Store Formula 3: Honest Review about Jon Mac’s Ecom Course!

Have you ever been interested in the great profits some people are making using dropshipping on Shopify? Is it time to learn more?


Jon Mac is a well-known internet marketer who has established various business courses. A recent one is Store Formula (3) which teaches the method to set up an e-commerce store utilizing dropshipping and Shopify and advertising using paid Facebook Ads.



Jon Mac does seem to be a Legit operator and I will be looking further into the real value of the program he is offering.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming wealthy? So wealthy that money would no longer be a concern? A life of luxury?

It seems impossible, doesn’t it? A world away?


What’s the real story?

I can tell you that is all possible if you find the right business for you. With the correct business program and plenty of hard work, it is achievable!

Join me… I will analyze Store Formula in depth and conclude as to it’s real value and effectiveness. It could be the course to change your life and turn your dreams into reality.

The information you need is only a few scrolls away…


Store Formula 3 by Jon Mac – is it a Scam?

I know what you are thinking… there are so many programs of various quality like this available. How can Store Formula be any different? Perhaps you have already tried and been underwhelmed by a similar course, even felt as if you were scammed?

It would be reasonable to look at what Jon Mac is offering and think – is it a Scam?

I would like you to make your own mind up, but I will give you my input as I study the program further. My initial thoughts are that there are some good online reviews, and the free content offered by Jon Mac looks pretty good, so I don’t think it can be called a scam.

Perhaps the bigger issues are, what can I actually use it for, and will I get value for money?

I will be looking at these points and give you my opinion later on…


Review of the Pros and Cons of Store Formula

In order to get a fuller understanding of Store Formula, I will run through the positives and negatives as I see them. First up, the pros. These include:


  • Store Formula 3 is constantly evolving. The main thing I liked about the program is that there is more material being added all of the time. Even during the relatively short time I was studying the course, I noticed additions being made quite regularly.
  • John Mac offers a free ebook called “Cash Flow for Life: How to Generate an Income Online,” which contains plenty of interesting details and gives you a taster for the proper course. This should help you evaluate if the teaching methods he uses will mean Store Formula will be the program for you.
  • There is considerable time spent on evaluating different suppliers and a lot of training about finding the right product to market. There is an interesting bonus course included regarding 23 products in various niches which work well. All in all, this is one of the stronger parts of Store Formula.

As with almost everything, a positive is followed with some negatives. The cons include:


  • Facebook Ads are not cheap. I found it easy to spend over $1,000 per week on a limited advertising campaign. This needs to be factored into the budget. There are other options such as Instagram advertising discussed, but clearly, Jon Mac recommends Facebook Ads.
  • The price for the course can be an issue at $997, plus there are various other expenses to consider. This can be hard to find for anyone, especially if you are just starting out with your business. If this is a concern for you, look for special promotions and payment terms offered online. Over time I have seen some decent deals for this.
  • A lot of people say that much of the material can be found for free online. This is a regular complaint about dropshipping courses, and it is indeed true that there is a lot of free information out there if you search through message boards and YouTube, but I believe this to be a minor concern as this is a pretty well put together course with plenty of information. If I could suggest an improvement to Store Formula 3, I would say it doesn’t feel “complete” and there are several complaints online about missing topics. Perhaps more time should be spent correcting this.
  • Store Formula strongly encourages you to use and promote Adsector, for which they are obviously an affiliate marketer. This felt a bit wrong to me, as they were basically charging me to sell their product on their behalf.
  • Facebook ads have issues which are underplayed by Store Formula 3. A lot of maintaining and updating is required and is a more or less constant process during the formative months of your business. So the impression given of this business method, creating an opportunity to sit back and wait for a nice passive income is false. You will need to dedicate a lot of time and effort to get the full benefit of this program.


I cannot emphasize this enough…

It takes a lot of hard work to build a profitable dropshipping business! It is no “get rich quick” scheme and there are no shortcuts…

If you want to get full value from Jon Mac’s advice, make sure you are ready to commit sufficient time…

Please keep reading… I am ready to render my final verdict.


Conclusion about this eCom course!

I was keen to get started with studying Store Formula as I was convinced there are still great profits to be made using the dropshipping through Shopify business model. However, as I worked my way through the program I began to grow disillusioned.

There are several weaknesses which I didn’t think should exist in a program at this price level. For example, Facebook Ads are a far more time-consuming process than is portrayed here. The course doesn’t feel complete, and the section on dealing with problem suppliers is quite weak in my opinion. These and several other areas are in need of improvement.


There were things to like here though, and I did appreciate that Jon Mac regularly adds more information, so that the course is still developing.


Here’s the deal…

I think there is too much content which could be found for free online and too much lacking for a course which cost me the best part of $1,000.


Bottom line?

Even though there are some likable things about Jon Mac, I cannot recommend Store Formula 3. There are better dropshipping courses for a more competitive price out there. If you are interested to set up a Shopify store and build a good profitable business I suggest you take a look at other business programs.


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Randi aims to fight internet harassment on social media. She had great success at helping mitigate some of the challenges in dealing with targeted harassment from online mobs, and Randi left her long career in the tech industry to go full-time with this. Randi knows she can make bigger, better things.


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  1. It is totally a scam, i got a link for a “live” webinar with Jon Mac. It was not live in anyway or form. Every comment in the chat were prewritten and bots.

    • I also attended the Webinar, very informational but not live at all! RESEARCH , everything is not as easy as one may make it seem.

  2. Hello Randi….& Thank you for putting effort into your evaluation of the Jon Mac business model..

    I’m a grandma who “paid it forward to my kids and grandchildren “…
    so that my advanced years.. I’m now wanting to get my own quality of life back!!!
    Hopefully..this a short time of intense effort…will produce
    success in that goal..
    Your thoughts???

    Thank you

  3. I agree with you. Unfortunately I got hooked in was not aware of the expected $1000 advertising right out of the gate. He uses the same examples of ‘super stars’ over and over again. Although he does reitereated that a lot of time is needed to monitor your facebook ads. It’s very confusing out there because pinterest is getting a lot of play as is shopify. I believe there’s money to be made on the internet but it seems elusive to me.

  4. I used Shopify and now I am using commercehq from jon mac. It has definitely some points that have to be begtter but it’s still better and cheaper and more complete than any shopify store. And I am sure you are aware of that. For to be able to run a complete shiopify store you need to spend several hundred dollars. What about that? No internet marketer is sepaking loudly about this fact. They only tell you that a shopify store is aboput 29 dollars! and then? The automation tools that you need and other plugins have an immense cost. No one is interested in paying more than needed. And if we assume that you only pay 29 dollars for one shopify store, than you would have to pay around 180 dollars for 6 stores. commercehq gives you the opportunity to get 6 full stores with nearly all plugins that you need for just 99 dollars. They have announced and I think they will do the automation part as well in the future. Currently you need a third party tool for just 49 dollars to automate some parts of the business. My conclusion: shopify is cheating and everyone who recommends shopify is cheating as well.

  5. Jon Mac Agency is the biggest scam out there. This is coming from internal employees and client. Save your money! You can google 110% the advice or knowledge he provides. He’s very self absorbed and loves taking on clients who can be easily scammed or have money to just throw at this program without monitoring results. Like taking a shot in the dark. His media buyer Jack is same boat. Horrible communication skills and extremely unorganized. If you are wanting to learn the process do not go with this agency… run for the hills.

  6. Hi Randi,

    My name is John Choong and I am from Malaysia. I recently encountered Jon Mac on my FB feed and went to watch his sales funnel video. Then I did a quick check and found your review which is very helpful. I am interested in doing dropshipping. From your comments, you mentioned there are other better courses out there offered at much cheaper price. Would you mind to share which one so I can check them out. Your time to respond on this is much appreciated. Thanks.

  7. Hi Randi,

    I am so glad I found your page. So many courses it is hard to know what to believe. I have watched so many You Tube Videos I think I have only confused myself. Which isn’t hard. LOL. Reading you review has helped me put things into perspective. Franklin Hatchet looks like the way to go and Dan Voss seems exceptional too. Sourcing the right product scares me a little however I am sure Franklin will teach me this.
    ‘Best Wishes,

  8. This is an absolute waste of money. He puts up the same content for free on YouTube. The products and marketing materials are really bad. He assumes all the ‘student’s are wealthy. And there is NO MONEY BACK IF NOT SATISFIED once you pay your $997, so don’t believe it. You get more from the free stuff than from this course and the platform is not that good. RUN & RUN FAST. So not worth it!

  9. I bought Store formula in November 2019 for $997, then after finishing three quarters of the training, realised I was too time poor to get the thing off the ground in any reasonable time. I was getting emails promoting the Jon Mac Ad Agency – heaps of them – promising to do all the advertising for you and help you get to $5K a day, $100,000 a month business in three months, etc. I took all that with a grain of salt, but figured, ‘Hey, if they can do that for me in 12 months, that’d be amazing’, and joined. They assured me I can expect to be breaking even by the end of two months.
    Two months down the track I’m out of pocket by $10,600 ($7,600 for two Agency fees, and $3,000 in other costs – advertising, product, shipping, fees).
    They promise they will find you a ‘winning product’ within a month or your Ad Agency fee will be returned. Careful though. Don’t rely on that money back guarantee – they will ALWAYS find a winning product according to their metrics. It’s what they do AFTER the ‘winning product’ is found that matters.
    They promise that once the ‘winning product’ is found, they will scale it to build that amazingly successful business. That’s what the email promos and internet ads are telling us.
    From the VERY FIRST DAY after the ‘winning product’ was allegedly found, the metrics flew out the window. Jon emphasises the need to get a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 2 minimum but only 2 days achieved that, and in two months, Jack got me an average of 0.69. The last four days before I had to stop Jack advertising (no more money to spend) averaged 0.55 so things were getting worse, not better, even though Jack put half my advertising spend of $5660+ into the last 9 days. It was as if he thought spending more money was going to solve the problem. So, for every dollar spent on advertising, I got revenue of only 69 cents – a LOSS of 31 cents for every dollar spent just on advertising – not counting all the other costs.
    All up from January 31st to March 13th, I sent 10 emails expressing my concern about the way things were going – 6 to Jack who assured me we were going to make it, 2 to Support who told me to email Jon, and 2 to Jon who never responded. I have now sent a 3rd to Jon but still with no response.
    Jack did finally admit in an email to me that things weren’t working as expected, but the only solution he would suggest is that we try to find a different ‘winning product’, or that we spend even more money on advertising the current ‘winning product’ – both requiring a lot more money which I no longer have.
    So I asked for my money back. No go. Jack claims he met his obligation – and points to ads that got a ROAS of 2+, without any reference to all the other badly performing ads that led to my big losses.
    I expect that they do manage to help some people build a profitable business. But I think it’s a bit like the lottery – you’ve got to be in it to win it, but you probably won’t.
    The fact that they failed to find a winning product that scaled profitably means they did not do what they said they would do. They should return my money but refuse to. They promote themselves as examples of ‘success’ because of the amount of money they make. But the metrics for ‘success’ can’t be measured solely in $. By casting aside honesty and integrity, they fail the ‘success’ test, and their online show of integrity is a sham.
    Stay away.
    Stay away.

    • Thank you for you detail explaination. I had asked them for other hiden cost but they had not come back. your Detai explaination answer all my questions. Rgds

  10. Hello Randi, Thank you so much for your insight and details of your review. Your inputs really helps my decision making. Especially the part where you mentioned the FaceBook Ad can easily become a big expensive adding to the expense for someone who just start the business and does not have a lot of money to start.

    In short, I believe that his program is clearly not for everyone.

    Much appreciated,

  11. If you are reading this, there is currently a bunch of people that have been scammed by this crook. I am trying to get enough number to sue his agency for false advertising, credit card fraud and breach of contractual terms They overspend on the set budget in the agreement to meet their ‘metrics’ and obligation in the contract. We can make sue as team for the fees and financial loss due to their mishandling the ads. If you haven’t signed up with them and are looking. STAY AWAY, put your money under your bed. And you will still have it after 3 months!

  12. The training was fine and does the job, but the marketing service is a big nono

    It charges 3900 for the marketing service for 1 month, and promised a refund if ROAS isn’t 200 but then the “winning product” that was found, $1053.17 was spend on the ads specifically on this item, and only 9 orders, of which the income was $997. That’s 95% ROAS, not 200!

    And mind you, out of the 1 month I spend 2400 on ads spend in total

    When we look for the refund as promised, delay in response and after a few weeks of follow up, the response was the above item is already 200% ROAS (how can ads $1053.17 on $997 of sales is 200% ROAS and a “WINNING PRODUCT”?

    All the emails are tracked and proof can be provided if anyone is interested

  13. It’s a scam

    I have engaged their agency to ran the marketing and promised with a full refund if they can’t find a “winning product” within 30 days. THe winning product was defined as “ROAS x 2”. This service cost e 3900 a month. And they spend around 2500 on Facebook ads during this month.

    And the “winning product” they found, was something cost $999.5 on Facebook ads, and only generated 7 purchases ($65 per sales).

    The way they argue back was, as 80 adset was created for this product, and ONE of the ads set (which ran for less than 24 hours) had generated 1 sale after spending $8.5. AND THIS IS YOUR WINNING PRODUCT!


  14. I was brainwashed by Jon mac. I paid $997 and bought store formula 3. I earned between $1400 after struggling for 3 months but the expenses were greater 10 times than your earning. They do affiliate on behalf of some automation programmer and the plugin tools which are too expensive and not worth buying. But Jon Mac told us to buy it as it is part of the program and I bought it. I had a $3000 budget initially but went 000 in 4 months. I survived for a while as I was and working 24/7 on it. But then I realized finally I became penniless that his program was a total scam…… I regret now that I didn’t look for Randi’s depth researched early on 14/04/ 2018.

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