Freedom with Writing: Is Jacob Jens’ Platform a Scam? My Review 2020!

Have you ever dreamed of making your living as a writer? Are you looking for an online magazine that will point you in the right direction to finding well-paying writing jobs?

Jacob Jans’ Freedom with Writing claims to be able to send you a large selection of lucrative jobs in addition to giving recommendations about improving the quality of your work.

Follow me while I investigate further…


What is Jacob Jans’ Freedom with Writing?

Freedom with Writing is a straightforward website that aims to help aspiring writers find writing opportunities online. It is not a job board or employment site.

This is quite a simple site that makes some basic suggestions about how to improve your work and links you with various writing sites that are seeking new writing talent.



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If you subscribe to Freedom with Writing they will email you some reviews of writing sites and send links of writing vacancies.

I found that the writing sites that they recommend are a mixed bag. Some good leads often require extensive references and testing, but other recommendations are sites with extremely low pay or excessively strict policies.

It takes quite some time to go through all of the recommendations to find something worth pursuing.


Who is Jacob Jans?

Jacob Jans is the owner or co-owner and editor of various websites that focus on writers. These include, Writing Launch, Freedom with Writing, and Authors Publish Magazine.

He is also heavily involved in the mystery shopping business and owns the long-running Mystery Shopper magazine and the biggest online forum for mystery shoppers called the Mystery Shop Forum.

Additionally, Jacob has published various books that mostly focus on similar subjects.


Is Freedom with Writing a Scam?

I have read extensively about Freedom with Writing and I can find no evidence that it is a scam.

They exist through advertising and commissions for sending new writers to the various companies they recommend.

The biggest risk to subscribing to Freedom with Writing is spending too much time chasing a hopeless lead for finding new work, rather than any significant financial risk.



A Quick Review of the Pros and Cons of Jacob Jans’ Freedom with Writing

I spent considerable time reviewing Freedom with Writing and came across various pros and cons. I would like to share some of the most significant ones with you here. First up, the pros.


  • The biggest plus for this product is that it is free and I have never received any affiliate links from them. This is unusual and welcome. 
  • This is a legit site. There are no ways that they try to fleece money from you, so their honesty is praiseworthy. The sites that they recommend also appear to be mostly legit. If there are any fees involved, it is explained upfront and in a clear way.
  • The quantity of job leads that Freedom with Writing sends is very impressive. If you have the time to review them all and apply, there are some good opportunities to be found, especially for specialist subjects.

We have seen that there are several pros to like about this company, but we should also consider some of the cons.


  • There is a subscription charge for some of the companies recommended by Freedom with Writing. I suggest that you are very careful before parting with any money for these companies. You should always verify if you will get value for money from such companies. You should read reviews and consider other free alternatives for finding writing projects.
  • Constant Content was one of the companies recommended to me by Freedom with Writing, and I found them to be unnecessarily strict with their terms and conditions. I have worked as a professional writer for many years and I found that I wasted too much time with them for too small a result.
  • There are also recommendations for writing jobs that require little skill or experience. Unfortunately, in these cases, the payment is too low to seriously consider. It did also occur to me that some of these sites might just be a way to collect data to sell-on to a third party.
  • In my opinion, any newbie writer will have problems getting jobs that pay at an acceptable level from recommendations from Freedom with Writing. They offer no training to improve the skills which will be in demand from freelance writers. Companies who require content writers don’t just accept random content from inexperienced people, there are tests that you need to pass and they follow strict guidelines. A newbie is likely to struggle to get many benefits from this site.
  • I did find that I got a mountain of spam as a consequence of signing up for this site. Some people manage this with no issue, and some are annoyed by it, but either way, you can expect excessive spamming.


Now that we have reviewed the pros and cons, I will look at some other relevant points for Jacob Jans’ Freedom with Writing.


How much does this Subscription Cost?

There is no charge to subscribe to Freedom with Writing. They purely make their money through adverts and if you pay to subscribe to a company they recommend.

This means there is little financial risk involved here, but you should consider what you will gain from subscribing.

I found that I spent too much time following pointless leads and the amount of spam I received eventually grew quite annoying.


Other Opinions about Freedom with Writing

I always intend to give you my honest review of each product I look at, so I am always interested to get a sense of what other people’s opinions are.

For Jacob Jans’ Freedom with Writing, I looked at various sources online for feedback. There was not much valuable information on YouTube, Facebook Groups or online message boards.

I had more luck on Reddit and other review sites. The consensus seemed to be that there was no real harm in subscribing to this website as it is free, but there is not much to be gained:

Most people gave feedback that they read the emails for a while, perhaps applied for a few jobs and then disregarded any follow-up emails. I found no posts that anyone got a well-paying job from this site. I have also found an interesting YouTube Video with an opposite opinion and which might help you to understand the benefits: 


My Personal Experience with Jacob Jans

I have only looked seriously at Freedom with Writing as I have no interest in his other mystery shopping pages. I was quite underwhelmed by the articles I read and the writing jobs they recommended.

Unfortunately, I had a similar experience to some other reviewers. I read the emails for a couple of weeks and then disregarded them.


Freedom with Writing: In Conclusion

I have concluded that Jacob Jans’ Freedom with Writing is an attractive idea, but with too little actual result.

I can see little harm in signing up for this; it will cost you nothing unless you decide to subscribe to an outside company. However, you should manage your expectations.

Bottom line…

Although Jacob Jans seems to be well intentioned and has a sincere desire to help writers, I would pass on Freedom with Writing.

There are various other free resources for finding well paid writing jobs online, and I would suggest that you spend your time investigating those.


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