Real Estate Investing by Kris Krohn: Scam or Legit? My Honest Review!

Did you know that there are people making huge profits through real estate investments without needing any capital? Did you know you can get involved even if you have nothing to invest?


Kris Krohn is a real estate developer who has built a reputation as a smart investor and has created a course that teaches you how to start buying properties even if you have limited capital to invest.


Mentoring with Kris Krohn: Introduction

He offers Real Estate Investing courses through his program Mentoring with Kris Krohn. The courses come with some excellent video content and a full curriculum, but the main thing they offer is the opportunity to have Kris as your mentor. There are frequent live events which can almost be compared to an evangelical religious crusade event. The people attending get so inspired as to be able to get a positive mindset which enables them to achieve remarkable things. Some of the videos from Kris Krohn’s live events can be seen on YouTube and appear to be truly inspiring events.


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He has published many books on the subject and has been so successful that he was able to retire at 26 years old (until his ambition to make more money resurfaced). Kris Krohn’s Net Worth is a matter for speculation but it is safe to say that he is a millionaire many times over.

Have you ever dreamed of having financial freedom? To be able to provide for your family to live in luxury? It sounds good, doesn’t it? You might be thinking – this sounds too complicated for me… Well, let me tell you that it is possible.

Your mindset is the most important thing. The business to achieve this is out there, so with the right motivation and guidance, the sky’s the limit!

It seems to me that Khris Krohn has helped many 1,000’s of people through his mentorship program. Perhaps this is the way for you to realize your dreams and finally build a successful business for your family’s future.

Join me… I will investigate Kris Krohn’s Real Estate Investing program further and give you my honest review of what to expect. I will analyze the opportunity and decide – is it legit?

The information you require is just a few scrolls away…


Real Estate Investing by Kris Krohn – is it a Scam?

History is full of real estate programs which were shady, so it is easy to be cynical. Perhaps you have lost money on one before?

You would be justified in thinking, how will Kris Krohn be different – is it a scam?

I have been thinking about this, and it does require further research to reach a proper conclusion. However, my initial impression is that he must have such a big following for a reason. His YouTube channel currently has 390k+ subscribers and has generally positive feedback. His live events are well attended and there are testimonials online that state how much Kris has helped them achieve their dreams. So, he must have something useful to say.

If this was a scam, I doubt he would have such a following.

I believe the more important questions are – can I truly benefit financially from this and is it worth my time and effort?

I will look into these points further and give you my conclusion a bit later on in my review.


A Review of the Pros and Cons of Kris Krohn’s Real Estate Investing

I want to run through the positives and negatives for this course and mentorship program to discover it’s real value. Let’s start with the pros.



  • Kris Krohn has an incredible online presence. His YouTube channel has almost 400k subscribers! He must be on the right track to attract such a following and the comments there are generally positive and thankful to him for the advice. I doubt he could attract such a following and be around for such a long time if his course and mentoring were not good.
  • There is plenty of free content on his YouTube channel which features a lot of good advice. I do like the fact that he personally engages with his viewers there and is willing to answer questions. He comes across as a thoughtful and helpful man.
  • There is a lot of innovative thinking on Kris Krohn’s part which I was really impressed by. For example, he has developed what he calls a “Mentorship App”.

We have seen some persuasive positives for this product, let’s take a look at the other side.



  • A lot of this content can be found online for free or in books that are considerably cheaper than this course or employing a mentor. It depends if you are happy to do the research and apply the principles you learn by yourself or you would work better with the coursework laid out for you and having advice from a mentor.
  • The cost of the course is a lot of money. There are two price levels to choose from $99 or $499 per month. You need to be reasonably financially secure to pay this and live your life while you wait for your real estate business to grow.
  • In 2012 Kris Krohn had a lawsuit filed against the company he was CEO of by federal prosecutors. It was regarding a property investment that went wrong. He and his partners expensively settled the issue out of court, but I consider this to be a bit of a red flag about his credibility.
  • I am unconvinced that the maths work when you use his method to buy a house, then on to the next one etc. I am no expert in real estate matters but it seems too easy to be true and I suspect that there are some complications that are likely to arise which have been ignored.
  • Building wealth takes patience and time. I feel that Kris Krohn has glossed this part over and given the impression that the process is easy in order to sell more courses and books.

This has clearly been a mixed bag. There are a lot of things to like about his opportunity, but then I look at the negatives and it is not an easy decision to make.

Please keep reading… I am about to give my final verdict…



I confess that I have some mixed emotions about this course. I am quite enthusiastic about Kris Krohn as a mentor, but I have severe doubts about his course actually being able to make me any money.

I liked Kris as a speaker and motivator, but I just can’t see how his methods would work in the real world. Leverage works both ways and what happens when property prices go through an adjustment and there is a drop in the market?


What’s the real story?

I believe Kris Krohn’s Real Estate Investing course is legit, in that the materials and tutorials he promises are included and may certainly work for some people. My issue is that I remain unconvinced that this strategy can work in the long term. I feel the course ignores too many problematical scenarios.


Bottom line?

I cannot recommend this program. Although I admire Kris Krohn in some ways, I just doubt his system and I think you would be better advised to use your time, effort, and money on a different opportunity.


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