eCom Hacks Academy Review: Is Jared Goetz Legit?

Have you read about the huge profits being made on Shopify? Ordinary people becoming millionaires by setting up a  dropshipping business? Does it sound like an interesting thing to get involved with?


Jared Goetz has a dropshipping course called eCom Hacks which teaches how to set up an e-commerce business using Shopify and mostly advertising through paid Facebook Ads.

This guy and his company are well known for coining the name “drop surfing” which is basically dropshipping under a different name. They offer a full curriculum which will teach the whole process of setting up a successful business from A to Z.


Jared Goetz and Dropsurfing – is it Legit?

If you ask me – is it legit? I would have to answer that they supply a program which contains what they claim it does and they have many positive reviews online, so they certainly seem legit to me.

Have you ever dreamed of saying goodbye to your boss forever? Having your own successful business which you can run from the comfort of your home?

It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? A world away?

I think you will agree that something has to change…

What if I told you this is all possible?


Well, you can achieve this by finding the right business opportunity, studying a first-rate program and working hard!

Here’s the deal…

Join me… I will do an extensive review of the real opportunity offered by enrolling in the eCom Hacks course. I will give you my unbiased opinion and give a recommendation in my final verdict.

eCom Hacks could be the program which will inspire you to start a successful business and make your dreams become reality.

The information you need is only a few scrolls away…


eCom Hacks by Jared Goetz – is it a scam?

There are so many dropshipping programs available online that it can be hard to tell the good from bad. Perhaps you have already tried some and had a disappointing experience – even felt scammed?

You would be justified in thinking, what will be different with eCom Hacks – is it a scam?

I prefer to let you make up your own mind about that. I will supply you with enough information to make an informed opinion.

In my opinion eCom Hacks is quite well established with a good following so it is unlikely to be a scam.

Perhaps the more important questions are, will I get value for money and how can you actually use this?

I will study eCom Hacks in more detail and elaborate on these points later…



Review of the Pros and Cons of eCom Hacks

In order to get a greater understanding of eCom Hacks, I want to take a look at the positives and negatives associated with it. First up, the pros. These include:

  • Jared Goetz is very active on social media and has a lot of interesting free content on his YouTube channel. This is useful as it allows you to get an impression of how is his presenting style before you sign up for his course.
  • The curriculum is very extensive and runs through everything you need to learn in order to get set-up. Topics covered include: ways to start your store, how to convert prospects into customers, finding the right niche of products to sell, how to deal with domestic and overseas suppliers, creating and actioning as campaigns, customer service issues etc. I was impressed with the thoroughness contained here.
  • eCom Hacks has a very active private Facebook group. On there you can interact with like-minded people who are experienced industry insiders. Whatever the issue is that you are facing, somebody there will be able to help. I found it very reassuring that there was always someone to reach out to and a good way to stay motivated during moments of doubt.

There always seem to be negatives to follow positives, so let’s look at some of the cons. These include:

  • Facebook Ads are very expensive and have a relatively low conversion rate. How much are you expected to invest before you start to make a profit? eCom Hacks hardly looks at alternatives for advertising.
  • There are long-standing issues with the dropshipping process which are not properly addressed here. One example is what happens if you have accepted payment for an order and your overseas supplier lets you down. What do you do? Similarly, if your shipment is delayed by months and you have a furious client, how do you handle it? I would expect a program at this price point to have innovative solutions for issues like these. Instead, they are hardly mentioned.
  • The price is an issue. There are several different levels available at different price points, but I paid almost $2,000 which is a lot for anyone to find, especially if you are just starting out in business. There are also other startup costs to consider for a subscription to Shopify, a budget for Facebook Ads etc. This could easily be another few thousand dollars.
  • The video content has an issue with the truth. Frankly, a lot of this content was all over the place. Too many factual errors and misleading claims. One great one was telling me there was no investment needed to set up a Shopify dropshipping business just after charging me nearly $2,000 for the course!
  • Beginners get sold a dream rather than reality. The eCom Hacks advertising is all Jared Goetz driving around in a Lamborghini saying how easy it is to get rich if you follow his program.

The reality is somewhat different, it takes a huge amount of effort to make a dropshipping business work. On top of everything else, you have to study the program hard and spend long hours perfecting, refreshing, and monitoring Facebook Ads. It is certainly not easy!


I can’t emphasize this enough…

It is possible to run a successful dropshipping business through Shopify in 2020, but it takes hard work and dedication. “Get rich quick” schemes don’t work and there are no shortcuts!

Keep reading…

I am ready to deliver my final verdict…


eCom Hacks Academy Conclusion

Initially, I thought there was a good business opportunity offered by the eCom Hacks program. However, when I started to work my way through it I became less impressed.

There were too many important parts of dropshipping that were not properly covered. I started to think Jared Goetz should have spent less time being filmed driving around in his luxury sports cars and more time improving his course.

I did think that some of the curricula were really good, and there was a lot to be learned from it, but overall I didn’t think there was enough depth to the course to offer value for money.


What’s the real story?

I am not convinced by the course overall. Some of the content is just wrong and the claims of a seven-figure monthly income seem laughable.

Bottom line?

I cannot recommend eCom Hacks as a wise investment for your time and money. I believe the dropshipping business model is still viable in 2020, but if you wish to pursue it, you should look at alternative courses to study.


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