Phil Pustejovsky: Freedom Mentor Review – Is it Worth the Cost?

Have you heard of the tremendous profits being made with real estate investments? Would you like an industry expert to mentor you and show you how to become a success?

Phil Pustejovsky’s Freedom Mentor program claims to do just that. It offers mentorship to those interested in learning how to become a success in real estate.

Follow me while I Review Freedom Mentor in depth and help you decide if it represents good value.

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How can you Actually use Freedom Mentor?

Freedom Mentor is a program which claims to be able to teach you to make fast and large profits by utilizing real estate investments. 

They will partner with you and act as mentors to help you avoid the problems that typically occur with real estate. 

They will support and teach you the necessary skills in negotiating, financing and sales to become a success.

What is the cost of the Freedom Mentor Course?

There is no official price stated on the website of Freedom Mentor. Instead, you can find many online videos for free and you can also get Phil Pustejovsky’s Book “How To Be A Real Estate Investor” for free.

However, after doing quite a bit of research I came across some former members stating that you have to pay an initial fee of $3,000 and then on top the monthly membership of $197.


What We Need to Know About Phil Pustejovsky

Phil Pustejovsky has a colorful background and went through many struggles… including a period of homelessness… while learning the ropes in real estate.

The hard times paid off as Phil is now recognized as an industry expert and has been featured in many high profile media outlets.

He claims to have a huge portfolio of properties and describes himself as “the nation’s premier real estate mentor” through his Freedom Mentor program.

There are many Freedom Mentor Reviews online and there are many people who claim to have been helped by Phil. 

This does appear to be a legit program and is not a scam as it provides plenty of relevant information and offers great support.


Freedom Mentor: Review of the Pros and Cons

Let’s run through the positives and negatives to gain a greater understanding of Freedom Mentor. First up, the pros.


  • Paul Pustejovsky has a great online presence and has a particularly impressive YouTube channel. He has over 260,000 subscribers and it claims to be the most popular real estate investing YouTube channel in history with over 50 million views. Clearly, he is doing something right. There is a lot of free content which will give you a good idea of whether Phil is a person you feel comfortable dealing with.
  • Phil Pustejovsky has featured in many credible news outlets such as the Huffington Post, Business Insider, Entrepreneur Magazine, etc. They do recognize him as an industry expert and speak well of his training program and investment advice.
  • The Freedom Mentor website offers a useful book called “How to be a Real Estate Investor.” This will give you some of the basics about how Phil’s business strategy works, and I found it helpful in aiding me to decide if this program was for me.

We have seen that there are some great positives for this program, but let’s look at some of the cons. 


  • The cost of Freedom Mentor seems excessively high. The initial cost I paid was $997 and then $197 monthly. In addition, you need to pay Phil Pustejovsky 50% of your real estate investment profits until you reach a $100,000 threshold. This is a serious amount of money and you need to be really sure his advice and training are worth this before you commit to this deal.
  • The risk is all yours, but you are still committed to handing over half of your profits. I appreciate that Phil is sharing his knowledge and experience with you. However, you are committed to financing, managing, maintaining and renting or selling the properties. It seems to me that is a large commitment if you have to share 50% of the profits with someone who is taking zero risks.
  • There seems to be vagueness about the actual price to sign up to the program. I could find no pricing mentioned on the Freedom Mentor website. It seems that a price is only quoted after Phil or a member of his team has interviewed you by phone. I have seen people claim online to have been charged an initial fee of $3,000 or even $4,750. This has a negative effect on the program’s credibility and gives the impression that they charge whatever they think they can get you to pay.
  • There is a common criticism of programs such as this, that much of the information provided can be found for free online or in various easy to find books. In this case, I believe this to be a fair point. If you do some searching, there is a lot of information available. There is a huge amount of free real estate investing videos on YouTube, many articles and plenty of people giving advice on message boards.
  • There are various reports that you might have to deal with high-pressure tactics and aggressive sales people after you have sent your contact details. I did not experience that personally as I already had the budget in place and had decided to sign up for Freedom Mentor. However, I would find those tactics a huge turn off and it would give me serious doubts about the professionalism of the program.

I can’t emphasize this enough! Manage your expectations for a program that promises you huge, easy profits…

Growing wealth takes time, money and plenty of hard work…


Will Freedom Mentor make a 100% Change in My Life?

This program has seemingly worked for some people who have taken the course and they have gone on to make great profits. 

In this case, I am sure it will make a great change in their life and investment profits.

However, this is no sure thing and I would be fascinated to see the real percentage of people who go on to make life-changing profits after taking the Freedom Mentor program.


What are Others Saying about Freedom Mentor?

It is certainly true to say that starting a new business takes a significant amount of time and money. With this in mind, I believe it is important to get some opinions from other people.

Although I gave you my honest review about the Freedom Mentor course and ended up coming to a somewhat negative conclusion, some other people may have had a different experience.

Before considering the course, I read as much as I could about it on Facebook, other review sites and on message boards. There were a variety of opinions, some of which were useful and some were obviously biased. I found some of the most useful input on Reddit and there were many honest opinions put forward, like this one:

I would like to share some of these with you in the hope that you will gain some helpful information. I hope this makes it a little easier for you to choose the right course the first time!

Keep reading… my final verdict is coming up next…



Freedom Mentor is certainly an interesting idea and it is full of ways to make a profit in real estate. 

However, I didn’t like the long term commitment to paying monthly fees (in addition to a large upfront fee) and then a 50% royalty on any profits made.

Having said that, Phil Pustejovsky is an excellent presenter and clearly knows what he is talking about. 

I just didn’t feel I was being given enough training and know how to take on huge financial commitments in real estate.


Bottom line?

In my opinion, the price is too high and the commitment to paying such a high share of any profits is unrealistic.

Mostly due to this fact, I cannot recommend Phil Pustejovsky’s Freedom Mentor program.

There are various other real estate programs available for a more reasonable cost and I suggest that you look at those if your heart is set on a career in real estate investment.


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