Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer – My Honest Review!

Have you always dreamed of becoming a success in business? Are you still on the lookout to improve your skills, and finally make the big time?

Dan Lok started as a copywriter and now promotes himself effectively as a business educator online. He sells a wide range of business courses and is probably best known for his High Ticket Closer program and his impressive social media presence.


Introduction to Dan Lok

There are so many ” business gurus ” online that it can be confusing to choose one to follow. Dan Lok is an interesting character, and if you ask me – is he legit? I will say that there is no straightforward answer.


I want to investigate the value that his courses offer and see if they are something that I can recommend to you. I will look at other people’s opinions, run through the pros and cons, and give you my honest opinion about Dan Lock in my conclusion.

We live in a complex time, and it is reasonable to want to improve our situation. A lavish lifestyle with a new sports car and luxury holidays sounds good.

Right now, that feels like a world away, doesn’t it?



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What if I tell you the right business to achieve your dreams is out there – it is just a matter of finding it…

Join me… I will look at what Dan Lok has to offer in greater depth and see if his programs are the way to inspire you to make your fortune.

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Dan Lok’s Programs: is it a Scam?

Too many people have been burned by expensive online courses that didn’t give them the value they expected. It is normal to think – is it a scam? – when looking at a new program.

It is not a simple question to answer. Dan Lok’s courses seem accessible and have a lot of supporters, but we need to go deeper and study the business guidance he offers.

What is the real story?

I will uncover as much as I can and give you my honest feedback, and then it will be for you to decide if it is right for you.


What Programs are Offered by Dan Lok?

As mentioned earlier, Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer is likely his best-known course, but he offers many others. These include:

Copywriting Secrets, How To Sell High Ticket Consulting Services And Programs, Persuasion Secrets, Objection Handling Secrets, Social Media Secrets, Millionaire Mindset Secrets, 6 Steps To 6 Figures Formula Program, High Ticket Influencer: 12-Week Intensive Program, Story Selling Secrets, The Vault Experience, and more.


What do they Cost?

The prices for these programs vary widely depending on the content. For instance, Objection Handling Secrets is a reasonably straightforward video training program that costs $49. The popular High Ticket Closer is often listed online at $2,495, and the High Ticket Influencer: 12-Week Intensive Program comes in at $10,000.

Why does this matter?

For a cheap program at $49, even if you don’t learn a lot, it is not a huge issue, but $2,495 or $10,000? It is a serious amount of money in these challenging times if they don’t provide real value.


Pros and Cons of Dan Lok’s Programs

I take a look at some of Dan Lok’s programs separately elsewhere on this website, so in this case, I will look at the overall pros and cons of Dan Lok’s work.


  • Dan Lok is a talented motivational speaker and a savvy marketeer. He puts the talents that he has to good use, and at times it can be inspirational to listen to him speak.
  • He has an almost unbelievable 3 million followers on YouTube and 184 million views. He has a similarly impressive following across other social media. Clearly, Dan is doing something right to attract so many followers.
  • There are some reports online from people who have made good money following the courses. Dan does seem to have the ability to inspire people to believe in themselves.

We have seen some of the positives about Dan Lok, so let’s look at some of the negatives discussed online.


  • There is a lack of clarity about Dan’s background. He is said to have been bankrupt in the past and to have made his first fortune through copy-writing, first, by closing high-end clients and then forming his own agency. It all seems vague, and there is little evidence online that he has had much business success outside of selling courses through social media.
  • A lot of Dan Lok’s business advice lacks detail. He is all about inspiring people to achieve great things but doesn’t teach much about how to do it. Most of the business strategy he teaches can be found for free online, or in the pages of a ten-dollar sales and marketing book.
  • His more expensive courses are way overpriced! I have read many reports online where people have invested $2,500 to $10,000 and feel dissatisfied with what they have learned. It represents poor value.
  • Many of Dan Lok’s online adverts are too exaggerated and lack credibility. There is a case that he is touting his new 35 million dollar penthouse in Vancouver, and some online experts decided to examine if it was true. It turns out that Dan didn’t own the property, was only renting, and is now in the process of being sued by the landlord for unpaid rent!   
  • There is a general feeling that Dan Lok exaggerates his success, and makes his money by selling his courses and affiliate marketing.

While there is nothing wrong with this, it does raise the question of how much real-world business knowledge he has to teach in his highly-priced programs.

A Quick Overview of the Pros and Cons

It appears that there are far more negatives than positives for programs from Dan Lok. There may be little harm if you subscribe to one of his $49 video courses, but I see a pattern of real doubt about the value provided from the expensive courses.

There are many supporters of Dan Lok online, but we have no way of knowing if they are cheering him with the hope of selling an affiliate program.


Other Online Feedback about Dan Lok

Before I started this review, I studied online about Dan Lok’s various programs as much as possible. I looked at YouTube, Reddit, Quora, and others.

While there was some excellent feedback, it didn’t always seem to be accurate, it was mostly vague statements about how great Dan is, with not much detail about how he practically helps people to achieve their dream business.

There were far more negative feedback and plenty of comments that he is a “fake guru” who charges a high price for little actionable content.


Dan Lok: My conclusion

I have concluded that Dan Lok is a first-class salesman, and his talent is made clear by the number of social media followers and viewers that he attracts.

However, he sells a dream using generic marketing tactics that you can find in a ten-dollar sales book – there is little to no innovation. It might not be an outright confidence trick, but it is too close for my liking.

He is persuading people to part with large sums of money for little in return.

Bottom Line

I cannot recommend Dan Lok as a guru or business advisor. There is too much doubt about his real-world business success, and he appears to have made his money by selling his business courses.

My advice is to look elsewhere for business programs that offer more for your money.


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Written by Randi.io

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