Kallzu Ads by Chris Winters: Review about whether it’s Legit or a Scam

Chris Winters has an impressive background and a decent online presence. We will investigate the pros and cons of this course and decide is it legit? Many of us are looking for a decent business opportunity which can lead us to an easier life working for ourselves. Is this it, or is it a scam?

Finding your dream lifestyle is possible, there are many opportunities available, the question is, is Kallzu Ads the best choice?


Introduction: Kallzu Ads by Chris Winters

The perfect dream for the future would be a luxurious life with a high income, big house and an easy to run business.

Today that seems hard to imagine doesn’t it? It seems a world away…

The right opportunity to enable your dream lifestyle to happen is definitely out there and we will discover if Chris Winters’ Kallzu Ads is the right way to achieve a prosperous future. 

Please keep reading and we will find the facts regarding this business opportunity.

The information you need is only a few scrolls away…


Chris Winters’ Kallzu Ads – Is it a Scam?

Kallzu Ads is a comprehensive training program and includes plenty of online backup and a good 24/7 support service so if you ask, is it a scam? I would say no.

The bigger question is whether the effectiveness is overemphasized and the difficulties you will face are downplayed. This business is clearly not as straightforward as stated.

How much does enrolling with this Course cost?

It is quite difficult to find out online before actually enrolling with Kallzu Ads, how much you have to pay. Even on the Official Website you cannot find any information regarding the price, which already seems like scam! 

You definitely have to pay almost $4,000 upfront to use Kallzu Ads but this does not include several very handy features. These you would need to purchase with a monthly membership.


A Review of the Pros and Cons of Kallzu Ads

There are some very effective things included in Chris Winters’ course. It features quite comprehensive information.


  • Live 24/7 Support. This is one of the elements of the program I was most impressed with. There is a 24/7 option to discuss any issues you are facing. This does show confidence that they can help you make the information provided work.
  • Payment terms of up to 8 months are offered. There is an option to pay a downpayment and schedule the balance of the payments over a period of time. This does show confidence that people will be keen to complete the course.
  • The Members area. This is an effective way of getting tips on how to find clients and grow your business.
  • There is a decent YouTube presence with clear advice. Clearly, Chris Winters has put a lot of thought into this and it would certainly reassure a potential client.
  • Customized WordPress themes are included. These would be particularly useful for those people without much writing or web design skill.
  • Bonus live events included with industry experts. Twice a year you will be invited to a free live event which features some impressive guest speakers. It is a real opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry.
  • Decent online testimony on the effectiveness. There are many people online who attest to the effectiveness of this program.
  • 30-day money back guarantee. This seems to be a real offer, and as long as you follow the stated requirements it will be honored.

If anything Chris Winters’ Kallzu Ads seems too good to be true, so we should consider the cons associated with this program.


  • You need to be serious and “all-in” to make this work. This program is no “get rich quick” scheme that will lead to instant success.
  • “Call only Ads” have some flaws. Some users report up to 50% wrong number calls. Keywords do not allow for an exact match to the business you are promoting and it appears no progress is being made on how to overcome this.
  • One out of three Call only Ads doesn’t result in an actual phone call when clicked. The client presses the ad in Google, the keyboard comes up with the number, but they don’t make the actual call. This is a weak point and shows Inefficiency in this type of advertising.
  • The Kallzu Ads method cannot utilize remarketing. When the potential client surfs away there is no facility offered to remarket your product or service. Many people believe remarketing is the future of the industry, so this is a weakness, and means you are missing out on a powerful tool. There is no way to stay in touch with the potential client who only considers using your product or service.
  • Call only Ads mean nobody actually goes to your website. This means there is no way to build a relationship.
  • Many people don’t track the results of the Call only Ads. The fantastic claims made for the effectiveness of this type of advertising may not hold up to scrutiny.

Sorry for all those Notes, but there’s more to come.. Just being honest here!

  • The Methods are only effective in industries where they struggle to get calls. There are more constructive marketing methods for most industries. Website clicks which take advantage of the remarketing opportunities are likely to be more successful.
  • The Kallzu Methods are not as effective as stated. It is nowhere near the 100% of people who are prompted to call who actually make the call.  Industry experts say approximately 4% is more accurate.
  • Advertising methods where you are given the option to call or to visit the website are more effective. As many as 80-90% of potential clients follow through in some way using this method.
  • People don’t like to be pigeonholed and forced to call. Many potential clients will be lost as they are searching online for a reason. They may not appreciate feeling compelled to make a phone call.
  • Kallzu Ads offer no free preview. There is no way to get a proper feel for the course unless parting with a large sum of money. Even the Facebook group is closed unless you pay the course fee.
  • They make everything sound so easy and deemphasize how many struggles you may face. In my opinion, they should be more clear with the challenges involved when implementing this program. Nothing is this easy, if it were, we would all be doing it!


Kallzu Ads: From Other Perspectives

I have given you my honest review for this product and I have reached a negative conclusion. That does not mean the course is all bad. Indeed, there were parts that I enjoyed and found informative. It may be that other people may have reached a different conclusion. 

With this in mind I decided to research other opinions about Chris Winters’ Kallzu Ads online.

There was plenty of feedback on other review sites, Facebook Groups, message boards, etc. Some of this information was useful, but I found too many people trying to make affiliate sales or cheering a competing product.

I found some of the best information on YouTube and a Website created by disappointed users of Kallzu Ads which had some informative and honest reviews about Kallzu Ads. I think it is useful to share some of those with you here:

I personally think that it is always helpful to check out the Official Websites and YouTube Channels, before writing my review. That’s why I recommend watching this video:

I hope that you spend a little time reading through these and they prove useful. It is important to make an informed choice and select a suitable product the first time. 


In Conclusion

Chris Winters has an inspiring story and I was initially enthusiastic about this program, but I felt the need to dig deeper. When reading and watching the experiences of others all was not as the marketing promised.

Potential client’s resist being forced to call, so lost phone calls lead to a limited conversion rate. In my opinion, the effectiveness of this method is overstated.

The training is not a scam exactly, but it is not all that it promises to be either. It may very well be possible to use this training to effectively add to your marketing strategy with some extremely hard work, but there are surely better options to consider.

There are some excellent choices online where you can plan and grow your own business and you may wish to consider other options before you enroll and pay for this course.


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  1. I just want to say thank you Randi for all of the work and research that you put into this website. We need more honest people in this world and YES you are truly making a difference in many peoples lives. I always come to your website before i try any of these courses. Just want to say thank you again.

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