Darren Hardy’s Course “Insane Productivity” in Review

Are you searching for ways to improve your productivity? Are you running a business, but can’t find enough hours in the day to get everything done?


There might be a new solution to this issue with Darren Hardy’s Insane Productivity.

Darren has a long history of inspiring people to success and has conducted in-depth research to put this program together to help people increase their productivity.


What Exactly is Darren Hardy’s Insane Productivity?

This program claims to be able to help you increase your productivity by lessons that Darren Hardy has put together using his vast experience in business. He guarantees that you will triple your productivity, or he will give you your money back!

The Insane Productivity course is put together featuring 12 modules and 6 video mentoring sessions. The curriculum is varied. It features topics such as productivity addictions, strategic breakthroughs for going big, and b building your support systems.


Who is Darren Hardy?

Darren is a success mentor to high-achievers and CEOs and has been one of the leaders in the “success media” industry for the past few decades.

He was the editor and publisher of the popular Success magazine, and he is the founder of the Higher Productivity info product.

It covers over ten years of study in seeking high productivity. Darren interviewed many industry giants while creating this program, including Sir Richard Branson, Steve Wynn, Jack Welch, and many more.


Is the Course Insane Productivity a Scam?

I read a lot of feedback about Insane Productivity, and I found no evidence that it is a scam of any kind.

Darren Hardy has a credible background, and he provides the material in his program that he claims will be included.

The questions you need to ask yourself when considering this course is how much are you willing to invest in self-improvement? Will this course provide you with significant benefits compared to other options?


A Quick Review of the Pros and Cons of Darren Hardy’s Insane Productivity

I spend considerable time researching and studying Insane Productivity, and several pros and cons became apparent.

I will share some of the more significant ones with you now. First up… the advantages, these include:


  • There is a solid “results guarantee” available in the form of a 30-day money-back guarantee. Darren claims you can triple your productivity by following his program. If this fails to happen, you can simply send in your first four-module worksheets within 30-days, and you will receive a full refund. I initially had some doubts about subscribing to this course. Still, this type of guarantee persuaded me to sign up as I figured there is not too much to lose with a money-back guarantee.
  • Darren Hardy has an impressive YouTube channel with over 50k subscribers. He has posted a selection of videos that will give you an accurate impression of how he operates and should help you decide if his course is for you. There is a lot of useful free content which focuses on improving your mindset, productivity, and attitude towards achieving success.
  • The program has a video mentoring course, which I found to be impressive. In these videos, Darren capably discusses topics such as social media management, managing energy, and how to protect your mind. I thought this was the most substantial part of this course, and the one way it differentiates itself from similar info products. Darren Hardy comes across as a serious-minded expert who is offering advice learned from his real-life experience.

We have looked at some persuasive positives for this course. Let’s now take a look at some of the less-impressive aspects. These include:


  • The video content is released weekly. If you like to study quickly or absorb information quickly, it may be a chore to have to wait until the next Friday for the next update. I do prefer my course to be released at one time so that I can study whenever I wish. I assume that the staggered release of material is linked to the 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Self-help courses are not suitable for everybody. There are always some people who are self-motivated and will not gain much from listening to experts discuss productivity, even if they are skilled.
  • A lot of the material contained in this course depends on how you feel about Darren Hardy himself. If you feel he is an inspirational figure, you will be motivated by what he teaches, but a lot of it is mostly based on common sense.
  • From time-to-time, this course is sold out, and you need to put your name on a waiting list. In my case, it was only for a matter of days, but this could be an issue for some people who are keen to get started immediately. I did feel that this was a sales gimmick.
  • The price is too high for this product, in my opinion. There is a considerable amount of productivity advice available for free from various sources. There are many cheaper courses and books available, and they may be a viable option for some people.

As with all courses of this type, there are various pros and cons. Follow me while I investigate other relevant parts of this course…


How much does this Info Product Cost?

At the time I subscribed to Darren Hardy’s Insane Productivity I managed to get a promotional deal of an initial $495, followed by three monthly payments of $495.

This makes the total cost $1980. I have seen this info product advertised at a higher price, so it is always worth checking for any promos.

As I have alluded to at other points in this review, the value for money of this course really depends on how you feel about self-improvement programs.

If you are the type of person to be inspired and be able to make a dramatic increase in your productivity, Darren Hardy is a persuasive speaker with vast knowledge and could be an excellent choice for you.

On the other hand, this is a significant amount of money to pay.  Some other people may prefer to invest this money in learning some more practical skills – such as the latest social media marketing techniques.

I believe the value of this info product is dependent on how the individual subscriber will use it.


Other People’s Opinions about Darren Hardy

When I approach a new info product review, I like to get a cross-section of other people’s opinions. I look at Facebook Groups, other review sites, and online message boards to see what folks are saying.

In this case, I didn’t find much useful information for Insane Productivity. People were either too pro or anti this product to get an accurate picture.

I had better luck on Reddit and YouTube, where I found the feedback to be more honest and realistic.

Those people who were looking for some motivation to improve their productivity had positive things to say about Darren Hardy. He is absolutely an expert in the success and productivity industry and conveys his message well.


My Personal Experience with Darren Hardy

I have been subscribed to Darren’s YouTube channel for several months, and I must admit that I do like his style of presentation. He speaks authoritatively and clearly, has helped many people in the past.


In Conclusion: Insane Productivity

There are some likeable things about Darren Hardy. He is experienced in the industry, has interviewed and worked with many business giants, and has put together an interesting info product.

The value you will get from this depends on how comfortable you are investing in self-improvement. A lot of this information is available online or in far cheaper books. Darren’s own “The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster” book features some of this material.

Bottom line:

Insane productivity could be useful for some people. Still, in my case, I would prefer to use the significant investment to develop some other skills and use cheaper sources to improve my productivity.


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