Grant Wise’s Modern Agent Mastery – Facebook Real Estate course: Is it a Scam?

Grant Wise offers an online program called Modern Agent Mastery which teaches you various methods to promote your real estate business through the use of Facebook ads. He demonstrates how to use lead generation to attract new clients and also features a 6-week training course which aims to show you how to close sales through social media, email, phone or text message.

Is it a scam? Well, there are people who have reached that conclusion, but there is a lot of important material included and testimonies from various satisfied clients. This would lead me to decide that Modern Agent Mastery is not a scam, but questions remain. Is the effectiveness of the programoverstated? Is it the best choice to help you to expand your real estate business?

Perhaps your real estate business has stagnated, and you are struggling to find new clients? Could a boost in your client base and the extra sales attained by this help you achieve the lifestyle you desire?

It seems unattainable at this point, doesn’t it? Maybe you have tried new marketing methods over and over again without success?

The online business course to help you become a success is out there somewhere, and the Modern Agent Mastery program could be your key to a prosperous future business. It would be nice to never worry about money, live in a big house and drive a luxury car, and this may be the way for you to achieve it…

Keep reading, and I will study the pros and cons of is program and conclude whether it is worth your time and investment…

The information that could change your life is only a few scrolls away…


Modern Agent Mastery by Grant Wise – is it Legit?

The Modern Agent Mastery course has a proper curriculum which is divided into sections which are designed to be studied over six weeks. So, if you ask me, is it legit? I would have to say yes it is. It is not a scam, but we should consider if the price is too high and if the program lives up to the promises made about it.

I will look at the course in greater depth to decide if it is something I can recommend.

A Review of the Pros and Cons of Grant Wise’s Modern Agent Mastery

Grant Wise seems to be a divisive figure in the online real estate sector so let’s first consider the pros to the program he offers. Some of these include:

  •  Grant Wise is an expert at creating Facebook ads which are specific to the real estate industry. This is a particularly difficult and time-consuming part of marketing to master, so he gives some good advice as part of the Modern Agent Mastery course. I appreciated that he does know the subject well and there is a lot to learn from him.
  •  There are various testimonials online from people experienced in the real estate sector who speak to the effectiveness of the program. It is industry specific, so those with experience in this field are the best judge. I feel it does require a lot of time and effort to master the methods taught here, but there is some good information contained in the course.
  •  For real estate agents or marketing companies that represent them, there may be some unique information to be gained by subscribing to this course as it teaches methods to reach both home buyers and sellers using innovative methods.

Every business has it’s strong and weak points, and Modern Agent Mastery is no different, so we should take a look at the cons also. Some of these include:

  •  The course provides a limited amount of information. They teach an absolute bare minimum about Facebook ads and supply very limited samples of what to use. Some people who have studied the course appear to have doubts about the effectiveness of what is being taught and the program as a whole.
  •  There are multiple reviews online which are extremely negative and basically call Grant Wise a scammer. For various reasons, there are always criticisms of this type of program, and I don’t always find an obvious way to judge if it is justified. However, it is difficult to find much credible information about his background or find examples where his business ventures have been a success.
  •  The price is extremely high for what is offered. It is extremely doubtful that the thousands of dollars charged for this course represent good value for money. I was also not keen that the program appears to be a different price depending on where you subscribe. Imagine if you found you had been charged for than a colleague for the same content!
  •  Grant Wise’s website makes some nice presentations, but then encourages you to receive a free sales call which unfortunately features hard selling tactics. This makes the program lack credibility, and they appear desperate to get their hands on your money. I didn’t like this as nobody likes being subjected to high-pressure tactics, especially if you will be spending many weeks reading and watching the same people responsible while studying their business course.
  •  Grant Wise’s online presence is very underwhelming. I was unimpressed with his website, and his videos on YouTube featured some terrible production values with bad sound quality and frankly boring content. Perhaps this is why he has less than 2,500 subscribers despite claiming to be a real estate industry expert. His Facebook page is also lacking in detail, and there is very little interaction and feedback with his followers. There was not much to see online which would inspire confidence to invest in the Modern Agent Mastery program.

There are some differences of opinion online regarding the effectiveness of this program, and it is for you to consider the pros and cons and decide whether this would be the right online business course for you.

The Course: Our Conclusion

Clearly, there are good and bad points to subscribing to the Modern Agent Mastery program, but I found myself being unconvinced by a lot of what I was reading. The relatively high cost bothered me, as there is no way of knowing how effective the content is before paying. In my opinion, it would be a good marketing tactic for Grant Wise to consider offering a limited free (or low priced) preview to the course content.

There are some effective parts to the course, and there was some unique and specific content which will enable to find innovative ways to reach both buyers and sellers in the real estate sector.

Overall, I cannot recommend the Modern Agent Mastery course. The price is too high for the content being provided, and the number of negative opinions regarding the program concerned me. When I consider this along with the underwhelming online presence I would have to recommend that a potential buyer carefully consider other options before committing time and money to this. There is a better way to find a business course which will turn your dream lifestyle from a dream to reality.


Randi aims to fight internet harassment on social media. She had great success at helping mitigate some of the challenges in dealing with targeted harassment from online mobs, and Randi left her long career in the tech industry to go full-time with this. Randi knows she can make bigger, better things.

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