LeadPages vs. Clickfunnels: What’s better?

Have you ever heard of the great profits being made by businesses who create outstanding landing pages? Ever wondered how to do that?


LeadPages is a tool to build landing pages. You have likely encountered many pages developed by them during your adventures online, their format almost seems omnipresent!



The basic goal of a landing page is to get the viewers email address so that you can market your product or service to them. I think you will agree when I say that getting the landing page right is an important part of online marketing and advice from the experts will be helpful. I will investigate LeadPages fully and reach a final conclusion as to its usefulness.

You may well ask me – is it legit?

My answer will be that LeadPages is one of the industry leaders and provides what it promises, so I consider it a legit product. But what about Clickfunnel? Both claim the same. In this Article I will compare LeadPages vs Clickfunnels and nominate my favorite.

Have you ever dreamed of a better life? Maybe your own business, plenty of money, houses, cars, and travel?


It seems like just an impossible dream, doesn’t it?

What if I tell you it is possible?

All you need is the right business and the best tools to help you become a success…

Join me while I look at the pros and cons of LeadPages. It may be the tool that helps your business grow and make your dreams become a reality.

The information you need is just a few scrolls away…

LeadPages – is it worth the Pricing?

You may have tried similar products before and have realized that sometimes not all promises are kept. I myself have had some bad experiences…

You would be justified in thinking to yourself – is it worth the money?

I will present you with enough information to make up your own mind about LeadPages and decide if it is the program for you…


Here’s the deal…

In my opinion, it is a popular and proven product, so it can not be called a scam. Perhaps, we need to consider how effective it actually is and is it worth your investment?


LeadPages vs. ClickFunnels

Elsewhere on this site, I have reviewed the ClickFunnels program and as there are overlapping functions I thought a quick look at LeadPages vs. ClickFunnels may be of interest.

What’s the real story?

ClickFunnels ended up getting a positive review from me and there were many parts to the program that I liked. There are similarities to both programs, but overall ClickFunnels has slightly different objectives and covers a broader range of topics.

You will need to review the information available for both programs to make an informed choice as to which serves your needs best.


Pro’s and Con’s of LeadPages

I want to be able to give you a good idea of the positives and negatives associated with this course.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the LeadPages program. Firstly, the pros, which include:

  • They are the industry leader and over 45,000 people use this tool. LeadPages is well established and their large subscriber base means they can afford to constantly expand and upgrade the tools they offer.
  • There is a powerful affiliate program and this could be a good opportunity for subscribers. I have always believed that being convinced by the quality of a product is a big step towards being able to market it successfully and make a good profit. This tool does have a lot of plus points to use when you promote it.
  • Lead Pages has built up an impressive online presence with their own enjoyable podcast and a good YouTube channel which features lots of free marketing material. They do give off the impression of a company who know what they are doing and can be trusted.  
  • There are over 500 landing page templates available to the subscriber. 200+ are free and the rest are from outside sources. I thought these were tremendous and you can see how effective each template is, due to LeadPages being able to collect data from their large number of users. You can pretty much easily choose the best performing template for any type of business.
  • They offer excellent customer service support. There are also many online training courses and countless documents to consult, so you will never be short of help when you have an issue to sort out.


There are certainly some impressive positives which we have seen. Now let’s have a look at some of the cons. These include:

  • There are various different price levels available and the cheaper options are pretty basic. As you add features (such as the A/B testing function) the cost does rise to a level which may become a bit high for people just starting out in business. If cost is an issue for you I recommend that you avail of the free trial to help you decide the features you really need and which level is most suitable for you.
  • Many people online say there are disappointing editors for this tool. Lead Pages drop and drag editor is not the best on the market, but it is certainly useable, even by those who are not technically skilled. I think this is a relatively minor point and the other great functions more than make up for the occasional weaknesses.
  • They do tend to give the impression that subscribing to leadpages will make everything easy. This may seem a minor criticism, but the fact is that this tool requires significant studying to be able to use it effectively.

At the end of the day, it is a tool to help you and does not replace business acumen and hard work.

I can’t emphasize this enough…

This is a tool which can help you with your online marketing, but it does not make building a successful business easy to achieve. You should make sure you are ready to study the program in-depth to get the most from it and put in the requisite hard work… there are no shortcuts!

Please read on as I am ready to render my final verdict on the usefulness of LeadPages


My Conclusion to LeadPages

In my judgment, there is a lot to like with LeadPages. They have built a great online presence which features lots of free content. They have excellent customer service support and online training which means you will never be without someone to turn to for help and advice.

However, nothing is perfect and the occasional glitch with the software is forgivable as they do always focus on improving their service and putting it right.

Bottom line?

This is a legit product which is well worth your investment in time and money. I fully recommend LeadPages as good value and it is a tool which will benefit your business marketing tremendously.


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Written by Randi.io

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