightforward to get any money back and make it conditional. The fact is though, the terms and conditions are there on the website, so if this is a concern for you, make certain you read and understand them before you part with any money.
  • There is very little information about Tai Lopez and his background online. This does concern some people as they can’t verify his claims of working for companies like G.E. before becoming a success online. My attitude to this is, if the product is good (which I believe it is) why does it matter?

One point I would like to make is that Tai Lopez’s Real Estate course does portray the process as being easy. They definitely underplay just how much study is required and how much hard work is needed to make a real estate business a success. Aside from that, I thought highly of this program.


Course by Tai Lopez: My Conclusion

This was a well-rounded course which I enjoyed studying a lot. I actually felt like I was learning a useful skill.

It may be true that some of this content is available, in some form, for free online if you spend enough time looking, but the course should be considered as a whole. It can shave years off your real estate learning curve.

Also, I found this video with some Testimonials from the Real Estate Program:

Bottom line?

I recommend Tai Lopez’s Real Estate course. The in-depth training which is provided by acknowledged industry experts and the motivational material provided by Tai means it is well worth your time and money.

What’s the real story?

As long as you study it well, you will learn a lot and your real estate business will benefit! This is a legit good deal.


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  1. Hello Randi, thanks a lot for this extensive and very detailed review on Tai Lopez Real Estate program.

    I’m currently working in a consultancy firm and the other day I saw an Ad on YouTube from Tai Lopez Real Estate program and also a new program called the “Cashflow System” where he says you could partner with him and make money from the program as well. Lately I’ve been thinking about joining that program and found this review online https://ecommerceunderdog.com/tai-lopez-cashflow-system-review/ but I’m not sure if this program is worth the investment or not. What are your takes on it? Do you know if this is a legit program to invest my money in? or should I look for better options elsewhere?

    Thanks in advance for your help and congratulations on a great blog!!!

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