Mentorbox Review: Is this course by Tai Lopez worth it’s Pricing?

Did you hear that many successful CEOs have the ability to speed read and swear they gain a lot of knowledge through absorbing the key points of other people’s writing? Does that sound like an interesting habit to develop?


Tai Lopez has another new offer in conjunction with his business partner Alex Mehr. This one is called Mentorbox which is a product that is a method of extracting information from books in order to educate people about business practices. There is a monthly subscription fee to access the content.

Aside from being the name of the company, there is an option to receive a monthly physical box with all of the reading material, the video content on a USB and various other educational materials.

The aim is to allow you to absorb the key information from professional and personal development books in a short time – around ten minutes per day.

So the intention is 50 books per year to assist you to gain knowledge and increase your business and personal growth.


What’s the real story?

You are supplied with the materials as described in the advertising, and it will certainly be useful for some people so Mentorbox should be considered legit.

Please keep reading while I present you my Mentorbox Review and analyze this Service even further and decide whether it is worth our time and money.


Mentorbox – is it a Scam?

There are so many different business products and courses online that it is hard to know where to start. You may well have tried some before and felt underwhelmed or scammed even.

Tai Lopez has a different type of infoproduct available which I have explained earlier. It is easy to be skeptical and think, how will this product be different – is it a scam? 

In my opinion, Mentorbox is not a scam. The basic version is a reasonable $7 per month and it does supply the content as advertised. I do, however, think it is a way to upsell to you with more expensive and profitable programs.


Is this Service worth the Price?

Perhaps the bigger question to consider is – will we actually learn anything of value from Mentorbox? The answer to that probably depends on the individual, but don’t worry. I will be studying it in depth and looking at what it can offer.


A Review of the Pros and Cons of Mentorbox

In order to get a fuller picture of the positives and negatives of Mentorbox, I will run through the pros and cons. First up, the pros. These include:

  • There is a 3-day free trial and 30-day money back guarantee. This will allow you to have a “sneak peek” at the online version of Mentorbox which will help you decide if this product is for you. The 30-day money back guarantee slows you to have a low-risk look at the full content, and if it turns out to be something that is not for you, you may simply avail of the refund offer. I think this is a nice feature and it made me more confident about trying the product.
  • This is a useful product if your time is committed elsewhere. If you have a busy workday or many family commitments Mentorbox would still allow you to study up to 50 books per year and absorb all of the key information with a time commitment of only ten minutes per day. Pretty awesome when you think of it that way!
  • The video content is good and there are over 500 hours of it. It can be accessed by every member just like a library. This library contains many business related topics. This is a useful function for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road.

As with any other business program, Mentorbox has a few less impressive things associated with it. Some of the cons include:


  • The business model does seem focused on upselling you additional courses which can get annoying. I believe that this is one-way Mentorbox makes their real profit.
  • Like many of Tai Lopez’s courses, It has a prominent affiliate program. This means many of the good reviews you see online may not be giving an honest opinion of the product and simply trying to get you to sign up so they can get their affiliate commission. I, personally have no issue with this, but be aware that not everything you read or see about this program will be accurate.
  • Maybe taking the time to read properly is not an issue. Many people get pleasure from the reading process itself. There is something satisfying about opening a fresh book, settling down in a comfortable chair and turning pages. For some people, absorbing every page may be a better option and it would make Mentorbox pretty pointless.
  • There is one big negative for me in that you can’t choose which books you can read. The books you will find in the box are selected by They are selected to cover a variety of different areas of business and personal development, which is good, but if you are particular about what you choose to read this will be a big issue. Personally, I can only read something that I know will interest me so this system would not work for me in the long term.
  • There have been issues where the customer has been charged without agreeing to buy an upsell. Some of the upsells are expensive (in the range of $199) and it can be difficult to process a refund if this happens. There are many criticisms that the support staff is incompetent and that you will get passed from person to person without anything getting resolved. It can be a frustrating experience! There are also reports that even after a refund is agreed it takes a long time to get processed.

Please keep reading for the conclusion…

I am ready to give my final verdict as to the value and usefulness of Mentorbox.


In Conclusion

My usual first reaction to Tai Lopez is that he is too “over the top” for my taste, and many others. However, after a while, there are some things which are likable about his presentations.

Ps: If you want to learn more about this Internet Entrepreneur, then maybe you want to read my Tai Lopez Review, in which I share more even more details that I found out about him.

But, back to the Topic…


The value of Mentorbox is debatable in my opinion. If you are genuinely interested in tips about how to speed read and can resist the constant offers of upsells, there may be something of value for you here.

I didn’t like that all of the book choices are selected for you. I am quite particular about whom I listen to or read books by, and I am afraid that too many of the choices selected here were of little interest to me.


Bottom line?

There was too little in Mentorbox to interest me. There also seems something shady about the way people are charged without ordering. I cannot recommend this as being worth your time or money.


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