Jason Hornung: Review about his Facebook Ads & Agency Course

Have you heard about the great results being achieved through Facebook Ads? Would you be interested to learn more from an industry expert?


Jason Hornung has achieved a reputation as an expert in using Facebook Ads. He currently has two separate sides to his business offers Facebook Ads Profit Maximizer Bootcamp and 7 Figure Agency Blueprint.


Jason Hornung: Introduction

The first is a training course which will enable you to produce and become expert in producing Facebook Ads, and the second deals with establishing your own online advertising agency and methods to find clients and build your reputation.

Do you ever dream of running your own successful business? Living a life of luxury?

It seems a world away, doesn’t it? An impossible dream?

Well, you can achieve this with the right business, first-class training and plenty of hard work.

Join me… I will study Jason Hornung and the courses he offers in-depth and ascertain their value. This could be the opportunity you have been looking for. Your dreams could be about to become a reality…

The information you need is only a few scrolls away…


Jason Hornung’s Courses – is it a Scam?

There are so many options available now for Facebook Ads training courses and to a slightly lesser extent for setting up online advertising agencies, that it is becoming almost impossible to decide to good from the bad.

Perhaps you have had a bad experience with some of them, or even worse felt scammed?

With this in mind, it is reasonable to think, how is Jason Hornung going to be any different – is it a scam?

I prefer to let you draw your own conclusions about that, but I will provide you with my input and opinions as far as possible.

It seems to me that the courses offered do include the content they claim and are generally well put together, so they cannot be described as a scam.

It may well be that the more important questions are – how can you actually use this and will they represent value for money?

I will comment further on these points later in my review.


A Review of the Pro’s and Con’s of Jason Hornung’s Courses

In order to better understand the programs offered by Jason Hornung, I would like to run through some of the positives and negatives for you. First up, the pros. These include:


  • People who sign up for the Facebook Ads Profit Maximizer Bootcamp have access to a “secret” Facebook group which is tremendously effective. There is also something called the “profit society” which has some good special offers such as the “Profit Playbook” which I thought was excellent.
  • Jason Hornung himself is a major plus factor for these courses. He is undoubtedly an industry expert and great at his job. His strategizing and methods for Facebook Ads are some of the best around and he is an effective educator. His courses are comprehensive and his strongest point may be his coaching and ability to motivate.
  • Jason Hornung gives out plenty of valuable free advice, particularly on his YouTube channel, which does enable you to get a feel for his video content and teaching methods before you part with any money. Of course, his most valuable information and techniques are not included here, but going through it is time well spent and will help you decide if this is the correct course for you.

We have seen some compelling reasons to be optimistic about the courses on offer, but for the sake of balance let’s take a look at some of the cons. These include:


  • His courses are set up in such a way that I am always earning sales for his affiliate marketing program. It seems to me his gains will always be greater than mine and almost as if I am paying him large amounts of money just to be allowed to earn him more money. While it is true that his methods are generally effective, I am not sure how I feel about all of this – a bit like I am being used I think.
  • I got tired of the constant upsells. There was always something else that I (apparently) really needed. It could reach tens of thousands of dollars in fees for courses and training if I signed up for everything. The thought occurred to me, “When will I have learned enough?”.
  • If you quit the program, there are complaints that your affiliate commissions will be withheld. He basically requires you to sign up and pay for a whole year, otherwise, he will stop payments on your affiliate commissions until a whole year’s fees are covered. This seemed shady as I could find no reference to this when I signed up for the course. It feels unfair.
  • Jason seems convinced that Facebook Ads can reach 90 percent of the internet and are all that is required for advertising purposes. In my opinion, they are expensive and without any guarantee of success. Other choices such as Instagram or YouTube should at least be explored as an option.
  • Facebook Ads require a lot of effort to maintain and update. Jason Hornung should explain this point more clearly. He does seem to give the impression that if you listen to him, everything will be straightforward and you will just lay back and wait for the big bucks to roll in. Of course, nothing is that simple and you need to be prepared to dedicate a lot of time to build your business.


I can’t emphasize this enough!

These programs will require a lot of time and effort to master and even more when you implement what you have learned into your Facebook Ads strategy. This is no “ get rich quick” scheme and there are no shortcuts. If you want to get the maximum benefit from these programs – be prepared to work hard!


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Please keep reading… I am ready to deliver my final verdict on Jason Hornung and the value and opportunity offered by his programs…



I was genuinely interested to learn more about these courses, as the online advertising is really compelling.

The main issue I had was the price and the upsells that I was constantly faced with. The advice and training were generally good, but I was getting concerned about how much I was being expected to spend.

I did get the feeling that I was being used to promote his affiliate program which was benefiting him financially more than it was me.

Jason Hornung is clearly an industry expert when it comes to Facebook Ads and it is easy to be persuaded to spend large amounts of money to sign up for his programs. The “secret” Facebook group has some genuinely great content, but the issue is, there are cheaper and as equally good (if not better) alternatives now available.


What’s the real story?

I came to dislike the program as I just felt I was being charged too much through (necessary) upsells and was in effect a tool for Jason Hornung’s affiliate sales. I also didn’t like the fact that there was an implied threat that my affiliate commissions would stop if I quit the program.


Bottom line?

Although there are some good points, I cannot recommend Jason Hornung or his courses. I would have to spend too much money to keep up with all of them and there are cheaper, equally good options available.

If you are looking for a good Facebook Ads course or are looking into the possibility of setting up your own Facebook Ads agency, I suggest you look at the other options available before enrolling in Jason Hornung’s courses.


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    What courses would you honestly recommend? I mean the real deal and not Billy Gene and Jason Hornung, or some other pseudo expert out there.

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