Internet Lifestyle Academy by Mike Vestil – Is it a Scam?

Mike Vestil is a young man who is an entrepreneur, YouTuber and author and has clearly worked hard to build an impressive online following and has placed particular emphasis on his YouTube presence and has achieved over 200,000 followers.

The Internet Lifestyle Academy features a detailed curriculum with a well-defined course structure. It features sections on how to get the right mindset to succeed, the three core businesses presented, implementing and promoting your business and how to plan for the long term.

Overall it features plenty of content with many varied topics to review and has a good online support structure through the private Facebook group.

Have you ever dreamed of a better future? I know I have. A time when you don’t always need to worry about money and bills?

It seems a long way off, doesn’t it?

Perhaps the Internet Lifestyle Academy by Mike Vestil will be the way to lead us to a prosperous future? Please keep reading while I review its usefulness. Is it a scam, or is it the key to a dream lifestyle? The answer is only a few scrolls away…


Mike Vestil’s Internet Lifestyle Academy – Is it Legit?

The Internet Lifestyle Academy has a wide range of topics to study and offers three distinct businesses to set up. There is a proper Facebook support group and many online training videos so if you asked me, is it legit? I would have to say yes.

The program offers good value for money and is not a scam. Of course, you will need to study hard and put a lot of effort to succeed, but that is true for any business. Mike Vestil’s internet Lifestyle Academy has much to offer, so we should consider, is this one of the best options for an online course?

A Review of the Pros and Cons of Mike Vestil’s Internet Lifestyle Academy

In order to reach a proper conclusion when considering the effectiveness of the Internet Lifestyle Academy and deciding is it a scam, we need to look at the pros and cons involved. Here are some of the pros:

  • You will be taught how to run a business with decent cash flow so that you can start to enjoy life and stop the day to day worries about paying bills and making enough money. The three different business models presented by Mike Vestil will give you options on how to improve your business. With enough hard work, financial freedom may turn from dream to reality!
  • There is some excellent training on how to take advantage of Facebook ads and many effective methods to use for Instagram marketing. While this is an extensive area to learn to use effectively, there is some good advice here on how to get your business noticed and up and running.
  • There is a private Facebook group. This features a huge amount of advice. There will always be someone there to consult and learn from their experience. Mike Vestil himself makes regular appearances on the group so you have the opportunity to put your questions directly to the man himself.  
  • The course encourages you to plan for the long-term. There are so many “make money now” courses available online that are exactly that and only effective for the short term. The Internet Lifestyle Academy stresses long term strategies through always adding innovative new products and teaches you ways to build up a strong passive income.
  • The course offers lifetime access. The course is evolving and more participants are adding their experiences to the private Facebook group, so there will always be something new to learn. Continued access to the Internet Lifestyle Academy is an effective way to maintain your motivation and achieve continued success.

Although this does appear to be a legit course, we should also examine the cons to this program. These include:

  • As with most things in life, there are no guarantees of success. In the disclaimers on the Internet Lifestyle Academy website, Mike Vestil makes it clear that while he is there to support and advise you on his facebook groups, your success will depend on your hard work and dedication. There are no shortcuts.   
  • There is a lot to absorb. Anyone who signs up for this course will need to beware of “information overload” and not be overwhelmed by the large range of topics taught. The trick is to be methodical in the way you study and take the course step by step. These strategies only pay off with long-term effort, so take your time, take advantage of the many video presentations and then you will get value for money
  • A whole part of the course is only relevant for people based in the US. The US dropshipping section is not particularly useful if you are resident outside of the USA. While it may be possible to apply some of these strategies in your own country, it is unlikely any US supplier will show much interest in supplying an overseas company with products to distribute in the USA.

There are various pros and cons for Mike Vestil’s Internet Lifestyle Academy but overall there are more pros associated with this program. On balance there is some great content provided here, I particularly liked Mike’s video presentations and the fact that he makes himself available to answer questions on the Facebook group.


In Conclusion

Mike Vestil has been building his online following for several years. He offers business advice in three main categories, including two cash flow business courses and one passive income course. The Internet Lifestyle Academy features varied content which is quite comprehensive.

A wide selection of topics is covered which include, blogging, affiliate marketing, utilizing for dropshipping, using U.S suppliers for dropshipping, e-commerce, personal branding, passive income building etc. These are all useful to the hardworking budding entrepreneur.

One of Mike Vestil’s real strengths is his ability to communicate. He has built a large following on YouTube for a good reason. He offers good, clearly explained advice on a wide range of topics.

After a thorough review of the Internet Lifestyle Academy, I have concluded that it is a legit course with much to recommend. As long as you are prepared to work at it, and understand it is no “get rich quick” scheme, Mike Vestil has put together one the better online courses available which will teach you many methods to achieve success! Generally, I would say this is one of the best courses of its type available.


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