The Palm Beach Confidential: Crypto Newsletter Review

Teeka Tiwari’s Palm Beach Confidential offers investment advice for cryptocurrency. It features 12 monthly newsletters with additional informative video content. There are many positive reviews online where buyers seem happy with the investment tips they have received. 

So, is it legit? Well, in my opinion, it does contain the information and tips that it claims, but I would like to investigate further to see if this is a worthy product to recommend.

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Cryptocurrency Newsletter: Legit or Scam?

Firstly, I would like to say, there is a lot of good information included in the Palm Beach Confidential, it does include 12 monthly newsletters as claimed as well as training videos and Teeka Tiwari offers the next subscription completely free if the recommendations contained do not result in a 1,000% profit.

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If you were to ask me, is it a scam? I would reply, it depends on how you define scam. I do not doubt that people have made a profit using these recommendations, but the likelihood of consistently achieving profits of this size seem remote.

This is an interesting concept as a way to make big profits in a way that certainly has happened to other people, so I will investigate the pros and cons and reach a conclusion.

Is this your way to a rich and prosperous future? It seems a long way away, doesn’t it?


What is the Price of Palm Beach Confidential?

Palm Beach Confidential by Teeka Tiwari is a relatively very expensive course compared with others I have reviewed in the past. The subscription to the Course for one year costs $5,000. 

There is no doubt that people have made huge profits by investing in cryptocurrency…


Review of the Pros & Cons for Palm Beach Confidential

Teeka Tiwari has certainly come up with an interesting concept for his newsletter, and the fact that he has subscribers who speak favorably about it means it must have some merit. Therefore I will consider the pros and cons of this product in order to be able to make a proper conclusion as to its value.


  • Teeka Tiwari has a reputation as a cryptocurrency expert and he teams with the well-known and popular Glenn Beck for various online “webinar” projects. He also has an extensive business background which includes being one of the youngest people ever recruited by Lehman Brothers and raising to the rank of Vice President. He is knowledgeable and many people have good things to say about his investment advice.
  • Cryptocurrency is a proven method to get rich very quickly. It has actually happened to many people already! The trick is to find the right new one before it blooms, and then sell up and get out at the right moment. The Palm Beach Confidential aims to arm you with the information to do just that.
  • The Palm Beach Confidential has made successful recommendations with spectacular profits claimed before the cryptocurrency stabilized. They offer good practical advice about when to get out while ahead.

Although Teeka Tiwari’s Palm Beach Confidential has many positive reviews online, in order to reach a proper conclusion  I would like to consider the cons to this product. 


  • The majority of the marketing for the Palm Beach Confidential appears to be done through affiliate marketing which is no bad thing in itself but would explain some of the more “over the top” positive reviews for this product. Some reviewer’s neutrality will be tested by the offer of a high commission rate for a referral. This may well explain the various uncritical positive reviews which can be found online.
  • This product aims directly to those people who are susceptible to “get rich quick” schemes. Who wouldn’t love the idea of getting wealthy through a few simple investments? I know I would! Unfortunately, the world seldom works out that way, and the marketing here glosses over the potential loses far too often. If getting rich through cryptocurrencies was so easy, everybody would be doing it!
  • The price of this product is troubling. Yes, Teeka Tiwari has an impressive business background and can be considered a cryptocurrency expert, but pricing is in the thousands of dollars ($3,500 seems to be the most widely quoted price) for just a monthly newsletter. I realize greed can lead people to pay huge sums for well-presented investment advice but there a huge unknown factor at play with cryptocurrencies and I would urge caution before you part with such a large amount of money.
  • Online research that you can do yourself could lead you to reach the same investment conclusions. As cryptocurrency is such a new phenomenon, it is doubtful anyone at all can offer safe advice. So much is affected by rumor and conjecture at this point, that your guess may be as good as anyone else as to where the market will head next. In my opinion, there is very little that can be considered “safe” investment advice in this business sector.
  • The claims of huge profits are massively overstated. While some people undoubtedly have become very wealthy through the cryptocurrency boom the claims from Palm Beach Confidential of making massive profits and 1,000% guarantees are just so unlikely that they can’t be taken seriously. If there was any credible investment advisor who could seriously guarantee such profits he would be more popular than Warren Buffett! There would be queue a mile long outside of his door!

While all of the claims of huge profits do sound wonderful, especially to a newbie, I fear the marketing here is overblown and we should manage our expectations.


What are Other People Saying about Palm Beach Confidential?

I always endeavor to give you my honest review and conclusion. In the case of the Palm Beach Confidential course, I have reached a somewhat negative conclusion, but others may have a different opinion.

I think it is useful to look at a cross selection of people’s opinions before deciding to enroll in a business course. There is a significant commitment of your time to complete a course and implement it into your online business. This means we need to make the right choice the first time.

I found some useful information in Facebook Groups, message boards, and other review sites. However some of the most honest and informative feedback is to be found on Reddit.

I would like to share some of the information that I found with you here:

It is well worth your while to spend a little time looking at some other opinions and I hope it proves useful in making an informed decision.


The Palm Beach Confidential: My Conclusion

One of my biggest fears for the Palm Beach Confidential Review is that greed blinkers peoples objectivity and the marketing for this newsletter certainly tries to take advantage of that fact!

There were elements of this newsletter that were well thought out and gave good advice and I hope that the claims of people making big profits from the advice are so. However, the grand claims seem simply too good to be true!

The way this is marketed is clearly appealing to those people who are desperate to get rich by any means necessary, even if it means cutting corners. This is a risky strategy as investing without proper knowledge is never a good idea and a few newsletters are not going to be enough to teach us enough about the complex world of cryptocurrency. There are no shortcuts!

I can’t emphasize this enough!

The claims made about this newsletter lack credibility. If such huge profits were remotely possible on a regular basis all of the people involved with this newsletter would be billionaires and focus on managing their money rather than selling a newsletter!


Bottom line?

In my opinion, although there is some good advice contained in the Palm Beach Confidential, due to the high price and the lack of credibility of the claims they make, I can not recommend this newsletter…


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  1. Teeka and Palm Beach are DEFINITELY a scam. Save your money. I joined paid for an extra $1000 for a second year. 1. On joining we were given an opportunity to complete a survey and Teeka would put $100 bitcoin in our wallet. I’m still waiting: 2 years later.
    2. He guarantees double your money within 12 months or your money back plus $1000. I didn’t double my money on his recommendations and, in fact, the main cryptocurrency I bought based on one of his ‘Time Sensitive Alerts’ stayed at the same price for over a year. 3. After paying $1000 for an extra year he then sent out an email offering a LIFETIME membership for $1000. Such a con. Why didn’t he contact all those who had paid an extra $1000 for one year and extend theirs.
    I have been trying to get a refund for over a year via email and every time I get the response from ‘Alexander’ to phone to discuss so they don’t want anything in writing. And, surprise surprise, Alexander is NEVER at his direct extension – it goes to voice mail. ‘Alexander’ has a different email address in every email I receive from ‘him’. Teeka is an ABSOLUTE SCAM.

    • OMG – sooo greedy and evil! Especially trying to take advantage of Most people being in a desperate situations to care for their family during the pandemic. Knowledge and Education is free. The learning effort is not because it’s human dependence. Therefore making promising outrageousLY high claims of profitable returns WITHOUT Guarantees of A Fair Full Refund is a Scam! Scammers are Agressively Greedy And Evil! Scammees are Desperately Poor and Stupid!

  2. Between scam and self-fulfilling prophecy. Reminds me of Timothy Sykes. Definitely not worth the money.

    My personal tips for 2020: BTC, Link and JamaiCoin

  3. In the promotion $500 to $5 million, it is said that the “crypto corner” tells all about the “how to’s” to do the actual physical transactions to complete said transactions. I watched the preliminary videos they offered and found them not working properly. I am wondering if the “crypto corner” is not just a repeat of the same. Not really enough info on the nuts and bolts. And am I wrong, but a ‘few fees as is exampled amounts to approximately 20% per transaction — which means that 5 coins at $500 apiece ($2500)would come to $2750.

  4. Thank you for your reviews and comments. I came across Teeka watching some youtube videos and as usual people like him give you a big spill on how successful they are and always let you into a secret and making money beyond belief. Well I’ve been around long enough and have been dudded over the years with very similar intros and stories like his. My rule is, if this is a investment of a life time, why tell us?
    I don’t see Bill Gates, Rupurt Murdock or even Donald Trump call me to let me know about an explosive investment. I make my own research and investments and appreciate people out there that give you heads up without asking for a cent, and when I do make a great investment I always thank them and happy to offer a donation. Lesson – when someone calls or reaches out to you with money up front, you need to make some investigations as I have done, and I will stay away from this guy.
    Thanks again Nez

  5. Thank you! Your overview was very helpful. My husband was about to dive in, but I had some doubts, so I tried to look for credible info about it,- and founf none (except tons of super positive articles, written by himself).

  6. Teeki is a scam ,he was on tv with Jeanne Perro saying how all politicians were buy cannabis stock cgc and tilray I bought a lot of it and dropped in the toilet .i use to love jennine now hate here for backing the bald idiot

  7. I just joined their club last night, I paid $129 for the special offer membership, after that Mr Teeka was boarding a jet to undisclosed location to tell a”secret” there,s another move you can make that would turn a $500 to $5 million within the next 12 months, and all you have to do is click “yes” I,m in and will charge a small fee of $2,500. Yes this Teeka is a con man, even the subscription to their newsletter can be accessed, maybe because I only fell for $129 .

  8. This is so annoying to see the word “scam” floated next to Palm Beach publications. If it was a scam Teeka Tiwari would be in Jail. That being said, the cost for the publication is exorbitant for sure! I actually have LIFETIME / INFINITY membership. If you’d like share any of the publications with me please find me on reddit at u/remotelyfun or simply email me at I”m a crypto professional and even make videos I can show you and provide ‘crypto mentorship” for some of my shares all at fraction of price of just ONE Palm publication. Hit me up if interested and you’ll get a real expert to help you navigate the wild west of crypto! -nacho

    • What’s really annoying is that YOU are an affiliate of Palm Beach Publication and did not announce your statement in a review section which is technically against FCC regulation.

  9. I paid the full joining cost for Teeka’s $500 to $5 Million program. Yep – he is sure persuasive and seems incredibly passionate and genuine when you listen to him. BUT… so sorry to have to say – his hot tips that were supposed to explode through the roof after the bitcoin halving have all flopped. I have not made one single cent from ANY of his cryptocurrency recommendations this year. NOTHING! I spend thousands on his program and $5000 on buying the range of crypto coins he recommended, and not one has made a profit. Some have made a small loss. So, while he claims to be an “expert”, there is no sure bet in crypto-land. To be fair, he never promises there is. He tells you not to invest more than you can afford to lose. I don’t doubt his knowledge. But all the markets are just crazy. Stocks should be way down and they’re not. Bitcoin should be up and it’s not. Go buy gold instead!

  10. I lost £430 gbp and he still keeps asking for more 😂😂 guess I’ve lost my money be careful people 😩😩😩

  11. RE: $49 (us ?)

    I like to read this stuff,but the reviews tell me to listen to the people. $49 is the same price of blue Jean’s (it’s getting cold up here in canada ) You are correct during a pandemic we should not be exploiting people in their $ .( example. Throwing out $5 billion dollars worth of food when they could have been good down to earth people and given it to the poor then wait for something to occur or bank on it for the future)

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