Derrick Struggle’s Amazon FBA Heroes Course: Scam or Legit?

Have you heard of the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) business model? Have you heard about the huge profits being made?

There are many people marketing courses which teach about how to be a success using Amazon FBA and today I will review Derrick Struggle’s Amazon FBA Heroes course and determine if it is something I can recommend to help grow your dropshipping business.

Derrick Struggle has clearly put a lot of effort into his YouTube channel in the hope of promoting his business course. He does speak some good sense and I am interested to see what Amazon FBA Heroes has to offer. The course basically teaches dropshipping through the Amazon web page and features advice on how to choose products which will sell well, setting up your business, dealing with overseas suppliers and growing your business. If you were to ask me, is it legit? I would say that it appears to offer what it claims to, so…yes.


The bigger question is how effective is it and is it worth the money? These are points that I will investigate further and consider when I look at the pros and cons of this product.

What is your dream in life? Perhaps it is a life of luxury with servants and a big mansion? Or, a life of international travel staying in all of the top resorts?

What if I told you it is all possible? The right business to allow you to achieve your dreams is out there somewhere…

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Derrick Struggle’s Amazon FBA Heroes Course – Is it a scam?

As I look at this course, there are some impressive parts. It has a fairly wide range of topics to study and some of the video content I have seen has been well put together (if a little short) so if you are thinking – is it a scam? I wouldsay it doesn’t seem to be, but I will investigate further.

Join me as I analyze if Amazon FBA Heroes could be the key to helping you find your successful business.

Keep reading as the answers you require are only a few scrolls away…

A Review of the Pros and Cons of Derrick Struggle’s Amazon FBA Heroes Course

Both positives and negatives should be considered in order to reach a proper conclusion as to the quality of this product. First, let’s consider the pros:

  • There is a decent live support system in place and live weekly internet seminars to answer your questions. I was impressed that all of these events are recorded and the student is given lifetime access to these and any new ones which are added.
  • Many people have got rich using the Amazon FBA model and this course does gather a lot of information about how to be successful in this business. There is a properly constructed two-month course which will teach you how to set up your dropshipping business and promote it through various forms of online advertising.
  • The Amazon FBA Heroes course is particularly strong with teaching people who are new to the dropshipping business. They feature training to walk you through initial planning to launching your website and beginning to sell and then to promoting your business and growing traffic to increase sales.

 As with many things in life a negative follows a positive, so let’s take a look at the cons:

  • The course is not particularly comprehensive compared to others offered in a similar price range. There are only around four hours of video content, and although it does contain some interesting lessons, many of them are only a few minutes long and I feel it should be more substantial overall.
  • There are weaknesses in the Amazon FBA business model which are not adequately addressed in Amazon FBA Heroes. One of the biggest issues is what do you do if you are let down by your overseas supplier? What if you have accepted an order and then through no fault of own you can’t fulfill it? This is a problem that I have faced in my own online business and there is no easy solution. I would expect a basic issue like this to be discussed and answers found.
  • Amazon FBA is an increasingly competitive field and it is hard for the newcomer to find the right niche to be competitive. The same old tactics no longer work and I remain unconvinced that there is much innovation featured in this course to inspire new strategies.
  • A lot of the information featured in Amazon FBA Heroes can be found for free online. If you look around YouTube, Reddit and various online message boards you will have access to these details and there are people who have had a similar amount of experience to Derrick Struggle to discuss your concerns with. At a price point of nearly $1,000, I am starting to question if this is worth it.
  • There are many bad online reviews for this product. This may not be a true reflection of the quality of the course, as anybody can claim pretty much anything online, but I find it troubling. The course seems to have a low student success rate and appears to be lacking in ways to keep students inspired and motivated.

We have seen that there are various strong and weak points to Derrick Struggle’s Amazon FBA course. I must admit I found it lacking in several areas and I am ready to give my verdict in the conclusion.

The Course Conclusion

I reviewed Derrick Struggle’s Amazon FBA Heroes program with an open mind. There are some likeable things about Derrick himself but I quickly started to feel that the course is too basic. I am not convinced that Derrick Struggle is credible and I can find little evidence online to back up his claims of success.

My main gripe with this course is that it is not comprehensive enough. There is a lack of depth to the material and I believe that most of the information it contains could be found for free online. The pricing is far too high at nearly $1,000 and for that price, I would expect something truly innovative that would enable me to solve complex issues.

Bottom line?

I cannot recommend Amazon FBA Heroes as I think it is too expensive for what it is. The Amazon FBA business model is still a viable way to make money in my opinion, but if you are looking for a worthwhile course I suggest you look at alternatives to this one.

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Randi aims to fight internet harassment on social media. She had great success at helping mitigate some of the challenges in dealing with targeted harassment from online mobs, and Randi left her long career in the tech industry to go full-time with this. Randi knows she can make bigger, better things.

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