Ryan Stewman: Break Free Academy Reviews

Have you been looking for some advanced marketing and sales professional training courses? Are you hoping to take your business to the next level?


Ryan Stewman is also known as The Hardcore Closer and offers a series of training programs under the moniker Break Free Academy.

They strongly focus on sales and marketing and are reported to have a dramatic effect on any business that uses them.

Follow me while I investigate the value of these courses further…


What exactly is Ryan Stewman’s Break Free Academy?

The Break Free Academy offers various training programs such as Capital Gains, Elite Success System, Social Media Mastery, Phone Funnels, etc.

They also offer an intensive three-day seminar, also known as the Break Free Academy. It pledges to help you increase your income by 300% and leverage tech to free up your time to seek out new clients.

These programs are all potentially useful for anyone setting up an online business and are created utilizing Ryan’s many years of experience in the online sales and marketing industry.


Who is Ryan Stewman?

Ryan has a colorful background and started from nothing after a 2-year jail stretch. He started out in a car wash and then got a sales position in the mortgage industry. Through sheer hard work, he became a success.


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He was one of the earliest entrepreneurs to spot the potential to teach social media marketing skills to others. This developed into The Hardcore Closer and Break Free Academy businesses.

Ryan currently has two podcasts, which are known as, Rewire and The Hardcore Closer.

He also has a related website and sales funnel creation business called PhoneSites.

Ryan has written various best-selling books and has regularly contributed to publications such as Forbes, Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur.

It is safe to say he is a recognized expert in online sales, marketing, and social media.


Is Break Free Academy a Scam?

I can find no evidence that the Break Free Academy courses and seminars are a scam of any kind.

It is always well put together and contains the information that it claims.

Perhaps the more significant point to consider is whether you will actually gain from these info products in line with what you pay.


A Quick Review of the Pros and Cons of Break Free Academy

I have committed a lot of time looking at Ryan Stewman’s Break Free Academy. I have noticed various pros and cons, which I would like to share with you here.

First up are some of the positives, which include:


  • Ryan Stewman is an expert at teaching you how to create sales funnels. I liked his PhoneSites page, which helps you set up websites and sales funnels with no prior knowledge in a matter of minutes. He also offers free training through his Funnel Closer course. The initial free seminar will help you decide if Ryan’s style of training is for you.
  • Ryan has an impressive presence on YouTube, and I liked the fact that he offers a lot of video content for free. He speaks well, is focused, and there is a lot to be learned from his free content.
  • Ryan’s background story is inspiring. He has raised himself from a desperate situation when leaving jail, and through hard work and talent has become a success. He teaches a lot from his experience, and I found him to be an inspiring character.

There are some specific things to like about the Break Free Academy programs, but for balance, let’s also look at some of the negatives. These include:


  • I believe that $5,000 is too much to pay for a 3-day seminar if you are still in the building stages of your business. Even for great and inspiring speakers, I can’t help thinking that other more practical training is available for that amount of money.
  • There is some critical feedback that too much of the material contained in these various courses are generic and can be found for free online. A lot of the material from Ryan’s courses is covered in his books. I accept that the presentation is different, but these books are a considerably cheaper option.
  • Ryan appears to be very proud that he writes his own bios. Still, depending on which page you are looking at, there are various inconsistencies. For example, the amount of best-selling books he has produced is difficult to determine. It is variously listed as two, four, and six. This undermines the credibility of what he is claiming, and it gave me the impression of being exaggerated.
  • Although Ryan is clearly knowledgeable about online marketing, he does not adequately address how to improve SEO skills. SEO is one of the most vital factors when marketing online these days, and I can find little reference to this in the Break Free Academy courses.

We have looked at some critical pros and cons for Ryan Stewman’s programs, so I will now look at some more relevant details.

Join me while I make my conclusion about the Break Free Academy…


How much do these Info Products Cost?

There are different prices for the various courses offered by Break Free Academy. The price you pay is often dependent on which variation you choose after completing an initial free webinar.

As an example, the live, intensive 3-day Break Free Academy seminar (with a 6-week follow up course) costs $5,000. Whereas the non-live Break Free Academy 2.0 video course, which follows similar topics, is available for $997.

Whether you conclude these courses offer excellent value is for you to decide. The value often depends on your business’s circumstances. Still, I will say Ryan is an inspirational speaker, includes some great content, and is very thorough.


Other Opinions about Ryan Stewman’s Courses

When I decided to look at the Break Free Academy for this review, I tried to get a fuller picture of other people’s opinions.

I looked at some online message boards, Facebook Groups, and other review sites. There is not a vast amount of feedback available, but what I did find was generally positive.

There was some better and more honest feedback on Reddit and YouTube regarding Ryan Stewman. I found that people generally had complimentary things to say about his courses.

He has clearly helped various people improve their businesses.


My Personal Experience with the Break Free Academy

I have read articles by Ryan Stewman in various high-profile magazines and have always enjoyed his commentary.

I have been impressed by his YouTube presentations, and I believe that there is a lot to be learned from Ryan.

I am not that technically gifted, so I have used Ryan’s PhoneSites web page to experiment with creating websites and designing sales funnels. I believe that this is one of the more straightforward ways available to create these.

I liked that various courses on the Break Free Academy website come with free introductory seminars, and I was impressed with the full range of courses available.


In Conclusion: Ryan Stewman’s Break Free Academy

I liked Ryan Stewman’s back story, and I am impressed with what he has achieved. He is an intriguing figure.

The range of courses he offers through Break Free Academy is comprehensive. Still, I would say that they contain too much generic material which can be found elsewhere.

Bottom line:

If you find one of Ryan’s courses that are appropriate for your business situation, it is certainly worth considering. Still, for me, I would also look at some alternative info products before committing your money.


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