Membership Method by Chris Luck: My honest Review!

Have you been looking for the perfect internet business to allow you to earn well and improve your life? Does the idea of creating a real long-term passive income appeal to you?


Chris Luck’s Membership Method program claims to have found the perfect combination of membership pages and automation to allow you to set up the perfect membership site for creating passive income.

Follow me while I investigate further…


What is Membership Method?

A membership site can be one of the best ways to earn passive income online. The concept is that people pay a monthly fee to remain a member of the site.

This provides mostly passive income as it is easy to automate and manage.

Membership Method claims to provide a high level of training necessary to set up, promote, and manage your online business.

It is a 6-week course created by Chris Luck which also features a private online masterclass group where your work will be critiqued by other members and any questions or problems you may face will be answered.


Who is Chris Luck?

Chris Luck is recognized as an industry expert and has been an online entrepreneur for over 20 years. He has been involved in the creation of over 13 thriving online businesses.

It has taken Chris many years of hard work to fulfill his dream of sharing his know-how and experience of making money online and has now successfully gathered everything together to create the Membership Method training course.





Is Membership Method a Scam?

I have carried out extensive research about the Membership Method course and I can find no evidence that it is a scam. It is presented in a straightforward, easy to understand way and is quite comprehensive.

It is a legit course for anyone determined to create a passive income online. No single business is suitable for everyone, but there is a lot of top quality training contained here.

The training is devised by Chris Luck himself and presented in video format. I found them to be well organized and of decent quality.


A Quick Review of the Pros and Cons of Membership Method

While I was working my way through this course several pros and cons occurred to me. I would like to share some of the most relevant ones with you here.


First up, let’s look at the pros. These include:


  • One of my pet hates about courses of this type is the strong pushing of upsells. You invest a lot of money in the course, work hard studying it, and then you are bombarded with endless pleas to spend more on related products. I am happy to report that Chris Luck’s Membership Method is all-inclusive training, and does not feature any annoying and expensive upsells.
  • Chris Luck offers a free online webinar where he gives an outline of what can be expected from his program. I found this to be surprisingly thorough for something free, and it helped me decide to invest in this course. I recommend that you always get a feel for the methods used in each info product before parting with any money. We all respond differently to different types of training, and in this case, the webinar allows you to easily decide if you will enjoy the way Chris Luck approaches things.
  • The membership area is well presented and there is a lot of good advice available from Chris himself and other people who have taken the course. It felt good to know that there was always someone to turn to in order to get advice and get inspiration from others. Having direct access to the owner of the course is always a positive.
  • Chris Luck comes across very well. He seems sincere in wanting to help everyone create wealth and is a genuine person who introduces his family and shares his experience. He is determined to grow a good reputation and have people speak highly of him and his program to get a positive word of mouth. This demonstrates his belief in the viability of his course.
  • There are regular updates to the Membership Method program which will allow you to keep up-to-date on the latest tactics for running a membership site. Chris is very experienced in running this type of business, so he ensures that you are aware of industry changes and how you should deal with them.

There are certainly some good points in favor of this course, however for the sake of balance; we should consider some of the cons. These include:


  • You have to work extremely hard to create a successful membership site, and I did think that this is slightly underplayed in all of the advertising for this product. Perhaps it is the nature of these types of business, but I would like to stress that this is no “get rich quick” scheme and you will need to be motivated to work hard for the long-term to make money using this method.
  • It is important to note that Membership Method is strictly a training course. None of the tools that you may need to start your business are included. This means that you will need to allow extra funds for a domain name, website hosting, automation services, advertising, etc.
  • You should manage your expectations and don’t expect to make the huge sums mentioned in the advertising straight away. Just look at the claims of $11,000 per day income for what they are – overstated advertising. This is a common issue with courses of this type.

So, we have seen that there are some strong pros and a couple of cons for this info product. Join me while I delve further into the opportunity presented by the Membership Method…


How much does this Info Product Cost?

At the time of writing Membership Method is available for a one-time payment of $1,497. It is always worth watching for a special promotion or extended payment terms which may be offered from time to time.

I will not say that this product is overpriced at $1,497, but it can be a lot of money to find for someone who is starting an online business.

In my view, this training is of a high standard and represents good value for money. When you add the excellent advice offered in the membership area, there are a lot of positives to investing in this program for anyone serious about creating a passive income.


Other Opinions about Membership Method

Whenever I review a new info product, I always like to look at a cross-section of other people’s opinions.

For Chris Luck’s Membership Method, I read as much as I could on other review sites, Facebook Groups, and some online message boards.

These opinions were of mixed value as too many people were either promoting another product or acting as an affiliate seller which led to either overly positive or negative reviews.

I had more luck on Reddit and Facebook, where the feedback was more useful and straightforward. People generally had good things to say about Chris Luck and liked his sincerity and openness to answer questions.

Also, I found this Youtube video, which basically underlines my view on this course:



My Personal Experience with Chris Luck

I have been aware of Chris Luck for several years and I have looked at previous versions of this course.

I decided that now is the time to subscribe to the Membership Method as the program now seems to be fully formed and worthy of serious consideration.

I was not disappointed and felt that the training represented what it claimed. As long as you are prepared to study the program hard and follow the advice given, you have a good chance to achieve success.


Chris Luck’s Membership Method: In Conclusion

I have concluded that I am impressed by both the opportunity to make a passive income, and the level of training received from Membership Method.

Chris Luck is an impressive operator, and I liked his blueprint for success. Of course, he is concerned with making a profit, but he shares some valuable knowledge and wants to help you succeed.

Like many of these programs, nothing is quite as simple as stated in the advertising, but this is one of the better programs available with a realistic chance of actually making a good profit.

I fully recommend Chris Luck’s Membership Method.


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