Review of Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited

Have you ever heard of people making huge, life-changing profits on the stock? Does a newsletter which would let you know all of the top investment tips sound good?

Paul Mampilly has created an investment newsletter (which has a particular focus on technology stocks) called Profits Unlimited. He is a stock market expert with years of experience and he claims to offer tips on stocks which will show great profits over the year.


Introduction: Paul Mampilly

What is the real story?

The newsletter has been successful with over 80,000 subscribers, so I will investigate if the claims of large profits from Paul Mampilly’s advice is true and whether it will be a useful tool for securing a good, regular passive income.

Have you ever dreamed of being rich? The kind of rich that will allow you to say a permanent goodbye to your boss and travel the world?

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It sounds good, doesn’t it? It seems like an impossible dream…

What if I tell you it is possible? Well, you can achieve this by making the right stock market investments.

Join me while I study Profits Unlimited and decide if it is a newsletter which can make your dreams become a reality…

The information you need is only a few scrolls away…


Profits Unlimited – is it a Scam?

There are a vast array of investment newsletters available these days (indeed Paul Mampilly himself has had many over the years) and it is a challenge to find a good, reliable one. Perhaps you have had a bad experience with one over the years?

When you look at Profits Unlimited you may well think – is it a scam?

I will let you make your own mind up, but I will supply you with as much information and my opinions as I can.

The Profits Unlimited newsletter does provide the information it claims to, so I can’t call it a scam.

Perhaps the bigger issue is, how effective is it, and will it earn me any money?

How much does the Profits Unlimited newsletter cost?

This question is not so easy to answer. The usual price for just the Profits Unlimited newsletter is $47 per month for the digital version, unless you subscribe to the the deluxe version for $129 for the hard copy. Nevertheless, there are various different newsletters promoted on the Official Website of Paul Mampilly and it depends on what you need and want, which ones are the right ones for you. 


A Review of the Pros and Cons for Profits Unlimited

In my effort to decide the true worth of Paul Mampilly’s newsletter I want to run through the pros and cons for you. First up, the pros associated with this product.


    • Just in case an investment goes wrong the Profits Unlimited newsletter recommends an 8 to 12% cut off point when you should sell and just accept your losses. This is good advice but you need to guard against human nature which may tell you to hold on as the stocks will go up.
    • There is a lot of good information in the Profits Unlimited newsletter including case studies etc. It is not just simple recommendations. The issue may be an amateur investor may not know exactly how to analyze this and interpret the best moves to make.
    • The subscription price is reasonable at $47 per month for the digital version or $129 for a deluxe version which includes a hard copy. Clearly, there is a lot of content included for this price and whatever your opinion of Paul Mampilly is, he gives plenty of investment options and market analysis.

Having looked at the positives to the newsletter, let’s look at some of the cons.


  • The claims of success are massively overblown. There are ridiculous claims like certain stocks being ready to surge 8,000%. If Paul Mampilly and his pals had credible information that is was about to happen they wouldn’t have time to print a newsletter – they would be too busy becoming trillionaires! The old adage applies here – if it sounds too good to be true, it is!
  • There are doubts about Paul Mampilly’s track record. He has made too many recommendations (most famously with Yahoo) where his advice has turned out to be dead wrong. You may say that it is a risk you take, which is a fair comment, but there are so many criticisms of his forecasts online that I start to think, “there is no smoke without fire.”
  •  Paul Mampilly has jumped from newsletter to newsletter and has represented Palm Beach, Stansberry and Agora Financial amongst others over the last few years. This raises a red flag about his credibility. It gives the impression that he just moves on when the going gets tough and leaves his subscribers behind. Now he seems to be involved with both Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortune – what is there to make us think these will be any more credible or long term?
  • The Profits Unlimited newsletter makes recommendations about which stocks are likely to rise in value, but gives very little advice on market downturns and strategies to deal with this. The danger here is that newsletters like this tend to attract those who are amateur investors hoping to “strike it rich” and they are not equipped to deal with changes ain’t market.
  • There are better choices for investments. If you are looking for a passive income you really should consider other options which are more stable and less risky. Perhaps investing in the stock market should be left to those who can afford possible big losses or who are experts who really know what they are doing.

There are clearly some convincing pros and cons here, but I am concerned by the claims of huge profits being available…

I can’t emphasize this enough…

Only invest large sums of money in the stock market if you know what you are doing!


Profits Unlimited: Some Other Views

I have given you my honest review of Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited and although there were parts that I liked I came to a negative conclusion.

That does not mean that everyone will agree with me. So with this in mind, I decided to look for some feedback on Facebook Groups, online message boards and some other review sites.

While I did find some useful information, there were too many people pushing an agenda and either pushing a competing product or trying to make affiliate sales.

I always value other people’s point of view and I found some of the most honest and informative opinions on Quora. I would like to share some of what I found with you here:

A commitment to undertake a new business course which leads to a new business is a big undertaking. It takes both time and money, so it is worth spending a little time on research.

I hope this is of value to you and it helps you make the right choice the first time!

Keep reading while I give my final verdict on whether you should invest in Paul Mampilly’s newsletter.


Profits Unlimited – In Conclusion

I have studied Profits Unlimited in depth and while making a quick fortune on the stock market sounds wonderful, I am unconvinced this newsletter has much value. There are better options to create a passive income and I just don’t believe the wild claims of huge profits. It may not be an out and out scam, but I believe Paul Mampilly lacks credibility.

However, it is not overly expensive and if you want to treat it as a fun hobby, with limited investment, you will not do too much damage to your overall wealth…

Bottom line?

I cannot recommend this newsletter. If you wish to invest in the stock market I recommend you use your time and money to improve your skills. This is preferable to paying to get tips to invest in stocks you don’t know enough about.


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  1. Thank you for your review.
    I watched a fascinating video by Paul Mampilly and then read your review about his Profits Unlimited… I am back to my senses now. Thank you.

  2. Thanks, Randi. Bottom line is what our grandpa’s always said: be very careful when people promise easy money, they don’t exist

  3. Great presentation. Sounds too easy. Always wonder why do these people publish? They should just take their own advice and invest. Why bother with the likes of us? Hmmm?

  4. Once you spend your hard earned money to buy a subscription what you will receive are videos that tell you of the amazing money you will make if you send him another 2 or 3 thousand more dollars to learn what he already told you he would tell you!! This is definitely a scam where the only one poised to make any real money is him for sucking your money out of your wallet for his BS. This reminds me of an Amway Salesman who is relentless at trying to talk you into giving him more money for a bunch of false promises.

  5. I can learn more about potential stocks to invest in, and invest after a poor earnings report in a quality company by watching CNBC. Most people can sign up for a 6 month trial of $39 with Paul, then you quickly learn that his real agenda is to sell a $25K secret investors stock analysis, which he supposedly emails the Investors updates that will make them multi-millionaires within a year. He emails people on the $39 plan a few stocks to invest in, but not many low-cost per share stocks that preform well over a short (1 week to 1 month) period, then he may or may not get back to you on when to sell any recommended stocks before they tank. His #1 pick for 2020 is between $7 and $8.70 stock this year with a market cap of $900M. Today, it is $7.65/share.

  6. I just signed up for the 47 Dollars membership then I got a text and provided me other information for a subscription that would allow me t have more access to the number one stock he’s promoting I didn’t know exactly what it was all about but they charge my account $529.60., They do offer a full refund for the first year if you’re not satisfied, I hope they live up to that promise.

  7. I recommend Motley’s fool or watching CNBC.. I signed up the Profits Unlimited a week ago and they make it way too much complicated. They send a lot of emails, mainly ask for other sister services that they created….. I get 5 emails every day soliciting another subscription. All of their recommendations is long term- so in this volatile market, it is either miss or hit. Motley’s are more that you can make a profit short term also. More importantly, they sent way too many upgrade emails. It bombs your inbox.

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