The ultimate iMarketsLive Review: Legit or Scam?

Have you heard about the amazing profits being made in Forex trading? Have you ever wanted to get involved and get your share of the money being made?


It is a fact that fortunes have been made through Foreign Exchange (Forex) trading. iMarketsLive is a software program which claims to automate the process and make you a nice profit in the process. Everything sounds good so far…

I will fully investigate iMarketsLive and ascertain the true worth of it. Along the way, we will see that there is more to this product than first appears.

Have you ever fantasized about becoming rich? The kind of rich where you never have to even think about money?

Please keep reading while I consider the potential of this product and decide – is it legit? The answers you need are only a few scrolls away…

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iMarketsLive – is it really a Scam?

If you are having doubts about iMarketsLive and are thinking – is it a scam? I do understand your doubt. Some things do seem too good to be true. Rather than give you my opinion now, I would prefer to consider the pros and cons and present you with my conclusion. You can then make your own mind up.

Please join me while I investigate further…

What if I told you the business opportunity to achieve this is out there for you? Interesting, isn’t it?

It probably seems a million miles away today, doesn’t it?

iMarketsLive could be the way for you to make your fortune, but does it really bring you results is the question!

A Review of The Pros and Cons of iMarketsLive

My initial impression of the software for iMarketsLive was quite favorable, so I am keen to learn more by considering the pros and cons. First up, let’s consider some of the pros:

  • I really liked the software program. It runs efficiently and was so simple to operate. The screen layout is clear and easy to understand, even for a confessed non-expert like myself. A very impressive feature is the “live view” which can be utilized to see the company office’s view of the trading room…
  • Unlike other programs, you have an option to see the iMarketsLive traders in action. This gives you a feel for their decision-making process and allows you to decide how you feel about their judgement. I was impressed by this function as it demonstrated the company’s transparency and made them seem more trustworthy.
  • This tool is particularly “beginner friendly” and gives you clear Forex suggestions about what is a good option to invest in. As I stated, I am strictly an amateur when it comes to Forex investing, but even I was able to use the iMarketsLive program to make a modest profit on my initial investment. I appreciated the simple regular updates which recommend when to buy and sell.

Sadly, life teaches us that every positive has a negative, so before I reach any conclusions about iMarketsLive I want to consider some of the cons associated with it. Some of these are:

  • This product has a bad reputation online. While that may not actually mean much, as most people make claims for their own benefit online, it does concern me. The saying “there is no smoke without fire” comes to mind. A simple Google search for iMarketsLive clearly displays words like scam, pyramid scheme and Ponzi scheme being associated with this product. It really does damage the credibility of this program. Even if this was the best software ever invented, it would still have a stigma attached due to the companies marketing methods.
  • Most serious business people would hate the idea of getting involved in a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme. While iMarketsLive may not strictly be that, it is a blurry area and it could be interpreted that way. How do you expect to sell it to someone who is looking for a proper business if they half suspect it is a Ponzi scheme?
  • The sales aspect of iMarketsLive is vastly overstated. You may be able to persuade a few people to sign up for it, but how many people will really be ready to commit to spending $145 per month for such an unproven product? I fear you will face limited sales with this program. Certainly, it will not be enough to make the life-changing difference to your life that is promised.
  • I didn’t like the fact that you are almost forced to become an affiliate. It really does smack of multi-level marketing (MLM). iMarketsLive is presented as a marketing tool for Forex, but it really is just a cover to get you to sell their product. In my opinion, there are better, more saleable, products out there for you to become an affiliate for.
  • The belief that Forex trading is somehow “easy” and will lead to massive profits is flawed. So many people have the impression that this is a skill you can pick up with a weekend’s training and learning the “secrets”. In fact, it is a deeply complex learning process and the only way to become an expert is through experience. A few lessons and a shiny new piece of software do not make you a trader!

We have seen that there are some very impressive things at play here, especially with the software and then some marketing tactics which cast doubt on the credibility of this product.

Please keep reading while I make my conclusion as to the value of iMarketsLive

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The iMarketsLive Review in Conclusion

I was initially intrigued by this product and believed it represented an interesting possibility for a good money making business. Unfortunately, iMarketsLive uses marketing methods which make it lack credibility.

The software was good, and I even managed to make a modest profit when I used it, but the fact you are basically forced into becoming an affiliate if you hope to make money using this product makes it seem like multi-level marketing (MLM) or even worse, a Pyramid or Ponzi scheme. In my opinion, there are some good MLM businesses who promote products people actually want, but this is not one of them.

Bottom line?

I cannot recommend this product. There is a very doubtful opportunity to sell this in my opinion. Serious business people would not touch it.

If you wish to become a Forex trader I recommend you get some proper training and if you want to be an affiliate marketer there are better choices than this product.

Last point: After my deep research on this Business I stumbled just on a handful of people with real results. Of course you could become one of them but the chances are small, so is it really worth it? You decide.. Anyway, I wish you good luck on your path and hope you could benefit from this Article.

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Randi aims to fight internet harassment on social media. She had great success at helping mitigate some of the challenges in dealing with targeted harassment from online mobs, and Randi left her long career in the tech industry to go full-time with this. Randi knows she can make bigger, better things.

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