Karina Intoamilli’s The Private Label Club – is it Legit?

Have you heard about the vast profits made by people using Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)? Is it time to change your life and get involved? It might be a great idea as the number of people buying goods and services may hit two billion shortly.

2020 has been a hellish year for most of us, and the pandemic means many folks worldwide have lost their jobs.

Amazon FBA is a viable business that has turned many ordinary people into millionaires.

The Private Label Club claims to offer a lot of educational material, product analysis, support, and more at an attractive price. They claim they can help people successfully build a new Amazon FBA business.

I will study The Private Label Club further and give you my honest review to help you decide if it is a wise investment.

Your dream business is out there! Perhaps it is Amazon FBA!

Follow me…the critical info you need is only a few scrolls away…


Who is Karina Intoamilli?

Karina Intoamilli is a young entrepreneur who immigrated from Russia with little English language skills and quickly evolved into a formidable Amazon FBA seller who now helps others by teaching how to set up a successful online business.



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She makes regular YouTube videos to share her knowledge and established The Private Label Club so that people can learn the Amazon model at a bargain price.

Her motto is, “Tomorrow, you would have wished you started it today!”


The Private Label Club – is it a Scam?

Many folks starting on their online business adventure have had bad experiences with the training programs they have bought. It is natural to be suspicious. If you ask me about The Private Label Club and say – Is it a scam? I will answer…No! Far from it!

It is reasonably priced and well presented, so definitely not a scam. Perhaps, the bigger question is, will it help my business? Well, I intend to provide you with enough information to decide if it is what your business needs.


What does Karina Intoamilli offer?

The Private Label Club provides lots of useful content and support for someone starting an Amazon FBA business. The program includes an educational section, Amazon audio lessons, a product research vault, a product validator, live streams with Karina, and more.



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She also offers the Intoamilli Amazon FBA course, which I intend to review at a later date. It also looks like an exciting program that seems to provide excellent value for money.


How Much does it Cost?

At the time of writing, The Private Label Club has a $7 trial offer that I consider a bargain.

The regular price is $97, and that is still a low price for the amount of content included.

The separate Intoamilli Amazon FBA course is also well priced at $497.

Why does it Matter?

You need to control the money you spend during the early months of your business. It takes time to build and will have periods with no to low income.

It is essential that anything you spend on training, advice, or support represents good value, and will genuinely help you grow your business.



Pros and Cons of the Private Label Club

To give you a better idea of whether The Private Label Club is the right choice for you, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages…


  • Price! Currently, there is a trial membership for just $7. You get a fantastic amount of usable information for that. It is one of the best deals that I have seen online. If you decide that it is not the course for you, so what? You are only losing $7.
  • The educational material The Players Club is impressive. An extensive range of topics are covered, and it will give you an excellent basis to start your Amazon FBA business.
  • There is a solid private Facebook Group that allows you to interact with many other sellers in a similar situation to you. You can ask them or Karina Intoamilli questions about your business.
    It is a sound support system while you are growing your business.
  • Karina Intoamilli offers a product validator service. You can get her input and approval to launch an unlimited amount of products.
    You will find this particularly useful during start-up, and it will help you learn how to select viable products to sell.

There are some impressive positives to The Private Label Club. For balance, let’s see if there are any big negatives…


  • Amazon FBA is an increasingly competitive field, and you have to be ready to put sufficient work and time to make your business a success.
    Too many people believe that it is a business that can run itself, and you need to put in a few hours on your laptop to be successful. That is not the case!
  • You need to have plenty of money to invest in advertising and stock. There is no way around this. It is a minor criticism, but Karina Intoamilli doesn’t stress this enough on the web page.

A Quick Overview of Pros and Cons

The Private Label Club has several positives. It provides excellent value and a lot of material and support.

The only real criticism that I see is that it makes Amazon FBA sound easier than the reality and downplays the investment required to become successful.


What do Other People Say Online about Karina Intoamilli?

Before I write a review, I like to read and watch as much as I can to get an idea of other people’s opinions. I check the regular places like Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

In this case, the overwhelming majority of people had nice things to say about Karina Intoamilli.

Generally, people seem to think that she is a good Amazon FBA coach and offers some good educational programs and support.


Karina Intoamilli’s The Private Label Club: In Conclusion

My final verdict for Karina Intoamilli’s The Private Label Club is that it gives you great educational material that you will find helpful for building your Amazon FBA business. Also, the support you will receive for being part of the club is invaluable.

Amazon FBA is competitive in 2020, so access to this type of information and backup is essential. It is worth your time to study the educational program and the product research vault properly. The odds are that you will learn a lot!

Bottom Line?

I wholeheartedly recommend The Private Label Club. For the price, you get an incredible amount of useful materials and backup.

In my opinion, you should grab this trial deal while it is still available!


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