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Are you aware of the great profits being made using local marketing strategies? That is a quick and effective method? Would you like to learn more?

Then you probably came across the Local Marketing Vault course… But is it really worth it?

A good way to describe this course is that it aims to teach quick and easy methods for lead generation as well as sales, cold calling and emailing and the use of social media ads. 

The Local Marketing Vault was created by James Bonadies & Jason McKim and they have built up an impressive online presence and have attracted many subscribers. They teach viable strategies other than search engine optimization (SEO) and present the program well.

Are you tired of working 9-5 for a boss you hate? Would you like your own successful business?

It seems a long way off, doesn’t it? Impossible, right now?

What if I were to tell you there is a way? A way to build a long-lasting and successful business is out there!

Join me while I investigate the Local Marketing Vault program and reach a conclusion as to how effective it is. Perhaps it will be the key to inspire your business and lead you to success…

The information you need is only a few scrolls away…

Local Marketing Vault – is it a Scam?

There are many courses on the market which deal with similar topics. Perhaps you have studied some of them before and felt underwhelmed? It is reasonable to ask, how is Local Marketing Vault different and – is it a scam?

My answer would be that I will study the program further and report on how it differs from other courses, but it has plenty of content and over 1,700 paid up members in the exclusive Facebook group, which does suggest that it is no scam.

The more important questions are:

  • Is it worth the cost?
  • Will it improve my business enough to change my life?

How can you actually use this?

Keep reading while I investigate further and study how to implement this course…

A Review of the Pros and Cons for this Course

There is plenty of content contained in this course. I will run through the pros and cons to decipher how much useful knowledge is actually to be gained here. Some of the pros include:

  • The whole advertising process can be automated. If you ever hope to have passive income (and you should) you need to aspire to find a business set up which can earn you income while you sleep. Using paid Facebook or Instagram ads following the Local Marketing Vault methods is a way of achieving that.
  • The Local Marketing Vault features many fully formed marketing campaigns. These do help to make the process simpler and they are spread over various businesses. It does make your advertising process a quicker and easier experience and allows you to spend more time on other parts of your business.
  • From time to time the Local Marketing Vault put on events where you can meet industry leaders and special guests. The “Wolf of Wall Street” himself, Jordan Belfort, has even made an appearance. This does demonstrate that this is a serious program which is widely known. They must be doing something right! Logo 200x500

We have seen that there are some strong parts included in this course. Let’s look at some of the cons. These include:

  • The course severely underplays how much work is involved in using paid ads. For example, Facebook ads need constant attention and updating to be effective. I do get the impression that the Local Marketing Vault is suggesting that as long as you follow their advice it will be straightforward to grow your business. They need to emphasize just how much hard work is needed to be successful. 
  • A lot of this material is available for free online. One of the main criticisms of this product I found when researching it was that people would say, “Yes, it’s good but all of that info is available if you know where to look.” They have done a decent job of putting everything together in one course, but it is a valid point that there is similar information on YouTube, Instagram, and message boards and there are plenty of people there who are happy to advise you for no charge.
  • The cost is too high. If I am expected to pay in the region of $3,000 to $5,000 I would like to have a complete program covering all facets of the business, I would expect something that would make a fundamental change to my marketing strategy. There is far too much missing from the content to justify the price charged.
  • Too much of the course is specific to the USA. If you are from elsewhere in the world a lot of the information included in Local Marketing Vault would be of little value. A lot of this is only really applicable for certain areas in the USA and unusable if you are in the business of marketing and advertising in your local area.
  • Finding clients is getting more competitive. More and more people are competing for local businesses limited marketing funds. This has become a popular industry and no matter how skilled you are in implementing paid advertising there is a finite number of customers.

There are plenty of pros and cons associated with the Local Marketing Vault, but one thing is for certain you will need to be dedicated and driven to make it work.

I can’t emphasize this enough…

Hard work is the only way to make a success of the methods taught in this program. You should only subscribe if you are ready to dedicate your time and efforts to studying and applying the lessons learned to your business.

Local Marketing Vault – In Conclusion

I studied this product in depth and I didn’t like the fact that too much similar material is available online for free. I was also troubled by the fact that they downplay how much extremely hard work would be required to make this business approach a success.

I did like the information on setting up an automated business, but overall I have too many doubts about the effectiveness of this program

Bottom line? After careful consideration, I cannot recommend Local Marketing Vault. In my opinion, the content is not comprehensive enough to justify the high price. I recommend you take a look at alternative courses.