Local Marketing Vault Review: Worth the Price?

Are you aware of the great profits being made using local marketing strategies? That is a quick and effective method? Would you like to learn more?

Then you probably came across the Local Marketing Vault course… But is it really worth it?

A good way to describe this course is that it aims to teach quick and easy methods for lead generation as well as sales, cold calling and emailing and the use of social media ads. 

Local Marketing Vault

The Local Marketing Vault was created by James Bonadies & Jason McKim and they have built up an impressive online presence and have attracted many subscribers. They teach viable strategies other than search engine optimization (SEO) and present the program well.

Are you tired of working 9-5 for a boss you hate? Would you like your own successful business?

It seems a long way off, doesn’t it? Impossible, right now?

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What if I were to tell you there is a way? A way to build a long-lasting and successful business is out there!

Join me while I investigate the Local Marketing Vault program and reach a conclusion as to how effective it is. Perhaps it will be the key to inspire your business and lead you to success…

The information you need is only a few scrolls away…


Local Marketing Vault – is it a Scam?

There are many courses on the market which deal with similar topics. Perhaps you have studied some of them before and felt underwhelmed? It is reasonable to ask, how is Local Marketing Vault different and – is it a scam?

My answer would be that I will study the program further and report on how it differs from other courses, but it has plenty of content and over 1,700 paid up members in the exclusive Facebook group, which does suggest that it is no scam.

The more important questions are:

  • Is it worth the cost?
  • Will it improve my business enough to change my life?
  • How can you actually use this?

What does Enrolling with the Local Marketing Vault actually cost?

Unfortunately, there is not one price for this course. It depends where you are and in which currency you have to pay or if you buy your subscription with a discount or not. But you should at least expect a price of $3,000 to $5,000, sometimes even $7,000!

Keep reading while I investigate further and study how to implement this course…


A Review of the Pros and Cons for this Course

There is plenty of content contained in this course. I will run through the pros and cons to decipher how much useful knowledge is actually to be gained here. Some of the pros include:

  • The whole advertising process can be automated. If you ever hope to have passive income (and you should) you need to aspire to find a business set up which can earn you income while you sleep. Using paid Facebook or Instagram ads following the Local Marketing Vault methods is a way of achieving that.
  • The Local Marketing Vault features many fully formed marketing campaigns. These do help to make the process simpler and they are spread over various businesses. It does make your advertising process a quicker and easier experience and allows you to spend more time on other parts of your business.
  • From time to time the Local Marketing Vault put on events where you can meet industry leaders and special guests. The “Wolf of Wall Street” himself, Jordan Belfort, has even made an appearance. This does demonstrate that this is a serious program which is widely known. They must be doing something right!
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We have seen that there are some strong parts included in this course. Let’s look at some of the cons. These include:

  • The course severely underplays how much work is involved in using paid ads. For example, Facebook ads need constant attention and updating to be effective. I do get the impression that the Local Marketing Vault is suggesting that as long as you follow their advice it will be straightforward to grow your business. They need to emphasize just how much hard work is needed to be successful. 
  • A lot of this material is available for free online. One of the main criticisms of this product I found when researching it was that people would say, “Yes, it’s good but all of that info is available if you know where to look.” They have done a decent job of putting everything together in one course, but it is a valid point that there is similar information on YouTube, Instagram, and message boards and there are plenty of people there who are happy to advise you for no charge.
  • The cost is too high. If I am expected to pay in the region of $3,000 to $5,000 I would like to have a complete program covering all facets of the business, I would expect something that would make a fundamental change to my marketing strategy. There is far too much missing from the content to justify the price charged.
  • Too much of the course is specific to the USA. If you are from elsewhere in the world a lot of the information included in Local Marketing Vault would be of little value. A lot of this is only really applicable for certain areas in the USA and unusable if you are in the business of marketing and advertising in your local area.
  • Finding clients is getting more competitive. More and more people are competing for local businesses limited marketing funds. This has become a popular industry and no matter how skilled you are in implementing paid advertising there is a finite number of customers.

There are plenty of pros and cons associated with the Local Marketing Vault, but one thing is for certain you will need to be dedicated and driven to make it work.

I can’t emphasize this enough…

Hard work is the only way to make a success of the methods taught in this program. You should only subscribe if you are ready to dedicate your time and efforts to studying and applying the lessons learned to your business.


What do Others Say About the Local Marketing Vault?

Choosing a new business is a big step. When you are choosing a related course to study you need to be aware that you are making a commitment of both time and money.

For the Local Marketing Vault I have given you my honest review and I have reached a fairly negative conclusion. However, I do believe that it is worth getting some other opinions, as we all think differently.

Although this course was not for me, it may be appropriate for someone else.

With this in mind, I looked at some YouTube Groups, message boards, other review sites, etc. While there was some good information to be had, there was an issue with people just trying to make affiliate sales or being overly negative as they were cheering for a competitor. To get a Visual Overview of the Local Marketing Vault, I recommend watching this video, even though it obviously tries to sell the program:

It was hard to know what to believe.

I found that there were a lot of honest and valuable opinions expressed on Facebook and later one of my readers shared his experience with me. I would like to share some of these with you here:

Facebook Local Marketing Vault Review

Randi Local Marketing Vault Review Comment

I hope that these prove valuable to you in making sure you choose the right business course the first time!


Local Marketing Vault – In Conclusion

I studied this product in depth and I didn’t like the fact that too much similar material is available online for free. I was also troubled by the fact that they downplay how much extremely hard work would be required to make this business approach a success.

I did like the information on setting up an automated business, but overall I have too many doubts about the effectiveness of this program


Bottom line?

After careful consideration, I cannot recommend Local Marketing Vault. In my opinion, the content is not comprehensive enough to justify the high price. I recommend you take a look at alternative courses.

Written by Randi

Randi aims to fight internet harassment on social media. She had great success at helping mitigate some of the challenges in dealing with targeted harassment from online mobs, and Randi left her long career in the tech industry to go full-time with this. Randi knows she can make bigger, better things.


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  1. Thank you for the honest in depth review without pushing anything else. Too often look for reviews and see them repeated with same info that is actually behind the back ads
    Thanx Again

  2. What similar course can you recommend? Have you looked at Local Boss? They do SEO and i believe also teach Facebook ads. Another is Lead gen by a guy named Dan. I had a call scheduled by could not make the call because of a medical problem. So i rescheduled. Thank you.

  3. Hey, Randi. Thanks for the review. I’m most curious about why you mentioned that if you’re not in the US, it probably isn’t a good option. Can you elaborate on that for me? I live in Canada and am contemplating the program. Cheers! Tony.

    • Hey Tony,

      Some sections are about Local Marketing specifically in the US, yes – but Canada is the most similar place to the US.

      I would say LMV can still be relevant to local marketing in your area as long as you don’t live in e.g. Europe.

      I hope this makes sense,


      • Thanks for the reply, Randi.

        I haven’t done too much research for comparative programs – have you written about other lead programs like this one (or know of some better ones by your experience)? I’d be curious to compare them as I think this is a good business idea. You can post them here or feel free to email me your opinions. Thanks!

  4. I still can’t seem to find out exactly how much this program costs. The fact that they blatantly avoid the specifics on this makes me think it’s overpriced. Otherwise, they would be happy to let us know upfront how much it costs.

    • I agree, Ryan! I was certainly hard-pressed to find the exact pricing of the training. This definitely has my ‘sketchy’ radar going off.

  5. You are the first review that was not working for and promoting the company. Thank you so much you have saved me a ton of time!!

  6. Thanks so much Randi! You probably helped me save a bunch of money. They did highlight some very interesting areas of opportunity in their pitch and I set up a meeting in the hope that I could hear more indepth how they “automate” their campaigns. And agree with one of the comments earlier, didn’t like them avoiding the question about how much it costs. Keep doing what you are doing. You are literally saving people with your reviews. Thanks again!

  7. A great read… but I’d like to add a couple of things. I am a student of the program. I have no financial interest in writing this review, but I do want to share my story because the program has been VERY successful for me.

    Firstly, I am Australian – and the program works equally as well in Australia as it does in the US. Yes, there are a couple of small tweaks in there to be made, but nothing that would stop the campaigns from working as you suggest. Plus, even if you said was the case, there is no reason I couldn’t just work with clients in the US. I’ve never met any of my clients face to face and I have clients in the US, Canada, and Australia.

    Regarding the amount of time involved, if you want to grow a business that will generate a substantial income, then yes, you are going to have to put work in. Everyone knows that! If people are coming into that and expect that they can just stare at the computer screen and their bank will fill up with money then this isn’t the program for them. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme and no-one suggests that it is. BUT, I’d like to add, that for many of my clients, I spend about 5 minutes per day managing their campaigns. The program teaches you to automate everything and once you get a campaign running, you typically need to tweak it now and then, but you’re talking a very small investment of time to do so.

    Yes, you can learn to do FB and Google advertising online. The actual training is only a small part of the program. The real value is in the done for you campaigns… 31 individual campaigns that James and Jason have proven to work. You get the ad copy, the imagery, the targeting… everything you need to get results for you clients quickly. Yes, you can teach yourself how to do ads, but if you can’t get results for your clients then you won’t have a business. With this, you can get results quickly even if you are new. You can impress your clients, even if you are new, and you can move them onto a retainer.

    As for a finite number of clients… over 50,000 business close in the US alone each month because of lack of cashflow. And over 50,000 open each month. There are over 28,000,000 businesses in the US alone. So there are plenty of businesses needing marketing, and if someone says no this month, they may say yes the next month. The beauty of this business model is that you don’t need a lot of clients to generate a substantial amount of income. With an average client paying $750-$1000/mth, just 10 clients = $7,500 to $10,000 per month which is life changing for many people.

    I get that it won’t work for everyone… not everyone has the right attitude, drive and determination. And not everyone is willing to put in real effort to achieve real results. But, for those of us that ARE willing, this program ABSOLUTELY delivers.

    I know this contradicts your review, but this is my take on the program. I now have 10 clients and I earn just on $9000/mth working part time hours. Yes, i did more than that in the beginning, but now I’m in maintenance mode. I’m not actively looking for clients, but offering great service to those that I have.

    Annie, above my comment said you are “saving people with your reviews”, but I hope that in the interest of presenting a fair review, you’ll allow this post to be published.

    • The only thing that troubles me about the positive post is it’s full of talking points from the online webinar. I recently did the webinar with Jason and pretty much everything stated by Karen (the commenter above) is also stated in the webinar. They say the webinar gives you tactics to use but it’s actually just to sell the product with nothing of value during the pitch. In closing over the last few years I have seen so many YouTube Instream ads from different people selling the same business model. I have learned a lot over the years buying into programs like this.
      Most don’t work
      The people teaching the courses make their money from teaching their courses. It’s a lot easier to teach than to put in place the concepts in the real world. Universities all over America prove that with all the “professors” teaching it instead of actually working a job in their field of study. If you want to get wealthy like these online teaching programs – make a program and sell it

      • William, the value in the webinar is introducing people to the business model. If you want to go out and teach yourself Google and FB ads, and implement the info you learn in the webinar, you absolutely can, without buying anything!

        You’ve questioned what I said as being everything you heard in the webinar… I am a student of the program and have been since August 2018. Everything I talk about is my personal experience and if it repeats what is stated in the webinar, isn’t that proof in itself that what James & Jason share in the webinar works? It doesn’t affect me if you do or don’t start with the program, I just wanted to share my experience, so that those reading this can see both sides of the coin so to speak.

        You are correct that MOST courses that are sold online offer very little actual value. I spent more than 2 years trying to build an online business, joining multiple different courses and time and time again I would find a complete lack of substance and struggle to get results.

        THAT is exactly why I love this program… it actually delivers on what it promises! And that is why I’m sharing my experience. The post above is one person’s experience… my experience with the program is completely different. I put the effort in, I used the training, the support and the tools provided with the program and took big action. And it worked!

        James and Jason are not just teaching this stuff – they have their own very successful agency, and it is that agency that is the source of the knowledge and tools that they give us. They test the ad campaigns in their own agency and when they get a successful campaign, it gets packaged up and included in the program. Yes, they make money selling this program, however, they also put a hell of a lot of effort into supporting their students. And as students, we earn a whole lot more!

        I understand being skeptical… I’ve been burned enough times to be very skeptical. But to be a successful entrepreneur and enjoy the associated rewards, you need to take calculated risks – and in my experience, for someone who is driven, determined, motivated and prepared to put in real effort to grow their business, this program is more likely to work than not work.

  8. It’s just a money-grabber. The very first thing they asked me on the follow-uo call was, “How’s your credit. Do you have a credit card”. I said bad credit, and no credit card. They said too bad (too good for me… They wanted $7,000).

  9. Thank you Randi, i am UK resident, especialy appreciate your comments as to the value of this program here.
    Confirms the old police maxim
    A. Assume nothing
    B.believe no body
    C. Challenge everything….!!!
    I will cotinue to follow your reviews
    Thankyou again

    • I have to Laugh at your comment William…B.believe nobody….BUT…I will continue to follow your reviews Lol

  10. Please please please stay away from this money greedy course! I live in the UK and some of the stuff taught in the course are directly related to local businesses in the US. Im an ex student. yes it requires time and effort but a bit too much effort! Cold calling is a strategy adored by local people/businesses (in America) but hated in the UK! Jason McKim places so much emphasis on cold calling to get started. Its the last thing a UK resident/business would want to do given that I myself use sky shield to block such calls so why would I become the culprit!? I was charged £4000. Wasted my money. It just didn’t kick off despite my efforts and hard work. Theres so many free courses available online (chatbot masters) that local marketing vault teach at a hefty price. The modules are so long, boring and never ending. Nothing excited me about this course. It was so long winded and in the end I achieved no results. I should have done my research. Biggest regret ever!

  11. Hey!! U guys are talking only about the western countries. Doesn’t it work for Africans? Like Nigerians?

  12. I have not paid for the course nor gone through the material, but I understand the value of these courses and have been a member of others.

    1. Hard work – Duh, if they were pitching get rich quick, they’d be lying. If you want to have an online lifestyle, get ready to work.

    2. Info online for free – Ya, sure. Can you pick out the nuggets in the milieu of BS floating around out there? Yea, me neither. If you can, do it. For the rest of us, a few thousand bucks to wade through the muck is worth it.

    3. Online community – Because this will take WORK, there will be nuances and situations that cannot be anticipated and things change all the time. How much is it worth to have a community of people to bounce ideas and challenges off of? Priceless…

    I’m sure there are other pros and also cons as well, there’s no perfect program. The bottom line is that this is great for some and not for others, just like everything else.

    Do your due diligence, check yourself before you wreck yourself and make your own decision. Just because it’s not right for this author and most commenters doesn’t mean it isn’t right for you!

  13. Most courses are overpriced, but this is just too high. 5k+ and no 30 day money back guarantee? I’ll have to check out another course

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