Cardone University Review: Is it worth it? An honest Review

Have you ever been amazed by some salespeople’s ability to close sales and make a fortune in the process? Is it a skill you wish to have?

Grant Cardone has put together the Cardone University course which will teach you the full sales process and also give advice on improving your mindset and philosophy to become a first-class salesperson who will feel confident to sell any product.

Cardone University: Introduction

Grant has extensive experience and is well known through his high profile and many tv appearances. He is recognized as an industry giant and his programs have been recommended by Forbes magazine amongst others.

Have you ever wanted to be able to sell anything? To be confident you will always be able to sell enough (of anything) to be a success?

It seems a long way off, doesn’t it?


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Well, you can achieve this by studying hard and applying some basic principles. What if I told you Cardone University can teach you those skills? It could be the key to your future success…

You may ask me – is it worth it?

I will answer that I believe it is. However… join me while I study the pros and cons of the program and I will provide you with the information to form your own opinion.

The information you require is only a few scrolls away…


What is the Price for Enrolling with the Cardone University?

The Cardone University is very costly and some people may say that it is far too expensive. However, if you have a look at what is included in the price you may change your mind. For the $10,000 you pay, you get access to over 800 different courses and a lot of discounts on well-known courses by other entrepreneurs and experts like Daymond on Demand by Daymond John. If you don’t want to pay so much money and already know what curse you are looking for, you can also just pay for individual courses.

The Grant Cardone University – Legit or Scam?

If you have bought online sales courses before you will have likely realized that the standard does vary greatly and some represent better value than others. If you have been let down before you would be justified in thinking – is it a scam?

In my view, Grant Cardone would not have been able to maintain his good name for such a long time if he was peddling a substandard product, so this is no scam.

Perhaps the bigger concern would be – is it worth the money? The cost can vary depending on the business and for how many people the course is tailored for, but the price is significant.

What’s the real story?

I will analyze Cardone University in depth and I will give you my honest opinion as to its true value.


A Review of the Pros and Cons of Cardone University

In order to get a better feel for the true value for this course, I will study the pros and cons associated with Grant Cardone’s program. 


  • Grant Cardone has an incredible online and media presence. He has literally hundreds of YouTube videos with almost a million subscribers and has many podcasts, tv appearances on major shows, books etc, to his name. This must mean he is doing something right! All of the years recognized as a sales expert and the amount of advice given mean he has seriously good credibility. To be recognized as an industry expert across so many different platforms means he has worked hard to build a first class reputation.
  • Cardone University features two outstanding bonuses (which are: Mastering the Cold Call and Mastermind Group) and these add considerably to the course. The first features over 50 videos with some great content and the second has weekly online live coaching sessions for a year. I particularly liked both of these and feel there is a lot to be learned from them.
  • Cardone University offers custom made courses. Obviously, there will be a premium to pay for this, but if you have a sales team of any size the program can be adapted to train them. It does show the strength of the material that it can be adapted to be used by one or many. If you enjoy learning from this, why not invest in training for your whole team?
  • There is a full curriculum. This is particularly wide-ranging and could be described as an A to Z of the sales process. You can tell the knowledge learned by Grant Cardone’s many years of sales experience in every facet of the program. The topics range from the basics of sales through to closing sales, keeping motivated and many more. If you follow all of this advice your mindset will improve and you will be ready to increase your sales.
  • The video content is outstanding. The main Cardone University course has over 1,700 interactive video segments which have high production values and were put together by Grant Cardone himself. It is not just focused on sales, but also entrepreneurship, leadership etc, and it benefits from his 30+ years in the industry. I did find this content to be impressive, well presented and I learned a lot.

We have seen some of the positives associated with the program, so let’s run through some of the cons.


  • The content of these courses generally have good reviews, but one criticism is that Grant Cardone has written so many books on the subject that a lot of the material is covered there. This may be a fair point, but I do believe that the Cardone University program does offer significantly more than just written words and this does justify the cost.
  • A refund is offered for Cardone University in the event you are unsatisfied in any way, but the conditions for receiving it have been criticized online. It may be a reasonable point that the terms are strict, but when I checked they were plainly stated on If you think this may be an issue for you, make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully. There is also a customer support department which you may call should you have any questions about this.
  • There is one observation I have and that is the amount of hard work required is a little underplayed during the training here. If you wish to become successful in sales, please do not underestimate the amount of time you will need to put into studying and then building a successful business. There is also an argument that a salesperson is born and not created, so it will help if you have the personality type and aptitude to be good at selling.

So, I have looked at some of the negatives and positives associated with Cardone University and I feel ready to give my opinion in the conclusion.

I can’t emphasize this enough…

To get full value from this course, please make sure you are ready to commit enough time and effort to get the full benefit of the training.

Please keep reading for my final verdict…

The Cardone University: What are Other People’s Opinions?

I enjoyed Grant Cardone’s University and I have given you my honest review. I liked a lot of the content, learned a lot, so came to a positive conclusion.

It is, however, always interesting to get some other opinions.

There are plenty of comments on other review sites, Facebook, message boards, etc. They are often agenda driven, with many people trying to make affiliate sales or pushing a rival product.

I liked a lot of what I found on YouTube and Reddit. There were many honest and informative opinions put forward.

I would like to present some of those to you here, in the hope that it assists you in making the right choice for your business course, the first time:

For a Visual Overview, I recommend watching this video:

We can never all agree on everything, so I hope that you agree to take a little time to read a few different opinions.


The Sales Training University In Conclusion

I was impressed with Grant Cardone and his various training programs. He has an outstanding online presence and a first-class reputation which gives him good credibility. I did like that there was a full and detailed curriculum which made me feel as though I was learning something useful.

While it is true that the fees involved are a lot of money to find, the standard of the material provided and the wide range of topics covered does justify the cost in my opinion.


Bottom line?

I recommend this course from Grant Cardone. His credibility within the industry and the ability to teach his methods in a clear and concise way have persuaded me this is one of the best sales programs available. It does feel like the equivalent of attending a University!

The best part?

If you study hard and follow the advice from Cardone University contained in this program I feel confident that your sales will increase.


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  1. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have a special needs teenage son. He can’t manage his own money so I have to monitor his checking account. He was suckered into signing up for Grant Cardone and paid them $297, which was to be billed quarterly. My son does not have money for this, so I called them to cancel the subscription. They canceled it, but refused to refund the $297. He had the service for 9 days. I then asked them if we could pay for the 9 days and be refunded for the remaining quarter. Again, they refused. GRANT CARDONE IS UNREASAONABLE JERKS WHO WILL NOT REFUND MY SPECIAL NEEDS KID AFTER HE MADE A MISTAKE BY SIGNING UP. TOTAL SCAM. DO NOT BE FOOLED.

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