Jeffrey Bunting’s Ecomkingz – My Review of his Amazon Automation Service!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a business that runs itself? Something that supplies you with a high income with little effort required…

Jeffrey Bunting has an Amazon Automation service called Ecomkingz. He claims that he can build you a successful six-figure a month business using your Amazon store. He offers to manage all parts of your business through his team of experts and, in effect, automating your Amazon business, leaving you free to get on with other parts of your life.


Introduction to Jeffrey Bunting

Jeffrey is also known online as “Bunt.” He is a successful, young self-made millionaire. He claims to be a dropshipping expert and is most well-known for his Dropshipping Mastery course and Ecomkingz Amazon Automation service.

He makes big claims about his Amazon Automation service, so I will investigate the effectiveness. If you ask me – is it a scam? I have to say there is no straightforward answer without looking at it further.

It has been a difficult year on so many levels, and we are all looking to improve our lives. A new car, a luxury holiday (when it is allowed!),and a big house all sound great.

What if I told you that a lucrative business this year doesn’t need to be an impossible dream?

It sounds unbelievable, right?



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The right business for you is out there. It is a simple matter of finding the right opportunity and working at it.

Follow me… I will help you decide if Jeffrey Bunting’s Amazon Automation is the right fit for you.

I will look at the feedback from people who have used the service, run through the pros and cons, and give you my honest review.

The key information you require is only a few scrolls away…


Amazon Automation – is it Legit?

Let me start by saying that I am skeptical about anything that calls for a significant upfront fee. I have found reports of many Amazon Automation services that all call for a price of between $20, 000 to $40,000 to be paid to begin.


I don’t want to be negative before we have looked at all of the facts, so I will study this business opportunity in-depth and give you my real opinion in my conclusion. It is for you to decide if it is the best business opportunity available.


What does Jeffrey Bunting offer?

On the face of it, Jeffrey Bunting offers a pretty incredible service. He has a mostly overseas-based team that are specialists in managing Amazon FBA stores. He will handle all of the business for your Amazon store, including advertising, marketing, ordering stock, fulfilling orders, etc.

He promises to scale your business over time, and within six months, you should have a viable income for very little work.

Sounds great, right?

Well, it might be…but it seems that an awful lot is left to trust and you won’t have a lot of control over your business.


What does it cost?

The video on the Ecomkingz front-page mentions an initial wire transfer of $20,000 to join the program. You will then be committed to a $500 per month payment to run your Amazon shop during the first four-month “building phase.” That is unless your profits go above $1,500 in that period when you will be invoiced for a percentage.

After the first four months, you will be billed for 40% of your net profits in exchange for Ecomkingz to continue running your business.

You’re expected to have a credit line of at least $10,000 – $15,000 to begin. And upwards of $50,000 when the business is scaled.

Why does the Price Matter?

In this case, the upfront fee for the Ecomkingz Amazon Automation service amounts to a lot of money. You need to be pretty confident this is the business for you before you part with it!

There are also substantial monthly fees, and you are committed to using your credit line to pay for the items that you sell.


Pros and Cons of Jeffrey Bunting’s Amazon Automation

To give you plenty of info to make a proper decision about Jeffrey Bunting’s Amazon Automation service, I want to look at some of the positives and negatives.


  • The offer is for a fully automated Amazon store, where you will be required to do very little. Jeffrey Bunting will use his team to manage almost every part of the business for you.
  • Jeffrey Bunting claims to have vast experience in building successful Amazon businesses and has a large team capable of scaling your business and making you a profit for a clearly disclosed fee.
  • Over 51% of all online sales in the USA last year were on Amazon. There is an excellent opportunity to make money by dropshipping products. Ecomkingz offers a way for those people without experience of specialist knowledge to get involved.

We have seen some of the positives about what Jeffrey Bunting is offering, so let’s take a look at some less complimentary points.


  • $20,000 is a hefty fee to wire to someone who you don’t know in person. It takes a massive amount of trust to send that to someone no matter how good their online references appear to be. There are always ways of manipulating good or bad reviews.
  • Even after paying the hefty upfront fee, you are expected to fund the purchase of goods using credit cards. It is claimed that it is only for two weeks until there is a payout from Amazon, but it doesn’t take into account if something goes wrong.
  • Ecomkingz expects you to have $10-15k capital available to start the business, and possibly as much as another $50k capital when you decide to scale your business. It starts to look like a substantial investment into a business that you will have little control over.
  • Even during the introduction video on the Ecomkingz web page, they state that the suspension of Amazon accounts sometimes happens. Jeffrey gives some vague statement about helping you get it reopened.
    He also states that you are only allowed one Amazon shop per household. What happens to the large amount of money that you invest if your account is suspended for months? 
  • It just doesn’t seem like a competitive sales model. Jeffrey Bunting states that you can expect a ten percent profit margin (including incentives from using your credit cards to buy stock).
    You will also be competing against experienced Amazon traders. Jeffrey clearly states that he uses workers from third world countries to manage Amazon businesses.
    Are you sure you want to risk such a significant investment to some unknown person in a faraway place? How can you be confident that they are appropriately qualified?

A Quick Overview of the Pros and Cons of Amazon Automation

There are some excellent reviews of Jeffrey Bunting’s Amazon Automation service online, but complaints far outweigh them.

I think the big issue here is that it takes a massive amount of trust to send someone $20k via wire transfer, and then trust that they will do the right thing. It is you that is taking all of the risks!

They claim to have so many clients signing up for their Amazon Automation service, that they can only accept a limited number of new applications. I am genuinely interested to know how many of their clients have made their money back?


What do people online say about Jeffrey Bunting?

One of the interesting things about starting an online business is that what works for one person might not for another. We all have different skills and abilities.

To get a good cross-section of opinions, I looked up Jeffrey Bunting on YouTube, Reddit, Quora, and others. I think it is fair to say that there is a mixed response from people posting on those platforms.

The negative outweighs the positive. There are many complaints about the high costs involved and folks who claim to have lost their money. And even some who say they never earned anything from their investment.


My Conclusion about Jeffrey Bunting and Amazon Automation

While Jeffrey Bunting has some supporters online, it is hard to tell if they are sincere or paid to promote the platform.

The more I read, the increasingly skeptical I am about Amazon Automation platforms in general, and Ecomkingz in particular. I can find nothing online that persuades me that it is a viable way to make a profit.

I also have doubts about sending a substantial sum on money to someone, just on an internet promise. The reliance on overseas workers to manage the Amazon accounts also concerns me. How can we verify their ability to make us money?

Bottom Line?

I cannot recommend Jeffrey Bunting’s Amazon Automation or any other similar service. Too much investment is required for a service that is almost totally unverifiable.

The number of claims online from people who say they have lost their money is also a big concern.

My verdict is that Amazon Automation is not a good bet. I advise you to search for a better opportunity.


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