The ultimate Dan Lok Review: Is High Ticket Closer legit?

Have you always wanted to be a more effective salesperson? Always looking for a way to improve your sales skills?

Dan Lok has a background as a copywriter and salesman and has developed a powerful internet presence. His current sales training program called High Ticket Closer has attracted a lot of attention and features a lot of video content and “webinars”. He basically wants to teach you to be able to sell any high ticket product online, on the phone or in person.


High Ticket Closer by Dan Lok – Introduction

You may be thinking – is it legit? I will let you make your own mind up, but I will do a thorough investigation to provide you with enough information to make a valid judgment.

What is your personal dream lifestyle? Financial freedom? Saying goodbye to your boss forever?

Well, you can achieve this by hard work and finding the right training to make your business a success.

You may be thinking, there are so many courses that make claims like this. How is High Ticket Closer different and is it a scam?

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Here’s the deal…

In my opinion, there is a complete course offered here, with plenty of content, so I would say it is not a scam.  It does have some philosophical points which differentiate it from other programs. I will look at the program as a whole in order to be able to conclude as to its effectiveness.

Today I am going to show you the pros and cons of the High Ticket Closer sales course and see if it is a way to help you achieve your dream.

How much does enrolling with this Course cost?

Enrolling with the High Ticket Closer will cost you quite a lot. On the Official Website of Dan Lok you will not find any information but I can tell you after my intense research that you have to pay $2,495 to gain access to the 7-week Course.


A Review of the Pros and Cons for High Ticket Closer

Let me run through the pros and cons of Dan Lok’s course.


  • Dan Lok is an effective speaker and I liked a lot of his video content and “webinars”. He focuses on improving your mindset and tone when selling. I thought there was plenty to be learned here and was impressed with the way he got students of the course interacting with each other with some live roleplay.
  • A lot of the content for High Ticket Closer is philosophical – a mixture of Eastern and Western ideas – and this was one way the course differentiated itself from other similar ones. He explains about understanding the mindset of the customer and how best to influence him to accept your sales pitch. His “selling without selling” concept was great. This program really did feature some interesting ways to convince buyers which are often overlooked.
  • There is a High Ticket Closer “inner circle” which is a way of interacting with over 1,000 of the most successful users of this program. This can be beneficial when you need advice on issues you will face and speaking to like-minded people can be a powerful way to motivate yourself to succeed.

There are several positives to be impressed by, but I will now run through some of the cons in order to get a better overall view of this program.


  • Too much of this type of material is available for free. If you look on YouTube, Instagram, online message boards etc. there is a huge amount of free training and advice when it comes to sales tactics and motivational thinking. There are even “old school” ways to learn these sales techniques – head to the library or sign up for a short course at your local college. I am not saying that the training is bad, but a lot of it is pretty generic in content.
  • The price is too high and the thousands of dollar is a lot of money for someone who is trying to build a business from scratch. I do wonder if the money would be better spent on a more practical business tool. Too much of High Ticket Closer is dedicated to improving the mindset which may not be effective for everyone. I have doubts about recommending someone pay so much for something which may not be effective and practical.
  • Dan Lok lacks credibility. If you look around his free YouTube videos it is hard to tell if he is a marketing or sales expert. A lot of the material blurs the lines which are a bit of a red flag. I could find no evidence to back up his claims of being rich and successful as a copywriter before selling these courses. A lot of the claims he makes just seem inauthentic.
  • There is a good argument that effective salespeople are born and not made, so Dan Lok’s claims that the course is some kind of “ultimate tool” for anyone to make huge sales just doesn’t feel true to me. Selling is one of my weaker talents and while I may be able to improve my skills a bit, but experience has taught me, even the best sales programs will not turn me into a great salesperson.
  • Dan Lok talks about his program so much that it becomes obvious that his real intention is just to sell courses. Of course, everyone is entitled to make a profit, but this really did feel like overkill. In my opinion, far too many of his videos and training just emphasize how great High Ticket Closer is, and how much you should buy it and sell it to others.

What’s the real story?

There are strengths and weaknesses at play here and I have analyzed this product in depth…

Join me while I make my final verdict…


High Ticket Closer by Dan Lok: Other Viewpoints

One of the things I really like about reviewing these business courses is the cross selection of views you come across. 

I always begin with doing some research online and I look at a wide range of webpages. In this case I found plenty of feedback on other review sites, message boards and Facebook Groups. 

Frankly some of the information was useful and some was unreliable. This was due to people making outlandish claims as they were trying to make affiliate sales. Others were downplaying this product as they were cheering a competitor. Sometimes it is difficult to know what to believe.

In my opinion, some of the most honest and informative opinions are to be found on Reddit and YouTube. I learned a lot of background about this course, so I would like to share some of these with you here:

During my research I found a very interesting video, which I recommend watching before making up your mind about Dan Lok and his Course:

I have given you my honest review, and I reached a fairly negative conclusion. That is not to say that everyone will agree with me, so I believe it is useful to spend a little time looking at some other opinions.

I hope that this proves useful to you.


High Ticket Closer – In Conclusion

Overall, I was unimpressed with the big claims Dan Lok has made about his High Ticket Closer course. There is a lack of credibility and much of the content could be found elsewhere for free. It may not be an out and out scam as it does provide a full program, but too much of it is of doubtful value.

I liked some of the presentation and the mix of eastern and western ideas but I remain unconvinced about how effective the program will prove to be.


Bottom line?

I wanted to like High Ticket Closer, but I am left with far too many doubts. The high price and too much generic content force me to say I cannot recommend this course. You should look at better alternatives before spending your money on this!


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Randi aims to fight internet harassment on social media. She had great success at helping mitigate some of the challenges in dealing with targeted harassment from online mobs, and Randi left her long career in the tech industry to go full-time with this. Randi knows she can make bigger, better things.


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  1. Thanks so much for this review. I want to start a business but I couldn’t find if Dan Lok was a Course salesman or rich before selling these courses, and it made me sceptical. $2500USD is almost $4000NZD. So, it’s a lot to gamble.
    Thanks again.

    • Listen to customers! Not people who havent bought the program!

      I have enrolled in this, you havent.

      The value Dan gav is priceless because he really cares about us. With other programs you will get these imformation, but you wont truly get it, after you finish it, you will fell like a mess.

      Actually, the value you find in Dans program is much more valuable than $2500. Much much more. He not only truly transfer you the skills, but he teaches you how life works.

      After 7 weeks of transformation, you will never view life, sales, marketing the same way again. You will know why this is the most important skill in business, and thats why he talks about it all the time…

      Your mentor, Dan really cares about yor success, maybe more than yourself. He doesnt check time when teaching a class and does everything for you to get it. He sometimes reveals things he hasnt planned.

      Dan is much more different than everybody, he does what he teach! He is also a very, very good teacher. He doesnt just teach to teach. Really, the result is guranteed!

      Its so, so worth it!

      Btw, the content is USEFUL from his 20 years of experience, no one on the internet teaches these. So powerful!
      He cant be replaced. Take action now, you will actually master a skill.

  2. Dear Ms.Randy,
    Good Day
    Thanks for your article, I was suppose to start Dan Lok HTC course today. You saved me. Can you tell me where I can get free stuff on HTC skill in youtube, pls suggest some channels and how to generate leads / talk companies, as I really want to do HTC sales for my house expenses and in future I want to make a charity house too for orphan kids / old age people.
    Best Regards : Prakash
    0091-8104568681 / whatsapp

  3. EXPOSING Dan Lok & High Ticket Closer Course An Honest Review
    Dan Lok is a con man that feeds on peoples weaknesses, In an ever evolving economy he targets the weak and vunerable, people especially the youth that you should get a high income skill, before starting a business and doing any form of investment. Whilst this is true he pushes his course the high ticket closer skill as a way out.
    The fraud is not deliverance of the High income skill But the promise of work at the end of the course, of which unknowing undergraduates are told when you join the 25k inner circle you will start getting jobs leaving the 95% of students stunned and confused. What just happened?
    His marketing and sales calls with prospects YOU!! is crafted that it will have you believe that that you can change your life, and with effort earn 10k a month, whilst this is possible, it is Only when you have paid initial investment and pay the upsell of 25k to the inner circle of which you may get a job working for Dan Lok. The deception is in the incongruency, of which Dan Lok invites one into the HTC programme stating when you learn the Closing skill do not misuse it for negative purposes, Yet Sifu Dan Lok Promises all htc undergraduates a job, with no intention of giving them one, as they must upgrade into the $25k inner circle. Thus instanteaneously, wipes out 95%of the people that took the course.
    Having connected with several inner circle members over 70% of them leave because jobs offered are too few. He talks about abundance and has 25k self investment of which he has people on a leash waiting for work whilst demanding they bring in influencers.
    Many people pay the very last of thier income for this course resulting in rent arreas additional debt to employers and family. People quitting university to get on the course. because they believe they are on a life changing mission. The shit hits the fan when all on the course are hit with the upsell in class six, discord the portal for roleplay practice is empty like a graveyard SILENCE no one is any longer on, what there is no job? 25K for innercircle?
    THINK! If Dan Lok let you down in the first instant with a clear non offer of a job why pay another 25k on another promise of a job. Blinded by the promise and course content people find the money and pay. Only to find…..
    Dan Lok describes Closers in Black as a Religion, Again another upsell attatched to his Mindset video, which he says listen to everyday and at the end of video says He hope to meet one oneday at closers in black.(repetition) of which if you listen to everyday is constantly upselling closers in black. This is a cult targeted with slick marketing to the youth, He says one should call him Sifu..the Master in Chinese, and after the course demands a testimonials from everyone in exchange for a HTC tshirt, all testimonials are demanded from ex htc students before issue of graduation certificate.
    The ones that give positive testimonials are the 25k inner circle members who may have had work, note they never say how many jobs, and they in turn ar selling YOU the HTC course, with link under video. You cannot become an affilliate of HTC unless you join the innercircle at 25K That is 25k for an affilliate link. people do not expose Dan Lok as a fraud because they are afraid of litigation. The 7 week course is a pre-recorded course of which he appears live once. To ANYONE wanting to do this course I STRONGLY advise you NO!!!! a total waste of your MONEY.
    I will see when all the scarred ex students come forward and talk and inform everyone and expose this Fake greedy man, EXPOSE THE TRUTH even if you do not tell your story about it.
    Inform me is this a LIE!!! NO…
    Dan Lok who instills a scarcity mindset of you can only earn 10k a month through him, whilst preaching Freedom!!! Freedom!!!! Freedom!!! Everything about HTC is a secret, you are not allowed to have opinions, or want to work independently, one is given a list of over 45 people, mostly ex students who went to work independently with thier HTC skill and they are on the bad apple list and you as a graduate are not allowed to work with these people. You will be banned from HTC for life.
    As an ex Graduate I will never recommend this man or his course. The loss of investment is heartbreaking, yet does not compare to the shame of being right in the same position that you were prior to taking the course, having sacrificed your investment on a promise for an income of which could change your family’s life. Its hard not to beat be self up post Dan Lok Scam, Remember you were dressed for buisness, on each class and role play. Your mind was programmed for success. This is the past and now that the truth is out it will save thousands of others considering wasting thier time and monies on this course.
    Through out the duration of the course Desmond Soon constantly reminds people that if they talk bad of Sifu Dan Lok they have legal teams that will come after you.

  4. Dan Lok is 110% a scam, and his HTC program is 110% a pyramid/ponzi where after HTC is over to be “Truly” successful you need to join his Inner Circle at $3,000 and a joke of $250 month, then to be MORE successul go to his Closers in Black $997…but if you want to REALLY be successful you need to join his Million Dollar Closing Club at only $2,500 a month.

    Did an entire video exposing this fraud:

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