Dan Dasilva’s ECom Dudes Academy: An honest Course Review

Dan Dasilva offers an online course called the ECom Dudes Academy which teaches how to utilize Shopify to build your own dropshipping business.

The basic process is to find a reasonably priced supplier such as aliexpress.com find an effective niche for the products you promote and sell at inflated prices on the international marketplace.


Introduction: Dan Dasilva and his ECom Dudes Academy

Dropshipping through Shopify is certainly a growing business opportunity and many people are making a large profit through this business model. The question is, will ECom Dudes Academy be the course which will lead to a successful business and your dream lifestyle?

Imagine a future where you can buy whatever you want and never even consider the price. Owning a large mansion with sports cars parked outside…

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It seems a world away, doesn’t it? An impossible dream right?

The right business which will allow you to have this lifestyle is achievable. Let’s discuss if Dan Dasilva’s ECom Dudes Academy will inspire you to your dream lifestyle. Is it legit?

Keep reading while I analyze the pros and cons of this program and reach a definitive conclusion. The information you need to make up your own mind is only a few scrolls away….


ECom Dudes Academy by Dan Dasilva – Is it a scam?

There is certainly a lot of information supplied by Dan Dasilva, so I am reluctant to call it a scam. The far bigger question is, how effective is the program and will I truly benefit from it?

There are various people online who claim this course has helped them to start a profit-making business so while it may be a legit course and no scam, I will investigate further to help you decide whether it is worth your time and investment.

There are so many options out there for online business courses that it is worth considering all of the alternatives.


What is the price of enrolling with the ECom Dudes Academy?

You pay for this Course by purchasing a monthly membership for $47 and you get a 7-days money back guarantee. However, depending on what you want and need, it can happen that you will spend more money on special features and tools that are not included in the monthly membership.


A Review of the Pros and Cons of Dan Dasilva’s ECom Dudes Academy

Let’s review the pros and cons to decide on how legit this program is.


  •  The copy and the marketing for this course are well done and is well organized. A lot of the written material is well thought out and presented in a clear way. The written coursework is one of the main strengths of this program.
  •  Unlike many other courses of this type, ECom Dudes Academy charges a reasonable monthly rate with no large upfront commitment. This is a good selling point for this program as if you are dissatisfied for any reason you can simply stop the monthly payments and try a different opportunity. This does show that they are confident that their product is informative and clients will be happy to continue paying.
  •  Dan Dasilva has a prominent online presence with over 100,000 YouTube subscribers. Simple logic suggests there must be some worthwhile information included in his courses to attract such interest. He presents the image of success very well and this will make his clients confident that they can work hard and build a good Shopify business.

In order to make a balanced judgment about how legit ECom Dudes Academy is, we also need to analyze the cons associated with it.


  •  I can find no evidence online that Dan Dasilva has built any successful businesses except for selling courses of this type. There are allegations online that his Shopify business is just for show and he just sells products at a tiny profit in order to be able to make claims of high turnover. It certainly appears that he is only really concerned with selling courses. Is it a scam? Well, perhaps not exactly, but in my opinion a lot of the claims made are deceptive.
  •  There is very little sharing of key information to help you become successful. Usually, the value of this type of program is the sharing of little nuances which have allowed the host to build a profitable business. There is hardly any of this with ECom Dudes Academy as everything is very generalized and it comes across as if the instructors have just studied the subject and don’t have actual real-world experience. I have always believed that in order to be able to teach effectively you need to have personally been through the process and not just regurgitating information from others. 
  •  The online “webinars” offered by Dan Dasilva are low quality. There is little information of value offered and mostly features Dan bragging about his lifestyle and how he will make you rich. It features “hard sell” tactics that always imply the key information is just around the corner. The guest speakers add very little and the set up seemed poorly organized with sound issues and unprofessional discussions which really add nothing of value.
  •  There are many negative reviews of this program online. Of course, this is a competitive business which is not for everyone, so a certain amount of unsatisfied clients are to be expected but the sheer number of people who appear to be dissatisfied with ECom Dudes Academy seems to suggest a deeper issue. There are even accusations of fake photo opportunities and made up claims of success so clearly, some clients are upset!
  • Most of the information from their video content can be found free on YouTube. Once again their use of generic information with a lack of depth comes across as a con. A simple search finds various similar or even better e-commerce videos on YouTube for no charge which makes me ask the question, why would I pay for ECom Dudes Academy?

There are good points on both sides of the pros and cons. It is a matter for your preferences and how you judge the available information to help you decide if this is the right course for you. 


What are Some Other People’s Thinking About Dan Dasilva’s ECom Dudes Academy?

Whenever you undertake a business and decide to enroll in a course there is a commitment for both time and money. This is why it is important to make the right choice the first time. None of us have time to waste on something which will not prove useful.

I have given you my honest review of the ECom Dudes Academy. I did think parts of the course were informative but, overall, I reached a negative conclusion. 

It may well be that other people will conclude differently, so I decided to look for some feedback.

There was a cross section of opinions on Facebook Groups, message boards, and other review sites. Some proved to be useful and others were just a way of making affiliate sales or promoting an alternative product.

Some of the best perspectives were to be found on Reddit and YouTube. There were generally honest and informative opinions expressed. I will present some of these to you here:

I also recommend watching a couple of videos from the Official ECom Dudes YouTube Channel to find out whether this Course would suit your needs or not.

I hope this proves helpful to you and leads to a successful choice of business.


In Conclusion

Dan Dasilva has a confident, possibly even arrogant, attitude and he stresses that with the required effort you can make a success of the Shopify model to create a profit-making dropshipping business. He attracts a large following online, so there are certain clients who have benefitted from his tips and advice.

However, I remain unconvinced that the ECom Dudes Academy is one of the better choices available, there is a lack of depth to the content and it does not adequately cover important parts of the dropshipping business such as negotiating with overseas clients, problem-solving and most importantly of all finding the right niche for the products you offer.

On the plus side, there is a minimal financial risk to try this program as you can simply stop your subscription after the initial month, but I do think you should look at the other choices available before you decide to commit to this course. Your time and money are precious, so make sure you make the right choice when deciding on which business program will inspire you to achieve your dream lifestyle!


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