Enagic Review: Working as a Distributor for Enagic – is it Scam?

Have you ever considered getting involved in a good, profitable multi-level marketing business? There are good opportunities out there, would you like to learn more?


Enagic was founded over four decades ago in Japan and has now spread worldwide.

Enagic is clearly a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. It offers various water treatment systems at various price points and encourages you to sign up as a distributor and set your own team up. To do this you need to invest in a filter for demonstration purposes which costs around $4,000 and encourage your sales team to do the same.


Enagic Distributor: Instroduction

Unlike some other people, I don’t believe that the MLM system is automatically a bad thing. There are plenty of honorable companies that supply good quality products at reasonable prices. The question to consider is, is Enagic one of them, and is the business opportunity offered as good as they claim?

Have you ever dreamed of finding a way to become rich? The kind of rich that allows you to say a permanent goodbye to your boss and run your business from home?

Sounds unlikely right now, doesn’t it? Like an impossible dream? What if I were to tell you, all you need is the right business opportunity and plenty of hard work? Well, you can achieve this by next year…

Join me… I will study Enagic in depth and decide is it legit? It could be the business to inspire your success. To make your dreams become a reality.

The information you need is only a few scrolls away…


Enagic Review – is it a Scam?

Based on many Enagic Reviews online, the overwhelming opinion is negative. There are doubts about the effectiveness of the product and business practices of the company themselves. It would be reasonable to think – is it a scam?

I believe it is best if you make your own mind up about this. I will study both the product and business further and give you as much input as I can. My initial thoughts are that there is some reason for concern. There seem to be various complaints online and I know from personal research that the whole concept of “alkaline water” is questionable in many ways. However, Enagic is established worldwide including all over Europe, Asia, and the USA, so they do deserve further study.

How can you actually use this?

I will investigate the real worth of the product and the business opportunity presented and give my thoughts in the conclusion.


A Review of the Pros and Cons of Enagic

In order to get a clearer understanding of both the product and opportunity offered by Enagic, I would like to look at the positives and negatives associated with it. Let’s start with the pros.



  • If you have a talent for sales, there is a great opportunity to make some impressive sales through the range of water purifiers they offer. Commissions are good and with some hard work and a bit of talent and determination, a decent income is achievable.
  • The upscale pricing of the product means higher commissions and a big challenge. This is certainly attractive, and if you have the knack for selling that this product requires, you could do well financially.
  • Enagic is represented in 23 countries worldwide which indicated they have achieved a certain level of acceptance and formed successful businesses.

We have seen the positives, so for the sake of balance, let’s have a look at the cons.



  • The money-making idea behind Enagic is flawed. The idea is to recruit 34 members for your sales team to enable all to make good commissions. The issue here is are you confident that you can find 34 people who will invest $4,000+ in a water filtration kit, and in turn be able to find another 34 people for their own team? It is not completely impossible, I guess, but I do start hearing the theme tune to Tom Cruise’s most popular movie franchise whenever I think about it! Without that level of recruitment, you will end up being disappointed with your income.
  • The whole concept of ionized water is doubtful. I was interested in this several years ago and even asked the opinions of several chemist friends. All unanimously agreed that it was nonsense and that pure water can never be alkaline or acidic and can’t be made so by electrolysis. I am convinced the whole alkaline water industry is made up and not based in reality. It is a pretty amazing achievement to get 100’s of people paying large sums of money for something which has no provable effect at all.
  • Kangen water (the original supplier of the filtration machines) has been discredited both for the over the top claims of effectiveness and for their business practices. Any cursory search online will see many people who complain they have been ripped off by various different businesses using this product. Enagic themselves have been sued for shady business practices.
  • If for some reason, you believe the body will achieve great health benefits through adjusting the pH level, the same effect can be achieved with simple baking soda which is available for a few cents per pack. This is a lot cheaper than $4,000 – so why buy the machine?
  • Under normal circumstances the human body is capable of adjusting the pH to the proper level – it is called homeostasis. Many doctors believe these machines can actually cause hydroxyl ions which are harmful free radicals and can lead to cancer and arthritis. It seems to me that the whole thing is based on junk science.

On balance, I have to say that the cons seem to be winning here. There are a lot of negatives for the Enagic to overcome, both with its product and MLM business.

Please keep reading… I am ready to give my final verdict…



There are people online who are almost evangelical about this product, so I was curious to learn more…

The fact is that Enagic lacks credible evidence that their product does any good for your health at all. It may be appealing to sell a high-end product in order to gain some high commissions, and that is certainly possible with Enagic, but there must be a better choice of product with more credibility.

I was also concerned that they used unsavory business practices and that so few people actually seem to succeed when they set up this business (online estimates are that between 95 to 98% of people fail when they try an Enagic business).


What’s the real story?

Think carefully before using one of these machines, let alone investing thousands of dollars in one.

Investing in a business which is based on unproven science is a terrible idea. You will always be in the position of having to lie (or at least be deceptive) in order to get a sale.


Bottom line?

I cannot recommend Enagic in any way. Even with MLM, there are many excellent products available. There are definitely better businesses out there which will involve less investment and more ethical business practices.

Do not let yourself get talked into investing in Enagic, either as a health product or business opportunity!


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Written by Randi.io

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  1. Wow! Your review first indicates to make your own choice then ends with do not let yourself be talked into it for health.

    My Mother began using the Kangen water and she returned to her physician to advise that the medication that was prescribed for her stomach illness she has not needed to take for over a month as a result of no symptoms.

    My Mom told her friends and each one is drinking because of Kangen water share program that allows everyone 30 day trials. Each of her friends are seeing health improvements with their issues.

    I began using the water as part of my health journey for maintenance and skin issues and in 2 weeks my skin issues were corrected.

    Your review is dangerous. The person I met didn’t “sell” me. They provided information. If you know of something that has been proven to help, wouldn’t you share?. You stated that there is no proof. Well my Mom and I have weekly meeting in Toronto, Canada that hear personal proof.

    The statement of the unit costing $4000 is also not honest. A truthful review would state that various units are available for your level of health concern. For me, my unit costs is $1,400, because I’m on preventative as a 6 year breast cancer conqueror. The unit that is $4000 is for serious immediate diagnosis health concerns.

    As for what our body produces naturally to help maintain our PH level, that statement also is misleading. The person whose nutritional intake is natural oils, highly plant based foods, and living water source (coconut oil, greens (not broccoli), fruits (taken in the morning and not mixed with your vegetables), natural alkaline water) and that person is low on foods that are acidic (coffee, lattee, animal meat, animal mucus a.k.a milk, cheese), yes, that person’s body will do what is it natural designed to do; maintain body at a high alkaline state. It is insane and reckless to think that our body will do for itself, that we would get out what we don’t put in. That thinking defies all laws; physical, financial, mental and spiritual. Practical system of banking or relationships also applies. My journey over cancer and mental illness gives me first hand knowledge all to well.

    Your review in dangerous and reckless because it makes an authoritative feedback that the Kangen water claims are false when in fact the use of the water has produced health improvements. Is it a coincidence that the head quarters of this device is in one of the blue zones that the World Health Organization itself has listed consistently. Is is a wonder why the West isn’t listed expect 1 State in the US and if researched it is because that state is known for their strict food regulations and high organic living. I welcome the blue zone Technology to make its way into the West.

    We are always being “sold” something. When a diagnosis is given, we are bring sold a drug or a procedure. We are being sold imagery of hair colour, lipstick brand, clothing, cars, luggage, cold beverages, hot beverages, under garments, school bags, pens, paper, soap, toothpaste even feminine products, male hygiene, everyone is being sold “lifestyle”. While being on your site I am being sold with various affiliate links.

    Being “sold” information in the form of free webinars or presentations about blue zones, the difference between natural and chemical Alkaline (baking soda), the harm on the body when it consumes chemical processing of alkaline water which also includes reverse osmosis, the water molecular structures in simple easy to understand ways, acidic and alkaline foods and liquids, plus 30 day trial of the Kangen water, I have no problem buying.

    After being “sold” all that, can an unbiased review that will directly impact a person’s decision regarding a health choice purchase should me done.

    Similar to any affiliate compensation plan, this company sharing their marketing and advertising budget to individuals who share their testimony after using the water isn’t unethical. Unethical are the affiliate programs or corporate sponsors that product place their brand, with the intended purpose to refere individuals to drink and eat products that kills or cause serious health issues (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, obesity, focus and concentration, etc).


    Opa.(Lady O)

  2. Thank you for sharing this article. I almost join a group that promise to earn 6 figure income. They show a free live workshop that’s really enticing how this program changed peoples lives for the better because they have better income and can work from home.Though, they don’t really tell what products they are selling, i paid the one time membership fee so they will give the details because i was so interested about how they earn money online. After paying they will show you the product and how they pay a very lucrative commission system. But if it’s not for you, you can refund the membership fee within 30 days. So, I did some researched and ask myself if it’s worth promoting the product or will I just be one of those people trying to earn money but not a product believer.

    • Thanks for sharing your honesty. I’m in the exact situation right now. I purchased the one time fee and watched the videos to learn that if I want to pursue this I have to purchase the product. What did you end up doing? I’m interested to know.

  3. Please don’t waste your money on this Enagic MLM scheme. The failure rate is atrocious. The scheme is based on Facebook marketing and almost all know that Facebook is not a good thing to base a business on. Facebook disables accounts regularly for reasons only known to Facebook. When I got involved, I thought that I would be a legitimate distributor for the product only to find out that I was part of an MLM scheme. Yes, some have made money using this scheme but far more have not. They tell you that you don’t need any experience; that is a lie. I lost my money and I accept the responsibility for my foolishness. If you want to earn a living from home, there are legitimate businesses out there. Search, investigate and use your wisdom.

  4. I am a distributor, with great results. And the water has done wonders for my health. My skin is smooth after using the beauty water, my teen’s pimples are cleared and his confidence restored .

  5. I joined this in June 2019. I myself have been busy on other things in my life but stay plugged into the community. I will tell you things from a different angle. I have personally watched about 15- 20 people in my demographic area increase their income and 1/3 have left their full time jobs to pursue this further and spend time doing as they want. I literally seen single people living in apartments quit jobs and are now in their own homes. Unless they won the lottery or their relatives all left them money … too coincidental to be happening all at the same time. Anyways it’s just another case of people who don’t know the full story assuming their beliefs in what some system is or isn’t is the right conclusion.

  6. I was just researching because of this enagic machine in this dream team in FB. If the price is more than 1000 US dolaars. That is very high and not all can afford this. I may need to be refunded then with my joining in this dream team.


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