Investing with Fisher Investments – Is it Worth the Fees?

Are you looking for a top money management firm? A team of top financial advisors who are well established and work on a fee-only basis?

Fisher Investments claims to be one of the most successful fee-only financial advisors. They offer annuity conversion, portfolio management, financial planning, and retirement planning.

I will study the available details of Fisher Investments and help you decide if they are a legit choice to manage your money.

Clearly choosing the firm to manage your investment portfolio is a complex task and I will look at the pros and cons of the services offered by them.


What does Fisher Investments do?

Fisher Investments has a flexible investment strategy and does not believe that one particular method is inherently superior.

They are active in making investments so they are always in a position to make changes in a client’s portfolio depending on market changes and projected market conditions.

They believe in diversification to avoid taking on too much risk and practice global asset management to expose portfolios to more opportunities and guard against domestic downturns.

They have a team of around 900 Financial Advisors to make the best and most secure decisions for your money.

Fisher Investments manages all aspects of your investment portfolio. They create a portfolio which is tailored to your requirements. It is comprised of US and international markets and includes stocks, bonds, cash, and other securities.

How high are the fees?

All in all, Fisher Investments charges a fee of 1.5% on portfolios up to $500,000. Portfolios worth more than that are usually charged a slightly lower fee. Even though some people might argue that 1.5% fee is too high, you should not forget that there are no hidden fees or commissions.


What We Need to Know About Ken Fisher and Fisher Investments

Ken Fisher worked as an investment columnist for Forbes magazine for many years and founded Fisher Investments in 1979. He has a reputation as a top global financial advisor.

To this day Ken still writes for other high profile noteworthy publications which include USA Today, The Financial Times of London, Telegraaf in the Netherlands and various others.

He is a billionaire with an estimated personal wealth of $3.6 billion and recognized as the 200th richest person in the USA. He was recognized by Investment Advisor magazine as being in the top 30 influential people in the investments advisory business for the past 30 years.

Fisher Investments is a legit organization who manage over $105 billion in assets and work with over 50,000 private clients, the vast majority of whom can be considered extremely wealthy.

High net worth clients comprise most of their client base with the typical account minimum set at $500,000. However, a lower minimum of $200,000 may be accepted on a case by case basis for certain investments.

Fisher Investments is based in the USA but have offices worldwide including the Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Canada, Italy, Spain, Norway, etc.


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They were named as one of the top 300 US-based Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) by the Financial Times which is a sign of their credibility and a stellar reputation.


A Review of the Pros and Cons of Fisher Investments

In order to gain a greater understanding of the quality of the work carried out by Fisher Investments, I would like to look at the positives and negatives associated with their firm. First up, the pros.


  • Fisher Investments is extremely credible with many years of experience in managing the money of the wealthy.
  • There are relatively few cases of negative feedback. I had to search quite hard to find anything negative written about Fisher Investments. That is quite an achievement when you consider the tens of thousands of investors they provide with their services.
  • Fisher Investments does a great job of keeping their clients informed and up to date on what investment strategies they are pursuing. I read through many online reviews from their satisfied clients and this was a recurring comment. This speaks well for their professionalism and desire to keep clients happy.
  • They host various seminars, round tables, and webinars which all of their clients are invited to attend. This allows you to ask questions and gain a clear picture of what investments are being planned on your behalf. The investment counselor I dealt with was extremely impressive and always made himself available to answer my questions.
  • Fisher Investments differentiate themselves from other money managers in various ways. They do not use static forms of investing, they prefer to utilize a dynamic approach and identify information which is not well known. This enables them to capitalize on those unknown opportunities.

We have seen some impressive positives for Fisher Investments. Let’s now take a look at some negative points.


  • There have been some complaints stated on the review website Yelp. These claim that the customer service could be improved upon and that they often change appointment times and scheduled phone meetings. There are other general complaints about phone calls not being returned, etc.
  • Some people online have complained that the fees are too high, although it could be argued that you get what you pay for. Typical fees of between 1-1.5% are on the high side, but the expert team of financial advisors and international offices have to be paid for somehow!
  • Of course, all investments are carried out at your own risk and there can be no guarantees. You need to analyze the information given to you and make an informed opinion as to whether this is the firm to manage your money.

It is needless to say that most of us have worked extremely hard to accumulate our wealth, so finding the best asset management firm is essential.


What Other Input is Online about Fisher Investments

Although I liked this course and came to a positive conclusion, we all have differing opinions. 

I have given you my honest review for Fisher Investments, but I would like to show you some other opinions that I have found online. I spent quite some time researching this course before I wrote my review. I learned a lot of new information from other review pages, message boards, and on some Facebook Groups. Here is an interesting review from Yelp: 

It did become apparent that some people have an agenda, perhaps to achieve affiliate sales or to downplay a competitor. In my opinion, some of the really informative and honest feedback can be found on YouTube and Yelp. I recommend checking out the Youtube Channel of Fisher Investments. It has many interesting videos about market analysis and investing tips but it especially gives you an overview of how Fisher Investments operates and invests for you: 

I believe it is useful to spend a little time reading other people’s views before you pay for anything. There can be a lot of valuable information there. I hope that you gain something useful from this and it helps you make the correct choice first time.

Join me as I reach my final verdict on Ken Fisher’s Fisher Investments… 


My Conclusion for Fisher Investments

I found Fisher Investments to be an extremely credible firm and to be well respected in their industry.

I do recognize that some people have an issue with the cost of using their services and there may be a few issues with the customer service, but overall you get what you pay for. 

That is a huge team of international experts dedicated to protecting and growing your asset portfolio.


Bottom line?

This firm is extremely credible and definitely not a scam. If you are looking for a legit choice to manage your money you should certainly consider Fisher Investments.

Ken Fisher has put together an elite team of forward-thinking financial experts and I have no hesitation to recommend Fisher Investments.


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  1. Do you feel that Mr. Fisher’s crass and mysogenistic comments, recently heavily covered in the media, should be mentioned in your review? Many folks, myself included, care not only about growing our money, but also about they types of behaviors that our money supports. Although my account at Fisher investment did fine, I am moving my money because I do not want to support a company that enriches a man who thinks so little of women. I look forward to a future in which women are respected and treated equally and not as objects to be conquered. One way for me to give voice to my perspective is to “vote with my feet” and take my money away from Ken Fisher’s firm. You can look into this yourself and edit your review if you think it is pertinent. It appears to be fact, and of course we do not want to harass or troll, but it seem pertinent for many folks trying to decide who should manage their money.

  2. I am considering moving an offshore trust from Saint James Place to Fisher investments. The trust is for my two children who both live in the USA and is currently worth about £300,000. I am not at all happy with Saint James Place. I am hoping that I will get better service from Fisher investments if I go ahead with the transfer.

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