Jordan Kilburn’s (Millionaire Millennial) Amazon Millionaire Mentorship Program – My Honest Review!

Jordan Kilburn (known as the “Millionaire Millennial”) has created an informative course called the Amazon Millionaire Mentorship Program (aka Jordan Kilburn’s Amazon FBA Crash Course) which focuses on the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) business.


Simply put, it deals with finding various products from around the world and reselling them, using the Amazon platform, for a profit. He outlines four key methods for utilizing Amazon’s Fulfillment center to build an effective business. We will review the course and decide, is it a scam?


Introduction: Millionaire Millennial

There is a wide variety of information online regarding using Amazon to help market and run your business. What if I told you there is a way to build a business which will allow you to live your dream lifestyle? That life doesn’t need to be a struggle or devoted to working for someone else.

It sounds unlikely, right now, doesn’t it?

Ask yourself, how many times have you been convinced you have found the right venture but ended up being disappointed?

Keep reading, and we will investigate what Jordan Kilburn’s Amazon Millionaire Mentorship Program can offer you.

The information you need is only a few scrolls away…


Is Jordan Kilburn’s Amazon Millionaire Mentorship Program a Scam?

It is essential to invest in a course of this type where the author actually runs or at least has experience of running an Amazon business. All too many people seem to be promoting this business model online without actually having the experience to know what they are talking about. This is an increasingly competitive business so you need to ensure you are getting the best advice.

Jordan is clearly experienced in this field and is full of excellent and practical advice. It is a fact that you need to be prepared to put a great deal of effort into the Amazon FBA business in order to be successful, but there is much to be learned by studying this course.

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There are many tips and instructional articles for anyone involved in e-commerce or looking to improve their business as an Amazon Seller. If you were to ask is it a scam? Judging by the excellent content offered, the answer would be no…

In addition, Jordan Kilburn has a strong YouTube presence through his Millionaire Millennial channel where you can get a sense of the quality of his work. He offers clear and informative advice on how to grow your Amazon FBA business.


What does it cost to enroll with the Millionaire Mentorship Program?

On the Official Website of the Millionaire Millennial Academy you can choose between three different payment options: a on-time payment of $697, a two month payment plan (with two payments each $420) and a three month payment plan (with three payments each $300). 


A Review of the Pros and Cons of Jordan Kilburn’s Amazon Millionaire Mentorship Program

When considering the pros and cons, we also need to factor in the effectiveness of the Amazon FBA business model in 2020 and how effective Jordan Kilburn will be in inspiring you to achieve a successful business… First up the Pros!


  • This is a comprehensive program that guides you through the whole business process. There has apparently been a lot of thought put into this course and it is structured in such a way as to give instruction on all parts of the business.
  • There is a proper class curriculum. I am impressed with the well-structured way it is laid out. It takes you from a basic introduction to the course, through all of the software required, the online resources to be used, and then through the stages of setting up your business, launching and dealing with competitors.
  • Payment options. You can choose whether to pay one upfront payment or pay over up to two months. This does demonstrate confidence that the buyer will be keen to complete the program.
  • There are bonus extras. These include advice on dealing with negative reviews. Exit strategies which deal with how to sell your business for a profit.
  • Access to live streams. You will be given access to live streams dealing with product sourcing and be encouraged to review the extensive previously aired live streams.
  • Lifetime access. There is no time limit put on how long you may use this program. It will be a useful tool to refer back to as your business grows.
  • Money back guarantee. If for any reason you feel the course is not for you, as long as you have completed less than 30% of the modules you will qualify for a full refund.

It is always hard to find perfection in life, so we should consider the cons associated with this course.


  • Facebook advertising advice. The program could be stronger on advising on how best to utilize Facebook as part of an advertising strategy. This should be considered as Facebook is becoming increasingly influential as a marketing tool.
  • Clarity when searching online. Better promotion for this program would be a good idea. There is a strong YouTube presence, but finding accurate online information is not as straightforward as it could be.
  • It is not a quick process. This is not the product or business for those people who are dreaming of a “get rich quick” program. Studying the program needs to be taken seriously and then building an inventory and listing a good selection of products will take time.
  • This is an increasingly competitive business. You will need to work hard to find exciting products and consider pricing and innovative marketing tactics to be competitive.
  • Not all products you launch will be successful. You will need to have a flexible attitude and always have forward planning in place to go on to the next better product.
  • You will need to learn to deal with the negatives of the Amazon FBA business structure. There are strict rules in place which you will need to follow to avoid setbacks and potential losses.

As long as you have realistic expectations, realize that plenty of hard work and research is involved, and you implement the strategies recommended by this program the Pros outweigh the Cons.


Millionaire Mentorship Program: What are Others Saying?

When I am starting a review of a new info product, I always like to look at a cross selection of opinions. We all often come to different conclusions, which is fine. What works for me might not be perfect for you. Our objective is to make the right decision the first time  when selecting a business course.

Starting a new online business is a significant commitment of both time and money, so I would like to show you some other people’s opinions about the Millionaire Mentorship Program.

I looked at Facebook Groups, other review sites and message boards. However, some of the best feedback was to be found on YouTube and Facebook. I will share a few of these posts with you here:

In order to find out whether the Amazon Millionaire Mentor Program really fits to you, I recommend this video by Jordan Kilburn:

I do hope you find this useful and it helps you select the right course. I gave you my honest review about the Jordan Kilburn aka Millionaire Millennial and his course and formed a positive conclusion, but I feel it is worth your time to read a few other opinions.


In Conclusion: Amazon Millionaire Mentor Program

Jordan Kilburn is selling a product which is competing in a crowded field. There are many options when you search online for courses which inform on becoming a successful Amazon Seller. He has done well to distinguish his course and seems to have built a generally favourable reputation. I was particularly impressed with his YouTube channel Millionaire Millennial.

Overall, Jordan Kilburn’s Amazon Millionaire Mentorship Program has much to recommend it and demonstrates the potential profits from running an Amazon FBA business in 2020. Jordan offers clear and informative advice and takes you through the process of building a successful Amazon FBA business in a thorough manner.

If you are ready to put in the required effort and implement the strategies and tips outlined, this course is an excellent choice. In fact I learned a lot from it and as there are many other positive reviews out there you know that it’s also possible for you to create a profitable Amazon business with this course.


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